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RECAPS - 4/7-4/11

ALL MY CHILDREN – Ryan found Annie’s divorce papers and asked for another chance. She tore up the papers and left in tears. Erica got Louisa to confess her and Mando’s crimes, unaware that Erica was secretly recording her, until the recorder hidden in Erica’s bra began to smoke! Jack and Zach arrived in time and rescue Carmen and Erica, who were escorted back to prison. Erica was determined to get Carmen released. Angie and Jesse renewed their vows, after which they walked into a surprise party thrown in their honor by Tad and Krystal. Opal was spooked while giving Richie a tarot card reading.

THIS WEEK: Jesse decides to exhume his own coffin!

AS THE WORLD TURNS Paul was jealous of Mike, especially when Meg liked him so much. Brad announced his engagement to Katie on the air. Margo had to be convinced that Katie was over Jack and in love with Brad. Carly and Jack came to an understanding about their relationship; they’re together just for the children. Casey and Luke had to pretend they were a couple to keep the immigration officer from discovering Ameera and Noah’s marriage was a fake. Emily tried to warn Alison about getting involved with Chris. However, Alison was determined so to clear the air between them, Alison gave Chris a copy of her porno DVD.

THIS WEEK: Katie is torn between all the attractive men in her life.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Bridget was urging Ridge to marry Brooke right away, but he wanted to take things slow. Katie impulsively kissed Nick, then was guilt-ridden about her actions. Bridget saw Nick and Katie together and wondered what was going on between them. Rick sided with Taylor against Brooke. Brooke warned Taylor that unless she give up Rick, Brooke would force Taylor into court and fight for custody of baby Jack. Ashley enjoyed a romantic dinner with Storm, but Ridge fumed. When Storm saw Ridge talking with Ashley, he worried that Ridge was telling her that Storm was keeping secret the fact that he shot Stephanie. Storm felt his blood boiling.

THIS WEEK: Taylor has to choose between her lover and her son.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – Kayla and Bo suspected that Steve and Hope might be missing together. Victor gave Bo a lead to the Vitali family, Ava’s clan. John asked Marlena to help him with his memory, but hypnosis no longer worked. Despite her disapproving of his corrupt lifestyle, John and Marlena began falling back in love. Steve tried to con Ava, but she reminded him of their love affair. Hope was furious and showed Steve a picture of Kayla’s sonogram to make him remember his true love. Sami fumed when Nicole hired EJ as her attorney, but EJ said he needed the income. Tony made a pass at Kate. Anna confessed to Stephanie that she’s frustrated by Tony.

THIS WEEK: Gunshots are fired when Bo and Kayla go after Hope and Steve.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Michael was rushed into surgery with a bullet lodged in his head. Liz accepted Jason’s proposal, but later realized she couldn’t put her children in jeopardy by staying with him. Jerry threatened to kill Ian when he learned that the shot meant to kill Sonny hit Michael instead. After surgery, Patrick and Robin told Carly and Jason that Michael would probably never regain consciousness. Carly blamed Sonny for Michael’s plight and refused to let him see his son. Ric told Alexis he’d support anything she wanted to do to keep her daughters from Sonny’s world, even if it meant her leaving Port Charles.

THIS WEEK: Sonny is determined to avenge Michael’s shooting.

GUIDING LIGHT – Money was tight and Cyrus opted in on Daisy and Rafe’s fake ID business. When Harley held on to Gus’s watch, Cyrus realized that she was not over Gus. Olivia resented having Gus’s heart in her chest when what she really wanted what Gus’s love. Sam came to see Olivia. Still married technically, Richard reached out to Olivia. Reva had to leave town, kissing Richard goodbye. Ava got a pregnant woman to produce a positive test, so she could convince Bill that she was having his baby. He then told Lizzie that he would be responsible for the baby, but he was not in love with Ava.

THIS WEEK: Mallet continues looking into Phillip’s actions.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Although Viki and Charlie agreed it was too soon to get married, he moved back to Llanfair. Charlie confided in Viki about his son Jimmy’s death and admitted he blamed himself for the tragedy. Cristian called Sarah’s room in Napa and was surprised when Nash answered. Gigi threw Rex off track when he suspected he might be Shane’s father. Clint met with Calvin Jenkins, who was intent on carrying out a hostile takeover of Buchanan Enterprises. Viki confronted Clint with the damaging article Todd was going to publish about him. She was disappointed when he admitted that everything Todd wrote was true.

THIS WEEK: Gigi’s jealousy gets out of control.

PASSIONS – Vincent forced a drunk and drugged Eve to reattach Julian’s penis. The result horrified Rebecca! Gwen threatened to call Juanita and, therefore, insure the death of the entire Lopez-Fitzgerald family if/ when Pilar told Ethan the truth that he was Little Ethan’s father. Disguised as the homely Gertrude, Theresa was hired as the new Crane nanny, totally dodging Ivy and Rebecca’s concern that she’d “distract” Ethan. She revealed her true identity to Little Ethan, who promised to keep her secret. Luis and Fancy brought an unconscious Pretty to the emergency room, where she was clearly not as sick as she appeared.

THIS WEEK: Pretty is pregnant with Luis’ child!

THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS – David succumbed to his bookie’s pressure and placed a bet on a horse race. A jealous Kyon locked Gloria in the wine cellar with Alistair. After prying their way out, Gloria walked in on Jeff and Kyon kissing, and she threw them out. Victor and Sabrina made love, after which he offered her a job as an art consultant. Jabot agreed to loan Lily to Forrester, but Lily and Cane worried about what that would mean for her pregnancy. Victoria hit the roof when Victor removed her from the Beauty of Nature project. Jack was served with a $2 million lawsuit from Michael.

THIS WEEK: Victoria reacts to Sabrina and Victor’s fling.

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