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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Wyatt’s sudden and unfortunate realization made Liam think that his situation with Steffy might finally turn to his favor. Steffy had a candid conversation with Thomas about her marriage to Wyatt and what could or couldn’t have been with Liam. Wyatt enlisted Bill and his influential connections to assist him in getting answers on whether or not his marriage to Steffy is valid. Liam gleefully told Steffy that they potentially can have a future together as planned. Wyatt’s future hung in the balance as he and Bill anxiously awaited word from their source about the legitimacy of his and Steffy’s marriage. Feeling blindsided by the news that she might not actually be married to Wyatt, Steffy was confused about what to do next. Caroline checked in with Thomas to make sure that he’s okay with their current arrangement regarding Douglas. Bill issued Liam a stern warning about his future as a Spencer. Bill called a Spencer family meeting to make an announcement about the current state of Wyatt and Steffy’s marriage. Impressed with Sasha’s previous work, Ridge granted her a promotion that entails working long hours with Zende. Having absolutely no trust in Sasha, Nicole was particularly displeased when she learned about Zende’s new work assignment. Steffy had a piece of advice for Liam regarding his personal life. Despite past warnings to stay away, Steffy returned to her and Wyatt’s house to find Quinn making herself at home and wanting to clear the air between them. Wyatt found himself stuck in the middle of Quinn and Steffy’s contention. Rekindled loving feelings began to intensify to the point of no return during Bill and Brooke’s secret rendezvous. Zende made a significant sacrifice in his budding career in order to preserve his reunion with Nicole. A suspicious Liam arrived looking for his father while Bill and Brooke spent personal time together in his private office. Swept up in their unresolved feelings for each other, Bill and Brooke discussed how to handle Katie if they decided to revisit their relationship.

THIS WEEK: Ridge gave Steffy fatherly advice about her situation with Wyatt and Liam. Katie became emotional as she apologized to Brooke for her recent behavior.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Joey, Steve and Kayla were set to start the long drive back to Salem. JJ helped Julie move in a few more belongings into the Horton house. Joey learned from Jade that Dirk killed a store clerk during a robbery. Steve, Joey and Kayla got mixed up in a hostage situation at the commune. Chloe took Deimos to her home and patched him up. Nicole sought out Rafe and pleaded her case. Victor offered Kate a surprising deal. Philip tried to reconcile with Victor. Belle and Shawn had their dinner date to feel out whether they can repair their relationship. Nicole and Dario snuck into the Kiriakis mansion to find incriminating evidence against Kate. Victor double crossed Nicole. Hope met Aiden for a romantic dinner. Eduardo was moved when he realized that Adriana still has feelings for him. Nicole and Dario hid in the closet while Kate received a visit from Philip. Steve, Kayla and Jade sat vigil at the California hospital, awaiting news of Joey’s surgery. John returned from California to Marlena. Chad apologized to Ciara for his drunken behavior. Worried and alarmed, Chad and Marlena arrived at Shady Hills to learn there was a fire, and Abigail’s been injured. With Deimos still missing, presumed murdered, Victor was keeping his eye on the endgame. Justin was told by Roman that an investigation’s underway over missing evidence.

THIS WEEK: Summer admitted her feelings and her disappointment for Brady to Maggie. Theresa told Brady that they should get married as quickly as they can.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — The PCPD’s forensic department went to work. Julian had no intention of complying to Alexis’ request. Jordan gave Andre a piece of her mind. Emma interfered in Anna’s love life. Ava ran into a familiar face. Carly reached out to Liz. Valerie and the cadets celebrated their graduation from the police academy. Curtis longed to be a cop again. Sonny helped Lulu and Dante live their dream. Andre confessed his feelings. Jason came to Sam’s rescue. Ava fished for the truth. Tracy was furious with Monica for making a tough decision. Jordan responded to Andre’s revelation. TJ overheard something that he shouldn’t. Molly made plans for her future. Sonny pressed Paul and Anna for an update on Carlos’ murder. Nathan had news about the knife from Alexis’ house. Julian and Nina struck a deal. Kevin found a clue to the mystery. Ava found herself in a precarious situation. Alexis couldn’t believe what she heard. Olivia walked in on an odd moment between Julian and Nina. Finn woke up in his room with someone surprising at his side.

THIS WEEK: Franco did little to dispel Liz’s fears. Griffin turned down Maxie’s request.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Jack and Phyllis’ date night on the GCAC Roof Deck was interrupted by Billy and Bethany. Later, Jack told Phyllis that he’s suspicious of Bethany. Phyllis visited Billy and accused him of playing games. Billy challenged her to deny there’s chemistry between them. Later, Jack told Phyllis that he wants to take her on a romantic getaway. Meanwhile, Lily told Jack that Hilary’s just using him and doesn’t care about the foundation. Hilary arrived and passed out while arguing with Lily. Lily vented her frustration to Cane that no one can see through Hilary’s lies and manipulations. Mariah suggested that Sharon talk to a psychiatrist but Sharon refused and said Mariah is the only one she can trust. Victor was enraged as he sat in solitary confinement as a result of fighting with Ian Ward. Meredith tried to sneak him a note, but it’s intercepted by a guard working for Ian. Paul and Christine attempted to have a romantic dinner, but Paul was distracted by Adam’s case. Meanwhile, Adam told Chelsea that he has a plan to clear his name. Victoria took Travis to the Roof Deck where Summer grilled him about his feelings for Victoria.

THIS WEEK: Hilary woke up and refused medical treatment. Victoria and Travis decided to take their relationship public.

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