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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Now that Liam is home and piecing his life back together, all he wants to focus on is getting Steffy back in his life. Knowing that Caroline has had anxiety about Douglas’ paternity being exposed, Ridge calms her fears that their greatest threat is no longer a problem. Noticing that Katie is asking a lot of questions about him, Ridge warns her to stay out of his business. Steffy is reluctant to agree when Wyatt suggests that they go through with their plan to get matching tattoo wedding bands. Bill summons Deacon to his office and interrogates him regarding Quinn’s whereabouts, but doesn’t get the information he was hoping for. Having witnessed the destruction that Quinn has caused in his sons’ lives prompts Bill to seek revenge. Liam pulls out all of the stops as he plans a romantic dinner for Steffy in hopes of wooing her back into his life. Deacon learns the extent of Quinn’s feelings for Quinn when he asks her to run away with him. Deacon attempts to talk some sense into Quinn by reminding

her that she has no future with Liam. Caroline pays a visit to Wyatt to check on the state of his marriage now that Liam is back in in Steffy’s life. Quinn is determined to see Liam and beg for his forgiveness. Despite their passionate history together, Steffy shows Liam just how committed she is to her marriage with Wyatt. Quinn gets a surprising reaction from Liam when she shows up at his house hoping to works things out with him. Wyatt is frustrated by having to repeatedly defend his marriage to those asking if Steffy has had a change of heart regarding Liam. Reignited sparks between Nicole and Zende are quickly doused when reality of their current situation sets in. Wanting nothing more than to get Zende back, Nicole knows what needs to be done to make that happen: get Sasha out of the picture. THIS WEEK: Heartbroken from her conversation with Liam, Steffy turns to her daddy, Ridge, for comfort. Feeling on top of the world being a model for Forrester Creations and her boyfriend being her photographer, Sasha’s bubble is burst by a visit from Julius. DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Theo promises Ciara a

magical night at Prom. Rafe surprises Hope with an 80s night of her own. Abe addresses his concerns about Theo and Ciara with Hope. Rafe discovers that Deimos invested in a company that made a payment to Dr. Seth Malcolm. Marlena shares her worries about Eric with Belle. Things heat up romantically between Rafe and Hope. Steve witnesses Fynn and Kayla share a warm moment, and isn’t happy about it. Abigail has a nightmare about Ben. Jade and Joey take their relationship to the next level. Ciara, Theo, Claire, Henry, Jade, and Joey all attend Salem High Prom night. Kate and Deimos celebrate their new partnership. Hope pulls away from Rafe just as they are about to make love. Victor and Nicole seal the deal to bring Deimos down. Ciara, Claire, and Joey are accused of vandalism. Belle seeks solace in Philip’s bed while Lani lures an unsuspecting Shawn to a seedy motel. Hope gets another call from mystery caller, warning her about Deimos. Deimos gets angry after Victor guilts him about Helena’s death. Philip is stunned by Belle’s suggestion that they get married in Las Vegas. Ciara wants to quit school and work full-time as Thomas’ nanny; Chad makes a deal with her. THIS WEEK: Claire learns her prom song has become an online hit. Abe

tells Theo to stay away from Ciara. GENERAL HOSPITAL — Alexis makes a move that infuriates Sonny. There’s an unexpected twist in the case against Carlos. Michael and Felix’s worries about Sabrina are negated. Jason and Franco get into an argument. Tensions cool between Nina and Julian. Ava is alarmed by Julian’s confession. A message from Nina has Franco assuming the worst. Someone is keeping a close watch on Jason and Sam. Alexis and Julian believe they have reason to celebrate. Carly receives unsolicited advice from a surprising source. Jason has serious concerns about his violent tendencies. Alexis comes shockingly close to betraying her client. Kristina is the object of a flirtatious suitor. Kiki starts to regain her strength. Tracy fires Hayden. Michael and Sonny clash over the Sabrina issue. Jason and Sam find evidence they’re not alone. Maxie’s curiosity about Nathan’s past gets the best of her. Monica puts her foot down. Lucas and Brad discuss the details of their upcoming wedding. Jason sets Sonny straight. Alexis’ update leaves Carlos petrified. THIS WEEK: Paul makes good on his threat. Carly doesn’t hide her skepticism about Finn. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Nikki confesses

to Dylan that she wants forgiveness from Victor. Meanwhile, Nick visits Victor in jail and informs Victor about Nikki’s accident. Victor tells Nick that he doesn’t care what happens to Nikki. Nick wants Victor to drop the act and stop pretending that he doesn’t care about his family. Nick pleads with Victor to see Nikki before she hurts herself even more with her drinking. Victor relents but is very cold and distant to Nikki during her visit. Nikki confesses to Victor that all she wants is to make things right again. Sharon and Sage agree to not tell Nick and Dylan that they are investigating Nurse Stephens’ past. Mariah is upset that Kevin won’t cut her into his portions of the Pass Key profits. Kevin insists his money isn’t available because it’s tied up in a hedge fund. Later, Natalie and Kevin enjoy their new found wealth over a lunch of champagne and caviar. Summer overhears and tells Nick that she’s involved with Luca and that he needs to respect her decision. Later, Victoria tells Nick she knows how to get Luca out of Summer’s life. Hillary warns him she will go to the police about her kidnapping if he doesn’t back her having a seat on the board. THIS WEEK: Nick advises Luca to leave Summer alone. Hilary continues to put the pressure on Neil.

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