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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — A discussion about business turned very personal between brothers, Ridge and Rick when Rick accused Ridge of having him kicked out of the Forrester Mansion. Caroline went into labor after Thomas confided to her that he’d like to be close to her and Ridge’s child. Thomas stayed with Caroline until Ridge arrived. Ridge rejected Thomas’ request to stay with them while his brother’s born. When Rick told Brooke that Caroline’s in labor, Brooks innocently shared with her son that she’s surprised that Caroline’s having a baby since Ridge had a vasectomy. Eric gathered the family together and told everyone that this baby marks the first Forrester/Spencer child, something that he’s been waiting for since Ridge married Caroline’s Aunt Caroline. Rick had many questions for Brooke about Ridge’s vasectomy. Caroline gave birth to her child, a son. Everyone patiently waited for word about the baby. Ridge and Caroline bonded over their new bundle of joy. Ridge finally allowed everyone to take turns visiting Caroline and their son but made Thomas go last. When Liam continued to ask Quinn about their past together, Quinn gave him the photo album that Deacon created. Quinn was a bit shocked herself at the images that that she saw before her. Steffy confessed to Thomas that she couldn’t quite stop thinking about Liam and that she’s surprised that he didn’t return home to be there for the delivery of the new Spencer baby. Thomas finally got the opportunity to meet his new brother and was surprised by his reaction towards him. Deacon took Quinn to visit a doctor friend of his to ask questions about head injuries and trauma. Quinn asked if Liam’s condition would be permanent.

THIS WEEK: Quinn witnessed the closeness between Steffy and Wyatt, which fueled her plan even further. Deacon warned Quinn that she needs to be prepared for what would happen if her plan unravels.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Abigail demanded to know what Chad and JJ are keeping from her. Brady and Summer received her DNA test results. Eduardo informed John that he’s found a link between Deimos and someone from John’s past. Marlena and Arianna were kidnapped! Abigail freaked out over Ben’s escape. Eduardo was forced to reveal to Rafe that he was an assassin. Steve and Kayla worked together to find evidence he could use in his defense. Summer attempted to get to know Maggie better. Theo, Claire and Joey banded together to help Ciara. Victor exploded with fury over Philip’s latest move. Shawn and Belle clashed over her purchase of the club. Ciara had an intense confrontation with Chase. Claire spied her mom and Philip sharing a kiss. Philip’s past came back to bite him. John and Eduardo received instructions from the kidnappers. Gunfire erupted as John and Eduardo attempted to rescue their loved ones. The threat of Ben loomed as Abigail and Chad’s wedding began. Hope angrily grilled Chase about what he did to her daughter.

THIS WEEK: Ciara confided in Theo. Desperate to find Marlena, John questioned Deimos.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — The recent dramatic turn of events in their lives had Sonny and Carly deeply dissecting their relationship. Dante and Lulu had a heart-to-heart talk. Sam had a few pointed questions for an evasive Baxter Corbin. Hayden weaved a tale for Nikolas about her father’s past. Dr. Mayer, Griffin and Monica weighed in on Tracy’s unusual symptoms. Hayden worried that her past’s catching up with her. Sam’s attempts to follow a lead regarding

Baxter had puzzling results. Liz suggested Sam ignore Nikolas’ request. Curtis asserted that he wouldn’t reveal Jordan’s secrets as long as she doesn’t reveal his. Paul assured Anna that he has a plan that would benefit them both. Lulu and Dante made a decision about their future together. Jason was shocked by Carly’s confession about the life that he once lived. They later headed out on a mission to reclaim his identity. Anna shared evidence with Sonny that Carlos is alive and on the move with Sabrina. Dillon realized that Tracy’s more ill (and more scared) than she had let on. Griffin admitted that he’s been spying on Anna. After Anna solicited Andre’s thoughts about Griffin, she resorted to an online search. Jason had a memory flash of his past as a Quartermaine. Monica was grateful for the chance to forge a new relationship with her son. Laura was nervous about what surprises Helena has in store for the reading of her will. Michael was certain that there’s more to Sabrina’s story than meets the eye. Brad was willing to bend the rules to help Griffin. Nikolas, Sam, Laura, Alexis, Liz and Lulu were all left bewildered by Helena’s parting “gifts.” Anna realized who Griffin is and why he’s been following her.

THIS WEEK: Jordan was twigged by Andre’s closeness to another woman. Nathan told Dante the truth about “Claudette.”

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Noah told Sharon that he feels like he’s no better than Victor and that Dylan was right to arrest him. Sharon insisted to him that he’s nothing like his grandfather. Later, Noah pleaded with Dylan to do what he could to ensure Marisa goes free. Dylan advised Stitch that the GCPD got a call from Max’s school; a teacher suspects mistreatment at home. Dylan advised Stitch to hire an attorney. Phyllis continued to make her case for Jack to help sabotage Victor’s life. Jack was concerned with Phyllis being consumed by revenge. Victor met with Elise Moxley and threatened to blow the whistle on their affair. Victor then exchanged harsh words with Jack and Phyllis. They were appalled when Victor told them that they’re in no position to judge anyone. Hilary and Ashley continued to bump heads. Neil was suspicious of Hilary’s actions at the Lab and tried to convince Devon that the “old” Hilary had returned. Chelsea and Dylan walked in on a warm moment between Nick and Sharon. Later, they warned Sharon to stay out of Nick’s marital problems. Chelsea begged Adam not to get sucked into the drama at Newman Enterprises.

THIS WEEK: Billy and Victoria came to blows over a business decision. Adam doesn’t take Chelsea’s advice.

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