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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Ridge had a complete and unexpected change in opinion regarding his and Thomas’ place in Douglas’ life. When Thomas told Caroline about what he wants in the future for him and Douglas, she responded with her own wishes. Following an intense interrogation by Katie, Brooke and Bill grappled with the idea of telling her about their secret relationship. Brooke vowed to Bill that she no longer wants to hurt Katie and promised to stay away from him and his home. Steffy was the inspiration for Wyatt’s latest idea that he assured to Bill would result in Spencer Publications reaching a younger demographic and earning a higher profit. Because of her long history with Ridge, Brooke was comfortable enough with him to confess a secret she’s been keeping from everyone else. In return, Ridge had a confession of his own. Brooke and Ridge’s conversation prompted them both to come to harsh realizations about their respective situations. Katie invited Rick to her home with the intent to find out what he knows about the new man in Brooke’s life. Ridge showed Brooke how much he cares about her as a friend while attempting to talk her out of making a significant mistake in her life. When Quinn made an announcement and an unwelcome visit to Wyatt and Steffy, she quickly learned about her place within their family. Katie continued to struggle with her desire to drink while contemplating the possibility of Bill and Brooke having an affair. Wyatt felt torn between his wife and mother when Steffy suggested ways to keep Quinn out of their lives. Katie delivered a harsh threat to Bill about what she would do if he ever decides to leave her for Brooke. Liam was blindsided during a visit to Katie with a barrage of questions regarding Spencer family secrets. Receiving clarity about his past, due to his present situation, Ridge acknowledged to Brooke his previous transgressions. When Wyatt paid Quinn a visit to issue her guidelines on their futures interactions, he noticed an unusual change in her attitude. Liam sensed Katie’s insecurities in her marriage and vowed to look out for her romantic interests in the future.

THIS WEEK: When Steffy confided in her brother about her issues with Quinn, Thomas reminded her of how her life could have turned out otherwise. Bill pled with Brooke to have one more evening together before ending their affair.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — A twisted friendship began between Andre and Kate. Brady chastised Theresa who admitted that she’s still insecure about Summer. Chloe was horrified to learn that Kate’s setting Nicole up to take the fall for Deimos’ murder. Brady and Theresa announced to Maggie, Victor and Summer that they’re getting married in August. Summer told Dario that Clark’s sister is in town asking questions. Aiden did all he could to remind Hope of the love they once shared for one another as they spent their first day at the Green Mountain Lodge. Blanca encouraged Rafe to let go of Hope. Brady called Summer on her lies and she admitted to the accusations. Nicole arrived at Chloe’s to speak with her in person and was overwhelmed to find Deimos alive. Deimos agreed to clear Nicole’s name on one condition. A sleep-deprived and stressed Theresa took Tate out to the park and ended up falling asleep. Summer returned to her hotel room and found a satchel filled with money with a letter of instruction. A frantic Chad put his men on the search for Abigail. Chad was shocked by a note from Abigail that he found in the living room. Deimos agreed to return to Salem with Nicole who was both relieved and intrigued by what that might mean for them. Blanca celebrated with Dario when she learned that she got the nurse job at the hospital. Philip had a surprise encounter with Chloe. Aiden and Hope shared a warm moment back at the cabin. A suspicious Rafe got the security footage from jail and found out Aiden visited Andre when he was in jail.

THIS WEEK: Nicole was upset when Deimos revealed that he wants to get revenge on Kate first before he announces to the world that he’s alive. Andre received a text from Aiden, demanding to know the latest on their venture.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sam discovered Alexis’s mountain of trouble. Ava feared that she would be hunted down. Julian was reminded of what he must do. Valerie was forced to make a tough judgment call. Monica was suspicious of Tracy’s diversionary tactics. Julian imagined doing the unthinkable. Ava came to Nikolas’ aid when he needed it most. Kristina and Aaron talked about where they’re headed as a couple. Lulu and Dante floated the idea of paying a special homage to her brother. Julian was shocked by Sonny’s revelation. Dillon admitted he’s not over Kiki just yet. Anna learned why Griffin left the priesthood. Sonny and Anna wondered if Alexis could coax a confession out of Julian. Morgan requested Dillon back away from Kiki. Hayden discovered a disturbing connection between Nikolas and her father. Nina had it out with Franco. Hayden was determined to save Finn’s life. Liz walked in on a horrifying scene.

THIS WEEK: Alexis came to an understanding with Anna. A furious TJ told Jordan that she couldn’t defend the reason for keeping her secret.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Travis tried to convince Victoria that he had nothing to do with the oil spills and tried to shift the blame onto Luca. Victoria told Travis that she wants to believe him, but she also needs to protect herself. Meanwhile, Nick told Summer that Luca and Travis have different stories about their fight. Nick suggested to Summer that she spy on Luca. He then visited Victor in prison who assured Nick that he’s not working with either Luca or Travis. Nick visited Sharon’s, and Faith told him that Sharon and Mariah were arguing about Sharon not taking her meds. Billy paid Travis a visit at his bar. Their conversation got heated and Billy shoved Travis against the bar. Travis realized that Billy couldn’t stand Victoria being interested in another guy. Victoria arrived and broke up the fight. Billy left and Victoria told Travis that she’s falling in love with him. Ashley reminded Phyllis that Jack’s birthday’s tomorrow and suggested bringing him to the Abbott Cabin for a romantic getaway.

THIS WEEK: Mariah lied to Nick that Sharon’s taking her meds. Sharon was flustered after she saw a vision of Sage who scolded her for making Nick suffer.

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