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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Still needing a name for their newborn son, Ridge made a suggestion of one that has sentimental meaning to him and his family. Thomas’s impeccable timing turned into an uncomfortable moment when Ridge and Caroline were filling out the baby’s birth certificate. Quinn made a move in her plan regarding Liam that gave her a good reason to breathe more easily. Sasha and Zende discussed their passionate night together and where they currently stand with one another. Eric and Pam were filled with emotion when Ridge revealed the name that he and Caroline gave to their baby. Caroline had mixed feelings about the curious bond that Thomas has quickly developed with her child. Baby Forrester starred in his very first photo shoot as Ridge commissioned a family. During an uncomfortable discussion about their breakup, Zende revealed to Nicole that he’s already seeing someone new. Without explaining why, Sasha assured Maya that she doubts that Nicole and Zende would reunite any time soon. Julius became irate when he learned that the person whom Zende’s now seeing is Sasha. When Zende told Sasha about his conversation with Nicole, she worried just how much he told her about them. Thomas caught Rick digging through Ridge’s desk hoping to find something incriminating. Not having been out since the birth of their child, Ridge talked Caroline into joining him on a lunch date. Their pleasant afternoon together took a turn for the worst when Ridge ran into someone from his past. Feeling as though her crimes could catch up to her at any moment, Quinn made plans to get out of town before that happens.

THIS WEEK: While carrying out a project for Rick, Charlie made a startling discovery that could uncover a long-kept mystery. Ridge went on the defensive when an accusation was hurled at him by someone who could expose a secret he’s been keeping.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Ciara shared her pain about the rape with Hope. Joey confessed to Roman. Steve connected with Kayla. Belle worried about her mother’s plan to rescue John. John struggled to free himself. Yo Ling drugged Paul in order to brainwash him. Rafe made a startling discovery in Yo Ling’s labyrinth. Dario learned his father’s grim history. Adriana reunited with Rafe, Gabi and Dario. Steve and Kayla considered going on the run. Chad came up with a mysterious plan to help trap Ben. John and Paul shared a warm moment. Maggie told Victor the truth about Summer. Dario encouraged Summer to take advantage of Maggie’s riches. Eduardo’s return caused Havoc in the Hernandez household. Hope got a phone call with disturbing news. Maggie and Summer attempted to make up for lost time. Deimos offered an olive branch to Victor.

THIS WEEK: Philip told Claire about starting a record label and showcasing her talent. Nicole opened up to Dario.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Tracy got some encouraging news about her condition. Liz believed that she has a way to unlock Jake’s memory of his missing years. Sam and Jason opted for a fresh start in an unusual way. Spinelli uncovered a lead about Hayden’s true identity. Nina continued her quest to start a family. Liz’s investigation of Hayden turned up some shocking results. Obrecht was overruled by her colleagues. Kristina received a surprise visitor. Maxie made Griffin an offer. Liz discovered Hayden’s secret. Laura and Lulu’s investigative work paid off. Anna’s conversation with Griffin left her wondering about his intentions. Kristina acted on impulse. Michael and Felix discussed Sabrina. Nikolas received staggering news. Laura and Lulu unearthed some mysterious clues that lead to Scott. Sonny and Griffin bonded over a shared connection. Paul made a move to cover his tracks. Kristina struggled with her feelings for her professor. Liz and Hayden had it out. Nikolas brought Sam up to speed. Tracy had a plan for ELQ that involves her secret weapon. Laura sought Scott’s help in unlocking the clues Helena left her.

THIS WEEK: Obrecht was challenged by another doctor. Ava sought help from an unlikely source.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Jack and Neil held a fundraiser for their new foundation. Neil was thrilled to see that Cane and Lily have reconciled. Hilary was jealous when she heard that Jack offered Ashley a seat on the foundation’s board. During the fundraiser, she made a donation of one million dollars and publicly pressured Ashley to do the same. Victoria found Phyllis in Billy’s hotel suite. Phyllis explained that she was trying to convince Billy to attend the fundraiser. Later, Jack told Neil that he’s worried that Billy and Phyllis are plotting something behind his back. Ashley and Simon left the fundraiser early, so Simon could run more tests on Ashley. Luca told Summer that he wouldn’t grant Marisa a divorce until Noah gets his temper under control. Victoria visited Victor in jail and complained about Luca trying to worm his way back into Newman. She left and surprised Billy at his suite but left before allowing herself to reconnect with him. Lauren and Michael worried about what would happen if Victor figured out that Michael’s plan. Dylan told Paul about Sharon’s dreams and admitted there might be more to it than just an anxiety. Dylan couldn’t figure out why Dr. Anderson was using them and told Sharon that they need to do some digging.

THIS WEEK: Victor suggested that Victoria step aside and let Adam run the company. Nick and Sage returned home to find that Shawn decided to paint the nursery without their consent.

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