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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Maya arranges for Rick to have a one-on-one conversation with Zende about his personal life. Zende is very candid with Rick about his feelings for Sasha and why he chose to walk away from his relationship with Nicole. Confused by Sasha’s slip of the lip, Nicole asks for clarity and demands the truth behind the peculiar word she chose. Sasha tries her best to avoid telling Nicole the truth, but is unsuccessful in doing so. Julius attempts to deflect the blame cast upon him by claiming that the defamatory comments against him are lies. Sasha confesses to Zende about her childhood and the wrath that she anticipates facing. Feeling betrayed by her father, Nicole presses Julius for the truth until she receives an answer that she is satisfied with. Unaware of what is bothering her crying daughter, Vivienne attempts to console a distraught Nicole. Katie becomes suspicious of Ridge’s part in Dr. Wolin’s death when she discovers startling information regarding the accident. Sasha stands her ground with Julius as he reprimands her for her actions. Ridge is no longer able to maintain a lie when Katie presents him with evidence regarding the truth. Julius’ worst nightmare is about to become a reality. Rocked by Ridge’s confession, Katie grills him for more information about his and Caroline’s current situation. While watching Thomas interact so lovingly with Douglas, Caroline feels guilty about keeping her child’s paternity a secret. While Quinn tells him about her visit with Liam, Deacon realizes the extent of the feelings that she developed for “Adam”. Caroline quickly regrets the personal conversation she is having with Katie about her and Ridge’s marriage. Katie has harsh words of advice for Caroline and Ridge about what she feels is the right thing to do regarding Douglas.

THIS WEEK: As Bill focuses his energy on seeing that Quinn goes to jail for holding Liam captive, Liam sets his sights on getting Steffy.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Deimos gets a visit from Justin, who has a proposition for him. Theresa confronts Brady about his “hero” complex; he always seems to need to be rescuing someone. Maggie and Victor suggest Summer move into the townhouse with them. Summer is stunned when a man shows up from her past. Kate walks in as Deimos asks Nicole to be CEO of Basic Black. Kate faces off with Nicole after she finds out she looks exactly like Helena. A man named Clark blackmails Summer, and it’s clear there’s a history between the two. Maggie tells Caroline and Julie how Deimos poisoned her. Caroline confides in Victor that her visions have stopped. Ciara tells Hope she wants to move out, to which Chad offers a solution. Hope seeks advice from Rafe about Ciara. Joey and Jade tell Ciara and Claire they are leaving town. Steve finds out about Joey’s incarceration and blasts Kayla for not telling him. JJ is invited to a Hernandez family lunch. Summer gets herself in a sticky situation. Theresa confronts Summer who denies romantic feelings for Brady. John comforts Marlena about Eric.Rafe has a romantic night planned for Hope. Dario and Summer pretend to be involved to cover up Summer’s latest con job.

THIS WEEK: Theresa grows suspicious of Summer and decides to investigate her. JJ and Gabi’s romantic dinner is interrupted.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Jason puts Michael on the right track. Sam is worried that Julian might take a fall with Carlos. Alexis finds what she is looking for. A jealous Jordan wonders about Andre’s bond with Anna. Griffin glosses over his answers to Mac’s questions. The FBI goads an evasive Hayden. Julian makes certain of his alibi. Anna and Griffin commemorate the anniversary of Duke’s death in a unique way. Jason and Sam confront Franco. Nina reacts to Franco’s odd gift. Hayden attempts to call Nikolas’ bluff. Dante and Anna come up emptyhanded. A suspicious Alexis confronts Julian. Liz’s sympathy for Franco sets off Jason. A nosy nurse brings bad news. Sam comes through for Maxie. Griffin downplays his past. Anna rails against Alexis and Julian. Carly sees another side of Finn. Obrecht pulls her weight around. Kristina makes a surprising reveal to a slightly caught off guard Molly. Jordan and Andre take it to the next level. Jordan can’t help but be distracted. Dante and Lulu consider a change in their lives. Lulu hopes to kill two birds with one stone. Finn is surprised to learn of his patient’s condition.

THIS WEEK: Jason reiterates that he doesn’t want to be involved in Sonny’s business. Carlos makes an idle threat to Paul.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victoria told Nick that she has the feeling Victor wants her out of Newman Enterprises so Nick can run it. Nick made it very clear to Victoria that he doesn’t want her job and only came back to Newman to support her. Jack found out that Billy’s antagonize Newman Enterprises and accused Phyllis of supporting Billy’s bad behavior. Simon informed Hilary that a patient in their drug trail nearly died. Ashley and Simon were in agreement that they need to suspend testing but Hilary disagreed and wants to continue. Later, Hilary threw a press conference and threw them under the bus. Victor continued to confide in Dr. Meredith Gates. He told her that he wants to make amends with his family but they keep rejecting him. Meredith got the sense that Victor’s playing her and wants to know what he wants from her. Victoria learned that Nikki gave her proxy to a Newman board member in Victor’s pocket. Nikki explained she did it because she thought it would help her chances of Victor forgiving her. Luca visited Victor in prison and told him that he needs a someone on the inside at Newman. Later, Luca hired a PI to dig up dirt on Victoria.

THIS WEEK: Abby and Max continued to clash. Lily warned Abby that her problems with Max may wreck her marriage.

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