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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Liam’s unexpected discovery completely changed his view of his father, marriage and his stance on a desired future with Steffy. Wyatt and Steffy planned for a family Fourth of July party that does not include one particular member: Quinn. Unaware of her intentional exclusion from the festivities, Quinn planned on shooting off holiday fireworks of her own. Considering her recent encounter with Bill, Brooke was apprehensive about accepting Katie’s invitation. Brooke confided in Thomas about the recent tension she’s been dealing with in her family and why she would not be attending the party. The Spencer family bonded during their holiday gathering as they expressed their appreciation for one another. Katie made a public heartfelt apology to Bill for her insecurities in their marriage and her poor treatment of him and Brooke. Liam confronted Brooke about her affair with Bill. Katie’s insecurities got the best of her when she gave Bill an opportunity to explain what she overheard but didn’t feel she’s getting the truth from him. When Thomas told the other party guests about Brooke’s reason for not attending, speculation ensued. Liam confronted Brooke about her affair with Bill and encouraged her to come clean to Katie. Following her tense interaction with Bill, Katie broke an important promise to her family. Liam didn’t know what to do or say to calm Katie down when she showed up at his house distraught and in need of a drink subsequent to her conversation with Bill. Thomas was relentless about getting Steffy to admit that she’s still in love with Liam despite being married to Wyatt. Bill and Brooke had a difference of opinion regarding whether or not they should tell Katie about their affair. Brooke decided to take matters into her own hands regarding Katie. Wyatt paid a visit to Quinn to ensure that she’s holding up her end of the bargain by staying away from Steffy and their family. Steffy had a diffi- cult time answering Thomas’ interrogation about her marriage and possible scenarios regarding Liam.

THIS WEEK: An irate Bill chided Liam about butting into his personal life causing a potential chain of events that he has no control over. Brooke and Katie had a viciously candid conversation where years of anger and resentment were unleashed.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES Andre revealed to Chad that he didn’t find the letter; Abigail gave it to him. JJ confronted Chad about Abigail. Hope and Aiden were headed towards making love, but the memories were too much for Hope. Rafe questioned Andre about Aiden. Theresa revealed to Brady that she fell asleep while she was out with Tate. Victor did his best to comfort Maggie who is distraught about the recent revelations about Summer. Kayla admitted to Steve that she still isn’t ready to move forward with him. Jade showed up at the hospital and tearfully told Joey that her parents want nothing to do with her. Chloe revealed to Philip that Deimos is returning to Salem. Shawn was concerned about his relationship stalling with Belle. When Kate returned to the mansion, she found a surprise waiting for her. Nicole questioned Chloe about her relationship with Deimos. Chad still didn’t trust Andre but pretended to be on his side. Kate worried that Deimos has returned to seek vengeance for her attempt to drown him in the river. Chad had a conversation with “Stefano” who told him that Abigail might not be what’s best for Thomas. Andre read an article about a downed private plane, and this struck up an idea. Aiden and Hope made plans to return to Salem as she apologized for things not going as they’d planned.

THIS WEEK: Rafe grew increasingly suspicious of Aiden. Summer sat on a plane leaving Salem and cries of a baby were heard right nearby.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sam and Jason speculated on Nikolas and Ava’s whereabouts. Laura wondered about Spencer’s odd phone conversation. Finn got some life threatening news. Maxie bonded with an interviewee at Crimson. Kiki and Morgan shared a close moment. Liz voiced her belief in Franco’s innocence. Nathan’s presence was requested. Jason had bad news for all. Anna urged Alexis to be careful. Nathan was shocked by what he found. Maxie questioned Griffin about the challenges of priesthood. Sonny’s frustrated because he’s forced to leave Julian’s fate in someone else’s hands. Julian grew suspicious. Maxie learned the truth about who CJ really is. Kristina whispered the wrong name at the wrong time. Nina unexpectedly hired Curtis. Alexis tried to buy time. Julian made a promise. Nikolas found an opportunity to escape.

THIS WEEK: Laura was on to Spencer’s secret calls. The mystery of Josslyn’s kidney donor deepened.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Kevin and Michael informed Chelsea and Adam that Victor’s accomplice still had not been identified. Adam was against postponing the trial even if it meant giving Kevin more time to investigate. Meanwhile, Nick visited Victoria and told her that they need to go to Adam’s trial to present a united front. At the courthouse, Jack arrived to support Adam while Summer was there in hopes of seeing Victor. Christine and Paul were surprised that Nikki decided to attend the trial. Before the trial, Nick confided in Victoria that he wouldn’t be shocked if they discovered that Victor framed Adam. Mariah arrived home and startled Sharon. Mariah and Sharon argued when Sharon admitted that she went off her meds because her nightmares were getting worse. Jack was defensive when Billy quizzed him on his relationship with Phyllis. Jack assured Billy that his marriage is solid and nothing can tear them apart. Abby confided in Ashley that she and Stitch are having problems because Stitch has shut her out since Max’s surgery. Devon brought Hilary flowers and told her that he wants to be at her side as she recovers from her illness. Hilary reported it’s too soon to know if Neville’s treatment is working. She insisted that Devon couldn’t love the woman she really is and shoved him out of her suite. At Newman Enterprises, Luca offered to take a meeting with one of the Newman petroleum partners. Nick agreed but cautioned him not to mention

THIS WEEK: Nick’s trip overseas to investigate the oil spill. Instead of taking a meeting, Luca decided to lounge by the pool at the GCAC Rooftop deck. He called someone and told him or her that they have a problem because Nick Newman’s on his way.

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