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RECAPS — JULY 11 – 15

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Bill gets just what he was expecting when Katie returns home from her meeting with Brooke and tells him all that she learned. Liam alerts Steffy and Wyatt that the recent revelation of Bill’s hypocrisy has given him a much different perspective about respecting the sanctity of their marriage. Quinn pays an unannounced visit to Forrester Creations with the intention of obtaining a much-desired position in the CEO office. Ridge gathers an unsuspecting Rick, Steffy and Eric into his office to confess that Douglas is not his son, but Thomas’. As Ridge makes his announcement, Caroline and Thomas commiserate about what the reactions and ramifications will be. As expected, Rick wants Ridge to suffer the consequences for lying to the world about his family. When Deacon comes crawling back to Quinn for a reunion, he is shocked as to why she is denying him. Feeling betrayed by her father’s lies, Steffy confronts Ridge about other times in her life that he has possibly misrepresented himself. Because of Ridge’s dishonesty, Eric finds himself in a predicament about who should take over the CEO position. Rick relishes in the moment feeling as though that he will be the prime candidate for Ridge’s vacated post. While Rick plans his return as the head honcho of the company, Thomas and Steffy also have their eye on that prize. Having received encouragement from a valued confidant, Eric decides who will be the next Forrester CEO and calls a meeting to announce his decision. Liam doesn’t see eye to eye with his family when he learns about the situation surrounding Bill and Katie’s marriage. Eric’s announcement is met with mixed reactions regarding the ability of the new CEO. Deacon refuses to give up on Quinn and his desire to reunite with her. Deacon warns Quinn about the possible consequences she could face if she chooses someone other than him to be in a relationship with.

THIS WEEK: Liam finds himself in an awkward position when Bill gives him his next assignment that involves Wyatt and Steffy. A mysterious guest arrives at Forrester Creations wanting to conduct business with the new CEO.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Claire admonishes Ciara for her feelings for Chad. Chad receives news of Abigail’s fate. Theo and Claire share a warm moment. Andre orchestrates a secret plan. Chad spirals out of control. Chad and Jennifer butt heads over Thomas’s well-being. Hope and Aiden slowly find their way back to each other. Jennifer seeks advice from Doug and Julie about what to do next. Dario accepts his father’s job offer. Kate and Deimos set the record “straight” with the authorities. Philip considers signing Chloe to his record label. Summer continues her shady dealings. Chad and Jennifer’s custody battle continues. Ciara finally confronts Chase. Chase has an epic meltdown. Theresa lashes out at Brady. Doug, Julie, and Claire catch up. Summer feels the heat and decides goes on the run to cover up what she’s done.

THIS WEEK: Theresa will not be consoled. Chloe is about to embark on a new career.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Jason and Sam get the upper hand. Ava confronts Nikolas with damning evidence. Spencer comes clean with Laura and Kevin. Sabrina remains grateful to Michael. Anna is affected by Julian’s words. Ava forms accurate conclusions about Nikolas. A stranger on Cassadine Island is up to no good. Laura delivers good news to Lulu. Tracy and Hayden offer to come to Finn’s rescue. Sonny offers comfort to a wrecked Alexis. Hayden realizes that there is one person who might be able to help them. Liz asks Franco to stop interfering with her family business. Nina puts Curtis on the case. Epiphany is concerned that the hospital won’t survive the latest scandal. Maxie keeps a close eye on her foe. Maxie is stunned by what she finds. Liz and Franco delve into his criminal history and her history of always choosing the wrong man. Carly becomes aware of Nina’s efforts to find Josslyn’s kidney donor. TJ makes peace with Jordan. Kevin brings to light another piece of the mystery of Helena’s legacy. Sam and Jason think justice will finally be served. Nathan makes his intentions clear.

THIS WEEK: Maxie is on to Claudette. Morgan and Kiki’s date is interrupted.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Kevin receives a call from Chelsea asking for his help in finding the mystery woman who is Victor’s accomplice. Phyllis wants to make love to Jack but she can’t block out thoughts of Billy. Later, Billy expresses to Phyllis that he is ready for everyone to know that he and Phyllis are in love even though he’s aware of how it’s going to affect his family and friends. Devon tells Neil that he intends to fight to get Hilary back. Hilary walks in to the GCAC and collapses. Abby is frustrated that Stitch is shutting her out. Victoria is willing to pay the oil workers more money in order to keep them from talking to the press about the problems with Newman Enterprises’ oil rigs. Luca thinks the best strategy is to go to the press and own up to the oil problem. Luca is privately pleased when he discovers that the Newman oil workers have already gone to the press to explain their outrage.

THIS WEEK: Luca is spared a grilling. Devon puts his plan in motion.

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