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RECAPS MAY 9 -- 13



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — The brotherly visit and conversation over a couple of drinks did not prevent Liam from being brutally honest about his determination to win Steffy back from Wyatt. Despite his support of Steffy’s relationship with Liam in the past, Bill gave her advice about her current marriage to Wyatt. Caroline was immediately regretful about her conversation with Katie when their opinions on the matter clashed. Ridge set Thomas straight about his role in their family. Liam put a very confused Steffy on the spot when he asked her bluntly if she honestly wants him to give up on her and leave her alone. Wyatt attempted to be mindful and understanding with Liam when he suggested that his brother move on with his life. Caroline was frustrated that she must justify her actions to Katie regarding personal details involved in her marriage. Thomas found out the real reason why Ridge has been so distant and firm with him in the recent months. Rick vented to Maya about his ongoing frustration regarding Ridge running Forrester Creations even though he’s not truly a Forrester. Still determined to climb his way back to the top of the company, Rick awaited the right moment, or defamatory information, to dethrone Ridge. Disheartened by the conversation he has with Ridge, Thomas summoned Caroline for a private meeting. Ridge let Katie know how much her nosiness cost him. Katie attempted to justify with Ridge her reasoning for taking such an interest in his and Caroline’s personal lives. Rick voiced his infuriation to Brooke about the favoritism that he feel Ridge receives from Eric. Caroline attempted to be a voice of reason with Thomas as he tried to deal with Ridge’s request. She was put in a difficult position when Thomas asked what her opinion is in contrast to Ridge’s. Ridge patiently awaited word from Caroline on whether or not she was able to get through to Thomas following his spontaneous act. Following a lengthy conversation regarding Ridge’s request, Caroline was finally able to get Thomas to see things his father’s way.

THIS WEEK: Wyatt was called out on by Liam on the insecurities he feels in his marriage. Steffy was horrified when she received an unwelcomed visit from Quinn asking for her help with Liam and Wyatt.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Hope was shocked and confused by Aiden’s return. Aiden explained what happened as we took a look back at Aiden’s last 6 months. An overwhelmed Hope drew her gun on Aiden and arrested him. Hope and Ciara had a tense encounter before Hope rushed to the station. Ciara and Claire had a heart to heart; Ciara isn’t sure about her feelings for Theo. Back at the station, Aiden wouldn’t talk to anyone except for Hope. Steve worried that Joey ran away after he couldn’t find his jacket. Kayla and Fynn’s dinner was interrupted after she’s called to the ER, which was filled with patients suffering from a flu-like virus. Aiden urged Hope to believe him, insisting the man who tried to kill her was an imposter. Hope told Ciara about Aiden’s supposed return. At the hospital, the virus situation was becoming more dire as the first death occurred, affecting many of the beloved Salemites. Eduardo shared a tender moment with Adriana. Abigail was upset when Chad brought Thomas and invited her family to visit her at the hospital. Despite feeling the effects of the flu, Kayla continued to work. Steve got a lead from Claire that Joey and Jade were headed to LA. Jade and Joey found themselves at her Aunt Simone’s commune/ compound in the desert outside of LA. Kate walked in as Deimos and Nicole shared a nice moment. Chad was devastated after Abigail told him that she doesn’t want him and Thomas to visit her anymore. Rafe questioned Hope about her feelings for Aiden.

THIS WEEK: Aiden paid Andre a visit soon after his release. Caroline ran into Hope and Rafe at the pub and were all concerned about their loved ones.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — A commotion inside the PCPD police van had devastating consequences. Jason avoided catastrophe only to come across a disturbing scene. Lives were on the line. Sam was rattled by Jason’s condition and surprised by his revelation. Sam confronted Alexis who got an earful from Jordan. Someone was rushed to the E.R. Lulu strongly suggested Maxie back down. Alexis enlightened Julian and assumed he got the message. Anna received comfort from an old friend during a time of need. Sonny took advantage of a moment alone. Kiki pleaded with Nina to forgive Franco. Franco’s attempt to win back Nina was abruptly interrupted. Michael turned the other cheek to come to someone’s rescue. Maxie patiently awaited an update. Alexis grew suspicious of Julian’s whereabouts. Alexis made a correct assumption about Julian.

THIS WEEK: Griffin stunned Sonny and Anna. Nikolas and Hayden received similar words of advice from Liz and Curtis.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Phyllis barged into Billy’s house and confronted him about his business practices. Meanwhile, Jack liked Hilary’s ideas about cross promotion. When Jack left, Neil told Hilary how he truly feels about her. When Hilary reminded Neil to bite his tongue unless he wants the whole world to know he kidnapped her, someone walked in and overheard their discussion! When Stitch tried to convince Max that he believes in his innocence, Max got upset and locked himself in the bathroom. Stitch and Abby got into a heated argument about what they should do about Max. Meanwhile, Dr. Neville spotted Max lurking in the hall at the Jabot Lab. After hearing Max out, Dr. Neville brought Ashley into the conversation. Max confessed to Ashley that he made Abby trip on the stairs. Victoria learned that Travis is the owner of the bar. Victoria had no idea that Luca’s P.I. was snapping photos of her and Travis while they danced. After their dance, Travis pulled Victoria into a kiss! At the Chancellor park cafĂ©, Kevin tried to get Natalie to reconsider working on Pass Key. Mariah walked up and caught them in a kiss. Mariah slammed down her house key and told Kevin that she’s moving out. Later, Mariah asked Sharon if she could move back in with her and Dylan. At the prison, Adam tried to get Victor to admit what his plans are. When Victor said that it’s time for Adam to stake his claim in Newman and take over, Adam informed him that he’s not going to stab his siblings in the back.

THIS WEEK: Victor tries to change Adam’s mind. Kevin and Mariah have a tense encounter.

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