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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Feeling badly that she’s the cause of Zende not fulfilling his passion of fashion photography, Nicole tells him that she trusts him and he may once again shoot with Sasha. Sasha witnesses a kiss between Nicole and Zende as they plan a romantic evening together. Wyatt assures Liam that Quinn is abiding by Steffy’s wish and staying away from her. Liam reiterates to his brother how Quinn will ultimately be the downfall of his and Steffy’s marriage. Later, Liam, Steffy and Wyatt all discuss the upcoming trip to Monte Carlo and how they plan to spend their time at the Spencer Summit. To protect their secret affair, Eric goes along with Steffy regarding Quinn. Ridge pays a visit to Brooke to check in on her. These ex-lovers discuss their respective recent struggles in their current relationships. Caroline and Douglas visit Thomas in Thomas’ new place and Caroline quickly corrects herself when she makes a faux-pas regarding Thomas and Douglas’ relationship. Vivienne and Julius work on repairing their marriage. Nicole receives an exquisite, one of a kind, gift from Zende in anticipation of their romantic night together. Ridge and Brooke come to realizations about how they can best help the ones that they love, and themselves in the process. Brooke decides its sister over mister, and determines to help Katie in her current struggle with Bill over Will. Ridge acknowledges Thomas and Caroline’s feelings and makes a sacrifice in their honor. Zende and Nicole take their relationship to the next level. Brooke calls the shots with Bill and demands that he allow Katie into his office. A confrontation ensues when Katie arrives and finds Brooke and Bill together. Despite not wanting assistance from her sister, Brooke demands that Bill do what Katie asks. Steffy and Wyatt come up with the idea to have Eric go to Monte Carlo and announce his return to the Forrester CEO office at the Spencer Summit. Wyatt visits Quinn and demands answers about why she snuck into Forrester Creations. Steffy persuades Eric to go to Monte Carlo and, not knowing he is seeing Quinn, suggests that he bring his new lady friend on the trip. Bill attempts to justify his actions to Katie who becomes even more determined to get Will back. When Bill suggests that Katie try to go to the courts about it, Brooke steps in and takes a very big stand for Katie.

THIS WEEK: Deacon arrives at Quinn’s and learns about her most recent shenanigans. On the Spencer jet, Liam opens up to Eric about his feelings for Steffy, Wyatt, and Quinn.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Shawn deals with the aftermath of the explosion. Hope and Rafe’s fate is determined. Aiden attacks Andre. Blanca is haunted by her past. Frantic Shawn continues his search for Hope and Rafe. Maggie opens up to Julie. Brady and Theresa confront Summer in Las Vegas. Hope’s condition worsens. Rafe and Hope remain trapped. Rafe experiences an intense nightmare. Rafe’s love for Hope is tested. Hope has a medical crisis. Aiden stands by his innocence. Brady questions Victor’s involvement in Tate’s kidnapping. Summer makes an emotional appeal to Theresa. Kate moves out of the mansion. Deimos asks Nicole for a fresh start. Steve joins the search for Tate. Brady and Theresa are at odds with one another.

THIS WEEK: Theresa holds a grudge. Rafe is concerned about Hope.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — The group on Cassadine Island are stunned by Theo’s revelation. The Davis girls come together to support Alexis. Olivia’s words hit Julian hard. Naomi levels with Hayden. Finn’s inquiry sets off Sonny. A confrontation ends tragically. Andre leaves a puzzling message for someone. Nina notices that Curtis seems preoccupied with Jordan. Griffin thinks fast to help Julian. Sonny has his suspicions. Alexis is torn. Carly is surprised to learn that Kiki and Dillon may not be over. An update from Parker changes Kristina’s course of action. Michael and Sabrina grow closer. Sonny and Finn make a deal that benefits them both. Carly senses duplicity. Naomi has a huge reaction to a name from Port Charles’ past. Franco defends himself from Lucy’s insinuations. Franco Michael and Sabrina are left shocked and dismayed. Dante and Kevin stage a distraction. Ava turns on the charm. Laura explodes. Griffin grows concerned about Finn’s health.

THIS WEEK: Tracy is unconvinced by Dillon’s claim. Sonny makes an untimely appearance.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victoria considers paying the oil workers more money in order to keep them from talking to the press about the problems with Newman Enterprises’ oil rigs. Luca thinks the best strategy is to go to the press and own up to the oil problem. Later at the office, Summer admits she’s on Victoria’s side and will work with her to find out what Luca’s endgame is. At the hospital, Devon doesn’t want Dr. Neville to treat Hilary anymore. When Jack comes to visit Hilary and apologizes for accusing her of faking her illness, Devon tells him to go take care of Phyllis. Later, Dr. Neville informs Ashely that Dr. Shelby won’t let him anywhere near Hilary. Sharon let’s Mariah know that she’s doing better and suggests that she stop worrying about her. After pondering her options, Mariah informs Sharon that she’s going to move back in with Kevin. When Dylan goes to the hospital to confront Victor about the evidence that could exonerate Adam, Victor denies any knowledge of the missing pages. Dylan goes to the coffeehouse where he asks Kevin to go to the bus station and pull their security footage. Chelsea informs Michael that Victor isn’t revealing anything about the missing pages. At the GCAC, Nick tells Luca that he wants him to pack his bags and leave town and that he’s no good for Summer.

THIS WEEK: Billy goes to Phyllis’s suite to confront her because he thinks she chose him over Jack. Jack stumbles upon some unexpected information about Phyllis.

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