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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Feeling as though Caroline doesn’t fully consider him to be Douglas’ father, Ridge challenges her about her definition of “fatherhood”. Nicole prepares herself for the worst from Zende’s possible life-changing conversation with Sasha. Caroline worries about Ridge’s reaction when he learns that Thomas has defiantly disregarded his wishes. Nicole has a crucial decision to make as to whether or not to forgive Sasha for all of her lies, betrayals, and manipulations. Suspicious of Ridge wanting to send Thomas overseas, Rick vows to find out the reason for the sudden decision. While Thomas explains his actions to Caroline, Ridge enters to discover that his son gave up a substantial career opportunity to remain close to Douglas. Ridge and Thomas go head-tohead over how involved Thomas will be in Douglas’ life. Thomas firmly reiterates to Ridge that he will not be banished in order to avoid a scandal involving Douglas’ paternity. Wanting to protect his investment in Forrester Creations, Bill recruits Justin to assist him in overthrowing Ridge in his position within the company. Having called Julius to meet her, Sasha informs her father about her situation with Zende and how she plans on leaving town. Julius calls an Avant family meeting that will, for once, include Sasha. Bill receives the ammunition that he’s been searching for when he overhears a private discussion of Katie’s. Feeling like an outcast himself, Julius makes a plea to his wife and children to forgive his prior indiscretions and to accept Sasha as part of their family. Already knowing the answer, Thomas wants Ridge to confess about why he finally told the truth regarding Douglas’ paternity. Knowing what her husband is capable of, Katie makes a desperate plea to Bill to keep the details of their conversation a secret. Brooke is heartbroken when Rick tells her about his immediate plan for his family’s future in Los Angeles. Concerned not only about her cousins, Caroline checks in with Steffy about how she is dealing with being torn between Wyatt and Liam.

THIS WEEK: Quinn pays an unwelcomed visit to Liam to inform him that her feelings have not changed, but, hopes that his have. Ridge and Thomas come to an understanding about who will be Douglas’ father.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Days of Our Lives was preempted Monday, Thursday and Friday of this week. Hope comforts a distraught Aiden. Adriana makes a mysterious phone call, summoning someone to town. Chad is upset after Abigail refuses to see him again. Joey takes a dark turn and robs a souvenir shop for Jade. Kayla seeks comfort in Fynn’s arms. Despite her declining health, Kayla insists John take her to find Steve and Joey. Nicole confides to Dario about Deimos. Joey takes responsibility for his actions and faces the consequences. Nicole and Deimos kiss passionately just as Kate arrives to witness.

THIS WEEK: Kate Is terribly upset. Aiden can’t get a grip.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — General Hospital was preempted on Monday. Ava pleads with Sonny not to shut her out of Avery’s life. Jordan orders Jason to stay put. Brad has unsettling news about Lucas. Alexis’ resolve is strengthened. Laura and Lulu prepare for the worst. Spencer reacts oddly. Liz implies to Jordan that Hayden has a lot to lose. Diane makes an incriminating claim. Carly is shocked to learn of Sonny and Ava’s deal. Jason and Sam take refuge to formulate a plan. Liz urges Jason not to make his situation worse. Finn cautions Hayden to forget what she witnessed. Jordan enlists the Feds. Nathan makes a confession. Carly wonders if she’s been lied to. Jason and Sam solve a mystery. Incriminating evidence is found.

THIS WEEK: An unexpected visitor arrives in Port Charles. Accusations fly between Obrecht and Finn.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Michael informs Lauren that the state lifted his suspension and he can practice law again. He thanks her for providing him with the motivation to want to practice law again. Luca informs Billy that Victoria is distracted at work and not running Newman Enterprises the way it should be. Luca also mentions that Victoria might be seeing someone. Meanwhile, Victoria warns Travis that she comes with a lot of baggage. They pull together for a kiss not aware not noticing Luca’s P.I. snapping pictures of them. The next day, when Victoria drops off Johnny, Billy asks her if there is a new man in her life. Sharon is worried that when Sully grows up he will start to look like Nick or Sage. Mariah gives Sharon her word that she’ll keep the secret. Kevin confides in Michael about his problems with Mariah and Natalie. Michael tells Kevin he needs to make a decision on which woman he wants to be with. Meredith sets up a makeshift meal in her office for Victor and promises to never betray her trust. Jill visits Victoria at Newman and they argue when Jill insists that she can’t give up on Billy. Later, Jill and Hilary fight for the spotlight at the dedication ceremony for Katherine’s wing at the treatment center.

THIS WEEK: Phyllis is upset with all the attention Jack is giving Hilary and goes to the park for some alone time. Phyllis runs into Billy.

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