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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Growing more and more agitated from Bill’s inquisition about her drinking, Katie deflects blame onto someone else. Caroline feels a sense of guilt when Thomas confides that Douglas’ birth has changed him into a better man. With all of the weeks of torment and anxiety caused by Dr. Wolin, Ridge and Caroline’s problems with him appear to be remedied. Tired of being apart from the woman that he loves, Liam is determined to finally make Steffy his wife unaware that she’s already married. Under the ruse of a business meeting, Rick and Maya interrogate Zende about his relationship with Sasha and his residual love for Nicole. Sasha is caught off-guard when Vivienne pays her a visit in an attempt to get her to consider Nicole’s feelings regarding Zende. Heartbroken to learn that Steffy tied the knot in his absence, Liam’s world comes crashing down on him even more when he learns who she married. Vivienne plays protective mother in her attempt to make a deal with Sasha regarding her relationship with Zende. An awkward run-in between Nicole and Zende leads to an exchange of much-needed revelations between them. Aware of the ordeal he’s recently been through, coworkers and family gather together at Forrester Creations to warmly welcome Liam back. Not wanting to broach the topic with Liam, everyone speculates Quinn’s motive and deserved punishment. Brooke braces herself for the worst when Katie asks for a private moment alone to discuss their recent squabble. Rick becomes suspicious after having caught Ridge in a lie. Wyatt stands his ground when Liam vows to take back the life that he lost while under the duress of Quinn. Steffy becomes tired of being asked about the status of her marriage now that Liam has returned to her life.

THIS WEEK: Rick and Katie clandestinely compare notes regarding Ridge’s recent action and whereabouts. Brooke reluctantly meets Bill at his request to discuss their concern regarding Katie’s drinking and erratic behavior.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Andre calls Hope from jail, and warns her he’ll go after her and Rafe once he’s freed. Belle gives Shawn the signed divorce papers— it’s over. Shawn is uncomfortable with Lani’s possessive behavior. Ciara decides she’s not going to prom, but Claire insists. Abigail comes clean to Marlena about what she did to Ben. Deimos makes Kate an offer she can’t refuse. Theresa makes a surprising suggestion to Victor and Maggie. JJ tells Chad that Ben has been locked up. Victor, knowing Deimos has a potential weak spot for Nicole, makes her an offer. Steve packs up his things and moves out of the house. Summer connects with Brady, still conflicted about Maggie. Jade and Joey vent to each other, both frustrated with their families. Abigail commits to doing whatever it takes to get well for her son. JJ is concerned about his mom’s addiction. Mystery caller tells Hope to confront Deimos. Nicole shows up at Deimos’ doorstep. Fynn treats Kayla after she passes out, and warns her to take it easy. Theo’s protective nature over Ciara gets him in trouble. Nicole questions Deimos about Helena.

THIS WEEK: Joey and Jade firm up their plans to runaway together to Los Angeles. Ciara, Claire, Theo, and Henry decorate Edge of the Square for tomorrow night’s prom.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Alexis gets pulled into Julian’s scheme to help Carlos. Anna and Paul’s clandestine dealings are exposed. Kristina has a very private conversation with Sam. Griffin’s encounter with Nathan has surprising results. Sonny and Max make demands of Julian. Carlos is cautious about Alexis’ advice. Paul makes an astonishing confession. Lomax takes Jordan to task. Dillon finds Nina in a bad state. Obrecht gives Franco advice about his love life. Sam’s nightmare comes with a warning. Carlos and Anna have it out. Lulu focuses on rebuilding her marriage. Laura gladly accepts an offer of help. Dante warns Michael about the danger of becoming too involved in the search for Sabrina. Julian tries to get information out of Alexis. Ned learns that Olivia and Julian are co-parenting Leo. Andre arrives at the PCPD on official business. Sonny is worried about Alexis. Obrecht unintentionally plants an idea in Monica’s head. Mac and Felicia enlist legal help for Anna. Jordan and Anna finally verbalize their feelings. Michael and Felix search for Sabrina.

THIS WEEK: Nathan makes a grandiose public display of love and affection. Nina is stunned by Franco’s cluelessness.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Summer is forced to give a deposition in Newman’s lawsuit against Jabot. Luca tries to get Summer to take her mind of her family’s problems. Summer thanks Luca for making her feel better and kisses him. Hilary orders Neil to convince Hack to keep her on the foundation’s board and she’ll keep her mouth shut about the kidnapping. Victoria tells Jack that she is willing to drop the lawsuit if Jack meets certain demands. Meanwhile, Kevin, Mariah, and Natalie are convinced they will never see the profits from Pass Key. Victoria visits Victor in jail who refuses to see her. He relents and agrees to see her. They soon get into a heated argument and Victor chides her by telling her that Billy Abbott is her fatal flaw and that he’s the reason she will never be able to effectively run Newman Enterprises. Sage thanks Dylan for allowing her to satisfy her maternal instincts with Sully. Later, Sharon confides in Sage that she is having nightmares about her time in Fairview.

THIS WEEK: Sharon’s restless nights continue. Sage further bonds with Sully.

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