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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Nicole’s elation from reuniting with Zende following their months’ long breakup was soon doused when Zende delivered shocking news. Sasha suggested to Julius that they become allies regarding their relationships with the Avants and Zende. Bill surprised Liam with his response when asked to support his son’s attempt to win back Steffy. As Quinn awaited her fate, Wyatt paid her a visit to get answers. With Liam having to decide whether or not to press charges against Quinn, Wyatt made a plea to his brother to have mercy on his mother. Having been hired by Liam as a legal consultant, Justin prepped Bill for what could be in store for Quinn if she’s convicted. When Quinn learned that Liam put Justin on retainer, she believed that her fate has been sealed. Quinn’s lawyer explained to Liam the ramifications of pressing charges against her. Liam took the opportunity to unload the suppressed anger and resentment he has for Quinn just before he made a decision to either press charges or set her free. Katie assured a concerned Brooke that she and Bill no longer have anything to worry about regarding her drinking. While awaiting word from Liam, Bill and Wyatt differed in their opinions regarding what Quinn does and doesn’t deserve. Sasha restated her proposition to Julius to join forces to get back in the good graces of those that they love. Not having spoken about Douglas’ paternity in a while, Ridge firmly reiterated to Thomas his role in his son’s life. Thomas was shocked when Ridge revealed his future plans for Thomas within Forrester Creations. With Nicole by their side, Maya and Rick proudly revealed the name of their baby girl to their families. Maya planned to return a favor to Nicole by ensuring that she has a happy future with Zende. Knowing that Ridge has an ulterior motive, Thomas had second thoughts about the once in a lifetime career opportunity presented to him. A suspicious Maya and Nicole put Sasha on the spot to prove that her opportune claim is the truth.

THIS WEEK: A flustered Sasha went to extreme lengths to further her intention. Unwavering from his ongoing desire to take over Forrester Creations, Rick made a plea to Eric to give him another chance to run the company.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — A jealous Kate fought with Nicole over Deimos. Rafe saw Aiden kissing Hope and stormed away. Belle and Shawn made love. Hope pushed Aiden away, telling him she has feelings for Rafe. Jennifer had a harrowing night as she tried to stop herself from giving into her painkiller addiction. Jennifer’s mind played horrific scenarios of how her addiction could affect Abigail and JJ. Jennifer was “visited” by Jack who did his best to remind her of the woman she used to be before failing into addiction. John joined the search to track down Joey. Aiden visited Chase in jail. A nervous Ciara and Claire headed to their hearing. Shawn was torn between Lani and Belle. Fynn drove Kayla to Los Angeles to chase after Joey. Claire sensed a thaw in Belle and Shawn and asked if they’re back together. Ciara opened up to Marlena during a counseling session. Hope confided in Rafe about Ciara’s concerns. Aiden realized that winning Hope back would be an uphill battle. Aiden worked on an argument to get Chase out of prison. Chase was attacked and rushed to the hospital. JJ and Roman fought over Rory.

THIS WEEK: Eduardo was vocal about his disapproval over JJ dating Gabi. Steve and John traced Jade and Joey back to Simone’s commune.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Michael and Sonny arrived in the nick of time. Alexis grew certain that Julian’s trying to buy her silence. Diane lent her professional advice. Obrecht warned Liz about the mysterious Finn. Brad had a surprising request for Felix. The Nurses Ball began. Liz was in for public humiliations. Tensions ran high between Nikolas and Jason on the red carpet. Obrecht was up to her old tricks. Maxie asked Griffin for a favor. Hayden asked to speak with Jordan privately. Carly was stunned by what she found. Someone had taken ill. Lucas happened upon an interloper with malicious intent. Nikolas and Hayden caused a scene. Carly threatened Ava. Franco saved the day. Nikolas crafted a plan at Wyndemere. Griffin had a hunch about Finn. Morgan witnessed a painful exchange. Jordan made an arrest. Sam found signs of a struggle. Carly was certain Ava would back off. Paul was left shaken by Ava’s warning. Anna was forced to confess.

THIS WEEK: Michael made an emotional plea. Dillon caught Tracy off guard.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Meredith tried to convince Victor that he can’t give up hope in trying to reconcile with his family. When a problem arose at Newman, and Summer couldn’t locate Victoria, Luca encouraged her to take matters into her own hands and send a proposal to Newman executives and pretend it’s from Victoria. Ashley confided in Jack that she believes Billy has latched on to someone new in order to get over Victoria. Jack told her that he couldn’t help but feel sorry for this mystery woman. Mariah had a heated conversation with Kevin and pulled him into a kiss. She then invited Kevin to spend the day with her watching movies and eating Chinese. Kevin was torn as he committed to going to Chicago with Natalie. Jill arrived back in town and has donated a large sum of money to the Abbott-Winters Foundation in Katherine’s name. Jill made it clear to Hilary that if Katherine’s name is going to be involved in the project, she doesn’t want Hilary near it.

THIS WEEK: Michael told Lauren that his suspension from the bar is over. Victoria got nervous when Travis quizzes her about her past.

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