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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Wyatt, Liam, Steffy and Eric make their way to Monte Carlo for the Spencer Summit. During a private conversation with Eric, Liam vents about how Quinn ruined his life and how he feels sorry for the next person she dates. Steffy is touched when she overhears Liam profess his love for her to Eric. Ridge plans a romantic dinner for him and Caroline. Ridge makes a shocking announcement to Caroline about their future and the two fashion designers take to drawing a sketch together. Deacon attempts to talk Quinn out of going to Monte Carlo to see Eric, but to no avail. Quinn boards a commercial airline to Monaco and gets more than she bargained for on a very bumpy flight. Steffy and Wyatt, Liam and Eric all make separate announcements about their futures on the red carpet at the Spencer Summit. Liam watches with jealousy as Wyatt and Steffy are photographed together on the carpet. After the summit, Wyatt and Steffy capture photos of their trip, making Liam feel like an outsider. Tired of watching Wyatt and Steffy frolicking, Liam goes to visit Eric. Liam continues on his rant about his resentment towards Quinn for his current situation. Later, Eric goes t5o the pool and calls Quinn and tells her that he misses her. Liam and Quinn have a close encounter on the streets of Monte Carlo. He thinks he sees her but loses her. Wyatt is taken aback when Steffy tells him that she wishes that he4 would appreciate Liam’s desire to do good in the world.

THIS WEEK: Liam meets with Eva, the international publicist, who offers Liam some very practical and sound advice. Quinn and Eric are secretly, and happily, reunited in Monte Carlo.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Aiden put a new plan in motion. Adriana urged Rafe to stay away from Hope. Blanca and Gabi bonded. Eduardo received a chilling message. Claire put the breaks on her college education. Shawn and Belle were at odds with one another. Nicole witnessed Deimos’s softer side. Dario and Nicole visited the shooting range. Steve confided in Eduardo. Fynn pulled Kayla into a kiss. Jade and Joey grew closer. Adriana made a decision about Eduardo. Sonny and Paul shared a moment. Maggie and Victor received good news. John got a lead in Tate’s kidnapping case. Theresa had a revelatory dream. John and Brady questioned Deimos in Tate’s kidnapping.

THIS WEEK: Steve began a new, unexpected career. Joey dealt with the aftereffects of killing Ava.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Someone took a bullet meant for Laura. Lulu was horrified by the sight of charred remains. Sonny put two and two together. Hayden expressed concern for Finn who gave her the cold shoulder. FBI subpoenas were served. Naomi reacted to the mention of a name. Sonny was stunned by Kristina’s confession. Parker got an earful from Alexis. Carly and Nina planned to take the next step in the search for Josslyn’s donor. Julian attempted to escape. After an unpleasant encounter with Sonny, Julian came up with a plan. Sonny had strong words for Alexis. A mysterious woman caught the group on Cassadine Island off guard. Claudette shocked Nathan with an apology and an odd gift for Maxie. Dante and Ava were ready to pounce unexpected visitors. Sam and Jason made a frightening discovery. Maxie was troubled receiving high praise from Nina. Claudette cooked up a scheme. Nathan softened his stance about Claudette. Valerie caught Franco where he shouldn’t have been. Franco took Liz somewhere ominous.

THIS WEEK: Jordan and Curtis’ relationship further thawed. Griffin talked down a panicked Maxie.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Abby wanted to try for another baby, but Stitch didn’t want to talk about it right now. Later, Abby felt betrayed that Stitch packed up their baby shower gifts. Stitch explained that he doesn’t want another baby until Max is healed. Jack tried to convince Phyllis that living a happy life is the best revenge against Victor then urged her to stay out of the courtroom during Victor’s appeal hearing. Meanwhile, Victoria feared that Victor would squeeze her out at Newman Enterprises if he’s released from prison. Dylan assured Chelsea that he would keep looking for the missing journal pages as well as the identity of the mystery woman. Hilary was shocked that Devon does not want to move forward with the medical research business. He encouraged Hilary to continue working with Jack at the foundation. Meanwhile, Cane vented to Lily about Jill’s decision to have him work with Billy. Lauren blasted Cane after reading online that he was going to work for Brash and Sassy. Eventually, they settled their differences and Lauren reassured Cane that they could part ways on friendly terms.

THIS WEEK: Jill informed Billy that he and Cane would be running Brash & Sassy together. Lauren turned her frustrations towards Jill.

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