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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Knowing how heartbroken Brooke would be without her son nearby, Bill gave her an idea on how to ensure that Rick and his family stay in Los Angeles. Katie feared what Bill might do with the secret that she entrusted him with when Ridge assured Caroline and Thomas that their personal business would remain within their inner circle. Steffy unloaded anger and resentment towards Quinn for all of the schemes and manipulations she has been forced to endure. Having learned that Bill told Brooke the secret that she confided in him, Katie not only felt betrayed but that his actions were an act of love for her sister. While Ridge felt confident that they could live without anyone finding out about Douglas’ paternity, Caroline and Thomas were skeptical. While waiting for Steffy to return home, Wyatt received a visit from Quinn begging for a chance to be back in his life again. Liam vowed to no longer be the good guy if it means losing the love of his life, Steffy. Wanting to protect his family, Ridge passionately appealed to the fatherly side of Bill to not go public with Douglas’ paternity. Steffy had had it with Quinn and put her foot down with Wyatt that she does not want his mother to be a part of their lives. Quinn confided in Deacon that she would not allow Liam to ever interfere in Wyatt and Steffy’s marriage. Due to the betrayal that she feels from Bill and Brooke, Katie fought the urge to turn to the bottle for comfort. Bill and Brooke privately discussed how to handle Katie without driving her to begin drinking again. Meanwhile, Katie struggled with her emotions as she thought back to Bill’s relationship with Brooke. While discussing all that Quinn had done, Wyatt and Steffy affirmed that they were married out of love, not because of his mother’s deceptions. Liam received a rude awakening when a menacing intruder entered his home in the middle of the night. While discussing the break-in to Lieutenant Baker, Liam concocted a theory about who’s really behind the crime. Having received a call from Liam about the incident, Wyatt went to support his brother down at the police station.

THIS WEEK: Katie confessed to Bill and Brooke her feelings regarding their past together and how she plans to deal with it in the future. Brooke and Bill differed on how they intend the conversation with Katie to end.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Kate confronted Deimos after his electric meeting with Nicole by the river’s edge. Theresa surprised Brady with a romantic evening. Summer opened up to Brady about her feelings for him. Nicole confided her failure to a sympathetic Dario. Kate spun her tale, pinning Deimos’ murder off on Nicole. Kate made a secret deal with Aiden. Rafe realized that Adriana has an agenda when she invited an old friend from Mexico to come and stay for a little while. Ciara took care of hungover and heartsick Chad. Hope turned to her past to help her through an emotional time. Despite working on opposite sides, Belle and Shawn shared a nice moment. Kate revealed to Nicole that her and Deimos are married. Fynn made a decision about his relationship with Kayla. Kayla, Steve and Joey made plans to drive home as a family when suddenly Kayla faltered. Nicole worried about facing charges for Deimos’ death. Deimos weakly traveled to a gas station and called someone for help.

THIS WEEK: Hope made a decision about Aiden. Rafe warned Aiden not to hurt Hope.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Jason and Sam’s theory about Nikolas had them considering contacting the police. Hayden was on the fence about Naomi’s sincerity. Franco reached out to Liz in a surprising way. Monica had no choice but to confront Finn. Nathan confessed all to Maxie. Alexis had conflicting emotions about Julian. Sonny realized that someone wants to break up Kiki and Morgan. Nathan pulled out all the stops to win over Maxie. Kristina couldn’t get Parker off her mind. Tensions mounted to a breaking point between Julian and Alexis. Paul asked Anna for a fresh start. Tracy’s goodnatured encounter with Sabrina stunned her family. Morgan was concerned what his life would be like once he’s released. Jason carefully considered the perfect time to search for clues. A suspicious Dante put a tail on someone. Griffin was at the end of his rope. Nathan arrived with a warrant. Julian advised Ava to lie low for a while. Spinelli was thrilled to learn that Jason remembers his past.

THIS WEEK: Naomi covered for Hayden. Maxie wasn’t sure what she should do about Nathan.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victor was stunned when he arrived to the prison infirmary and discovered that Meredith had taken a leave of absence. Later, Victoria confronted Victor and asked if he’s responsible for the oil rig disaster. He advised that his children look at themselves if they want to know why everything’s going wrong. Hilary got the sense that Neil’s trying to push her out of the foundation. She warned Neil that it’s not a good idea to threaten her. Neil tried to convince Devon that Hilary’s a cold blooded operator who’s not the same woman that Devon fell in love with. Adam and Dylan met up with Meredith to ask her if Victor ever mentioned anything about Adam’s murder charges. Paul told Christine that his gut’s telling him to pursue the possibility that Victor framed Adam for murder. Meredith reported back to Victor that she met Adam who tried to get her to turn on Victor. Victor didn’t believe that’s the only reason she came to visit. Nick told Luca that if he ever wants to be with Summer or be a part of the family company, he needs to confess what he knows about Victoria. Adam and Chelsea pressured Sharon to convince Nick that Adam didn’t murder Constance.

THIS WEEK: Victor still has his doubts. Sharon refused to get involved.

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