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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Steffy had a big decision to make as she must choose between waiting for Liam, the love of her life and having a future with Wyatt. Quinn was taken aback by the overwhelming feelings that she has developed for her once-rival, Liam. When Zende was having a difficult time keeping his mind off Nicole, Sasha offered her services to distract him. Concerned about Nicole’s wellbeing, Rick and Maya offered to talk to Zende on her behalf. An intercepted phone message from Steffy to Liam gave Quinn the confirmation that her malevolent plan’s working. Caroline and Ridge attempted to suppress their anxiety when Thomas displayed a special connection with their unborn child. Not having heard from his son in a significant amount of time, Bill grew increasingly concerned about Liam. Wanting to learn more about his past, Liam searched for clues based on what Quinn had already told him. With Wyatt’s personal life on the upswing, thanks to his mother’s plan, Quinn suggested that he start focusing on a career in the family business. Ridge sat Steffy down for a father/ daughter talk regarding her big announcement versus where her heart actually lays. Deacon surprised Quinn with an unannounced visit and something he thought would assist her in convincing Liam that what she told him about his past is the truth. Unaware of his son’s whereabouts, Bill became increasingly angry at Liam’s irresponsibility in the workplace. Knowing that her health, family and marriage are at stake, Katie sought professional assistance to help her cope with the issues upsetting her. While Katie was in therapy, Bill and Brooke discussed their concern regarding her recent reliance on alcohol. Sasha jumped at the opportunity to become a support system for Zende as he dealt with his heartbreak over Nicole. Maya comforted Nicole and assured her that she should be proud of the decision that she made regarding the surrogacy. Katie’s attempted to prepare dinner for her family didn’t turn out quite as she anticipated. An overly-worried Bill was brutally frank with Katie regarding her drinking and the path that he fears their marriage will take. Brooke confided in Rick about the conversations that she and Bill have been having about Katie and her drinking. Catching Zende in a vulnerable state, Sasha was not shy about expressing her feelings for him.

THIS WEEK: Nicole makes a confession to Maya regarding a particular regret that she carries from her relationship with Zende. Wanting to clear the air with Brooke, Katie summons her sister for a nothing-but-honest discussion.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Hope feared she might have killed Stefano for a crime that he did not commit. JJ and Gabi took their relationship to the next level. Theresa wasn’t pleased with Summer’s decision. Nicole pumped Dario for information on Summer. Joey made a stunning confession to Kayla. Steve lied to Roman in order to protect a loved one. Chad had a vision of Stefano and opened up his heart to his dad. Eric was taken back when he realized that Jennifer doesn’t remember their kiss. Caroline, Hope, Roman, Marlena, John, Victor and Kate gathered at the pub to celebrate the death of Stefano DiMera. Everyone reminisced about how they were impacted by Stefano’s machinations throughout the years – and how they all survived. Steve searched for a way to get himself off the hook. Chad reeled over the news that Ben had escaped from the psychiatric hospital. Brady asked Fynn to check into Summer’s DNA. Summer had a run-in with Maggie. Ciara freaked when she heard that Claire has plans to meet up with Chase. Hope rejoined the police force.

THIS WEEK: Victor admits to Caroline the truth about his past with Deimos. Philip presses Belle for more of a commitment regarding their relationship.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Hayden’s presence at Wyndemere gave Liz reason to rethink Nikolas’ offer to move in. Julian and Alexis got to have a wedding night after all thanks to Sam. After recognizing a surprising bond with Hayden, Tracy experienced another troubling symptom. Anna contemplated the possibility of jail time. Maxie worried that there’s more to Nathan’s explanation about “Claudette” than he’s letting on. A frightening incident prompted Dillon to insist that Tracy see a doctor. Ava was on the precipice of telling Jordan the truth about being blackmailed by Paul. Jason was thrilled to see Sam and Danny. Liz, on the other hand, wasn’t so thrilled. Sam confessed that part of the reason that she loved Jason was because of the exciting danger surrounding him. Ava pushed Paul, but he pushed back harder. Ava and Sonny found a moment of slight understanding and truce. Morgan’s mental health and his future created high tension for Sonny and Carly. Although Morgan was in denial about the seriousness of his situation, Diane shared her plan to get him out of hot water. Franco was annoyed when he discovered that Nina’s checking into starting a family. Morgan was devastated when Sonny and Carly made a difficult decision about his future. Lulu urged Maxie to trust Nathan, and Maxie urged Lulu to give Dante a second chance.

THIS WEEK: Tracy fears the worst about her health. Nathan is concerned that Nina might spill the truth to Maxie.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Summer caught Luca working on Natalie’s computer. Luca confessed to taking a peek in order to learn more about Pass Key. Summer and Luca wondered if Natalie’s double crossing Victor. Later, Summer told Natalie that it’s a huge mistake to double cross Victor Newman. Later, Phyllis freaked out when Summer decided to tell Victor her suspicions about Natalie. Chelsea was fed up with Adam not telling her how Victor’s blackmailing him and threatened to walk. She accused Adam of turning into Victor and told him that he would never get Victor’s approval. Stitch confided in Abby that he’s having a hard time connecting with Max. Later, Stitch found out that Max is causing fights at school. Ashley was upset when Hilary approached Simon about doing a photo shoot for the research project. Ashley told Hilary that Simon’s a doctor and not a show pony. However, Ashley secretly feared that Simon would lose focus on finding a cure for her. Meanwhile, Hilary told Devon that she deserved to play a larger role in the research project. Billy promised her that he would never allow Jabot to exploit Newman Enterprises.

THIS WEEK: Devon calms Hilary down and convinces her to call a truce with Ashley. Billy and Victoria find it difficult to separate business from pleasure.

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