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RECAPS - 4/14-18

ALL MY CHILDREN – Zach revealed to a shocked Kendall that he figured out she was unfaithful to him with Aidan. Greenlee suggested that Aidan ask Kendall to be his “best woman” at their wedding. Ryan met with a therapist, who questioned if he even wanted to remember Annie. Jesse believed a clue to Papal’s identity could be buried in “Jesse’s” coffin and decided to dig it up. Angie determined that Adam had been suffering panic attacks and suggested he start seeing a psychologist. After Carmen warned Erica to keep a lower profile and not antagonize the other prisoners, Erica was surrounded by a group of scaring-looking inmates.

THIS WEEK: Ryan decides to move back in with Annie and Emma.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Katie had a moment with Mike at the Snyder lake and he kissed her. She insisted on going through with the wedding to Brad, though, even though Jack, Mike and Henry – all her exes – were there. Lily couldn’t hide her sorrow over losing Dusty from Holden. Carly and Holden bonded. Lily invited Jack and Carly to a dinner with her and Holden. Paul wanted to impress Meg with a romantic balloon ride, but Mike wound up floating up, up and away with her instead. Casey told Noah that Ameera really desires Noah, even though she’s aware of relationship with Luke. Luke was hurt to see Noah vacillating about their love.

THIS WEEK: Lily is oblivious to how she’s hurting Holden.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Bridget was furious about Nick and Katie’s attraction. Rick and Taylor approached Nick asking him to return Jack to Taylor’s custody. When Nick said no, Rick vowed to win the baby back in court. The court psychiatrist found Taylor competent and a hearing was planned to determine Jack’s custody. Storm was ticked off that Ridge told Ashley about his shooting Stephanie, especially when Ashley rejected him. Pam eavesdropped on Eric’s call to Donna, gleeful that her schemes to make Donna feel insecure were working. Brooke was determined to get Rick to dump Taylor. Katie offered to help Nick care for Jack permanently.

THIS WEEK: The Logan family secret begins to leak out.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – Kayla and Bo were released from the hospital and immediately set out to find Steve and Hope. At Ava’s, Bo and Kayla were caught and after a scuffle in which Hope was shot in the arm, the four were reunited. Ava finally told her side of the story, revealing how Steve had left her at the altar, causing her mental breakdown. Nicole was nearly kicked out of the Kiriakis mansion, but she called EJ and he made a case for her to stay. He warned her that she may be his client, but he’s not her lap dog. Philip enlisted Nicole to spy on John for him. Chelsea was rushed to the hospital.

THIS WEEK: Kayla tries to help Ava with her medical condition.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Carly didn’t want Sonny anywhere near Michael and blamed herself for allowing Sonny to be a father to Michael in the first place. Jason and Elizabeth decided to end their romance for Jake’s own safety. Jason tells Spinelli he’ll never allow himself to have a family. Claudia bonded with Jason when she suspected they shared a lot in common. Spinelli and Jason studied the warehouse surveillance tape and identified the car as Ian’s. Lulu told Logan she couldn’t return his love because of her feelings for Johnny, but later confessed to Johnny that she couldn’t accept his dangerous lifestyle.

THIS WEEK: Anna returns and learns she’s going to be a grandma!

GUIDING LIGHT – Cassie and Cyrus, both frustrated with their mates, got drunk together and then wound up making love. Later, Cassie confessed to Josh, but didn’t tell him that Cyrus was the man she was with. Ashlee decided to have the weight loss surgery. Coop signed the contracts to have his book published. Natalia refused to let Olivia die with Gus’s heart in her chest. Ava told Olivia that to keep Bill, who thinks she’s pregnant with his baby, she would get artificially inseminated. When Ava gloated about the pregnancy to Lizzie, the two declared war on each other. Frank agreed to return to the Springfield PD as a detective because Mallet is the permanent chief.

THIS WEEK: Harley struggles to come to terms with Gus’s death.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – After hearing Todd threatening to have Cole thrown in jail, Starr decided to terminate her pregnancy. Ramsey admitted to Antonio that he set him up to find John and Talia in a hotel room together. After Ramsey told Antonio he wanted John kicked off the force, Todd showed Ramsey the leverage he had against him. Adriana ordered Dorian to go to Missouri to find out what Gigi was hiding. Nora confronted Clint about the article in The Sun accusing him of resorting to blackmail to save the company. John told Natalie that Allison would never come out of her coma.

THIS WEEK: Cole suggests he and Starr run away.

PASSIONS – Fancy refused to believe that Pretty was pregnant with Luis’ child and accused her of forging the results. Pretty continued her ruse by threatening to have an abortion. Her scheme worked, as Noah vowed to be there for her and their baby. Paloma chastised a jealous Noah when her ex-boyfriend, Roberto, was arrested. After Noah pleaded his innocence, the Demon Elf transformed himself into a hot woman for Noah to flirt with, hoping he’d fall into old habits. A disguised Theresa followed Ethan and Gwen on their dinner date. Eve freaked when she realized she reattached Julian’s penis upside-down!

THIS WEEK: Thanks to Gwen, it’s boarding school for Little Ethan.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – Chloe mistook Lily’s morning sickness for bulimia. Neil asked Karen if she would raise Lily’s baby with him – she said no. A sign from Dru convinced Lily to have the baby. Cane asked Lily to marry him. Victoria and Sabrina determined that the bottom floor of Nick’s warehouse perfect for the gallery. Gloria told Jack, Sharon and her family she was giving Jack and Sharon back the mansion in order to prove to Michael and Kevin that they were the most important thing to her. John visited Jack and expressed his disappointment in his son and told him goodbye for good.

THIS WEEK: Jeff catches Gloria and Alistair making out.

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