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RECAPS MAY 16 – 20

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Zende and Nicole shared a tender moment together filled with implications of love and regret. Sasha was hoping to have a romantic afternoon by the pool with Zende, but much to her dismay, his thoughts were elsewhere. Pam took the lead of the situation when an unexpected crisis arose at Forrester Creations. Before being hauled away by the police, Quinn made a heartfelt plea to Liam and Wyatt to forgive her for her misdeeds. Sasha tried her best to keep Zende’s attention on her, but he couldn’t help but think about Nicole. Wanting desperately to reach out to Zende, Nicole fought the urge thinking that he would rather spend time with Sasha. Eric and Brooke contemplated what could bring their families back together. Nicole became overwhelmed with emotion when she learned the extent that Zende went to show how much he loves her and wants to be with her. Eric and Stephanie discussed what Stephanie would have thought about the current state of the Forrester family.

While making herself comfortable in the Forrester mansion, Sasha took a moment to appreciate the matriarch of the family. She then made another unsuccessful attempt to save the romantic evening with Zende. Sasha pulled out all the stops to ensure that she doesn’t lose the only man she’s ever loved, Zende, to Nicole. For the first time since the revelation that he’s Sasha’s father, Julius paid a visit to his family in an attempt to redeem himself. A generous gesture in hopes of repairing her relationship with her sister put Brooke in a sticky situation with Katie and Bill. When Julius gloated about how close Nicole and Zende are getting again, Sasha advised him to not get his hopes up for a reunion. Appalled by Brooke’s unexpected appearance, Katie assumed the worst and unleashed her rage against her sister.

THIS WEEK: Zende apologized to Nicole for the reason why he had broken up with her. Excited to reunite with Zende, Nicole sensed that there’s a bit of hesitation on his part.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Andre struck a deal with Aiden; if Aiden gets him out of jail, then he will back up his story. Hope told Rafe that she needs to take things day by day. Fynn found an antidote for the virus. Steve headed to Los Angeles to find Joey, but he might be too late. Conflicted Hope visited Bo’s grave while a hidden Aiden watched. Brady confided in Belle about his relationship problems with Theresa. Theresa told Anne that she wants to investigate Summer. Victor anonymously received information about Summer’s dark past. Hope was troubled by memories of Aiden, both frightening and romantic. Aiden rented a room at the Martin house from a very wary Julie. Justin wanted Victor to drop the whole vendetta against Deimos. Kate suggested to Deimos that they elope to Las Vegas. Rafe sought fatherly advice from Eduardo about Aiden. Marlena helped Paul cope with post-traumatic stress from being kidnapped and brainwashed. Fynn offered Adriana a nursing job at the hospital. Deimos told Kate that he wants her to sign a pre-nup. Eduardo got haunted by his past. Rafe witnessed a kiss between Aiden and Hope. Rafe told Eduardo that they have to stop paying the price for his past.

THIS WEEK: Things heated up between Deimos and Nicole. Belle surprised Shawn with a drunken doorstep kiss.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — The reality of Jason’s circumstance hit home for him and Sam. Julian grew defensive against Alexis’ interrogation. Jake’s actions sent Liz into a panic. Carly was concerned to learn the latest about Michael. Monica laid down the law. Jason and Monica had a bonding moment. Jake’s wishes left Liz in a tough spot. Tracy got a shocking delivery. Lucy came to the wrong conclusion about Kevin. Sonny was overwhelmed with joy. Diane arrived at Wyndemere with frustrating news for Nikolas. Finn turned to Felix for assistance. Michael made a daring move. Ned was stunned by his mother’s actions. Ava believed the only thing standing between her and a relationship with Kiki is Morgan. Obrecht was on a mission to uncover the truth about Finn. Sonny and Michael acted on a lead on Sabrina’s whereabouts. Hayden came to a horrifying conclusion.

THIS WEEK: Morgan put on the brakes. Carly realized she must find a way to stop Ava.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Lily and Hilary had a heated confrontation, and Lily threw a drink in Hilary’s face. Later, Hilary sought sympathy from Jack while Lily told Cane that Hilary’s just using Devon for his money. Phyllis was furious when she found out that Jack confided in Hilary about their relationship. Nick told Sharon and Mariah that he’s moving back onto the ranch. Mariah volunteered to go through Sage’s belongings at the penthouse. Nick started to go through Sage’s things and made a shocking discovery. Chelsea visited Victor in prison and told him that she and Adam would make sure that he serves his full sentence. Victor warned her that the people disloyal to him would pay a valuable price. Later, Chelsea told Adam that she’s worried about all of the things that Victor could do to retaliate. Victoria visited Travis at the bar and found herself strongly attracted to him. Meanwhile, a PI hired by Luca spied on their meeting. Meredith introduced herself to Nikki at the GCAC. Nikki warned her that Victor doesn’t do anything unless it’s in his own interest. Michael confided in Lauren that he doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life being a lawyer. Lauren knew that practicing law’s in his blood and encouraged him to get reinstated. Victor recalled his last confrontation with his father, Albert, and how it’s eerily similar to his confrontations with Adam.

THIS WEEK: Mariah brought Nick a box of Sage’s belongings. Lily and Hilary get into another fight.

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