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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Wyatt refuses to believe Liam when he sates he is sure that he spotted Quinn in Monte Carlo. Fearing that they will be found out, Eric gently suggests to Quinn that she return to Los Angeles. Steffy is the center of attention at a photo shoot on the Stella Maris yacht. Liam does research on the environment for the work he’s doing with his foundation. From afar, Steffy spots a strange woman kissing her grandfather. Ridge informs Brooke about his recent break-up with Caroline. Brooke shares with Ridge that she’s attempting to get Bill and Katie reunited. Steffy flips out when she realizes that the woman Eric was kissing is Quinn. Quinn and Steffy share heated words and the situation quickly escalates. Steffy attempts to convince Eric that Quinn is just using him and she forbids them to be together. Wyatt is shocked by Quinn’s story of how she became the woman in the great Eric Forrester’s life. Wyatt warns his mother to back off or he will lose his own wife. Eric is faced with a big decision and ultimately does what he feels is best for himself and his family. Steffy feels as if she’s on the verge of a breakdown, she doesn’t know how much more of Quinn she can take. Ridge asks Thomas for forgiveness. Eva provides a shoulder for Liam and quickly realizes that he only has eyes for Steffy. Afraid of losing her, Wyatt vows to Steffy that he will quickly handle this situation with his mother. On a call with Thomas, Steffy tells him about Quinn and Eric. Thomas quickly relays that information to Ridge. Alone with Steffy on the beach, Liam urges her to get away from Wyatt and his crazy mother.

THIS WEEK: Eric tells Wyatt his side of the story on how he and Quinn hooked up. Ridge has a difficult time processing the information he has learned about Eric.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Hope returned home from the hospital. Chloe received unexpected news. Claire started working as Chloe’s assistant. Jennifer sought help from an unlikely source. Sonny and Paul caught up. John and Marlena shared a romantic moment. Caroline had a startling vision. John and Brady got a lead in Tate’s kidnapping. Chloe shared her news with Philip. Gabi had a scary encounter. Deimos declared his love for Nicole. Dario struggled to forgive his father. Deimos and Nicole took their relationship to the next level. Nicole confided in Chloe. Chad remembered his father. Jennifer and Chad continued their custody battle. JJ lashed out at Chad. Rafe and Hope enjoyed a romantic evening together. Jennifer imagined Jack comforting her. Justin faced losing his job or worse.

THIS WEEK: Jennifer can’t keep her head out of the clouds. Justin worries that he’s things a step too far.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Dante advises Lulu not to share her beliefs with Laura. Jordan and Valerie find clear fingerprints on the tainted vial. Nina inadvertently tells Curtis of a disturbing conversation between her and Franco. Nina is seduced. Franco is held for questioning. Jason delivers news to the gang on Cassadine Island. Kristina confides in Morgan. Scott suggests that Nina is better for Franco than Liz is. Nathan wants to press forward with wedding plans. Morgan doesn’t understand why Kiki is so upset by his wonderful gesture. Dante and Lulu vouch for Jason. Nina is confused by what she hears. Dillon has awkward news to break to Morgan. Nathan asks Maxie to trust him again. Sonny and Jason intercept a dangerous scheme. Nina takes matters into her own hands.

THIS WEEK: Alexis’ emotions finally rise to the surface. Sam levels with Julian.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Esther and Kevin were shocked to see Chloe back in Genoa City. Natalie was confused as she watched Chloe and Kevin catch up. Chloe assured Kevin that she’s sane and no longer wants to harm Adam. Kevin was convinced that Chloe is hiding something and got her address from Esther. Meanwhile, Natalie arrived to Sharon’s to get Mariah to tell her all about Chloe. After learning a brief history of Chloe and Kevin, Natalie was worried that Kevin still has feelings for Chloe. Phyllis was upset when she learned that Jack rented out the medical research space to Cane for Brash & Sassy, which means Billy would be working right downstairs. Nick was convinced that Victor hasn’t forgiven him and Victoria for aiding in sending Victor to prison. Nick visited Adam and asked if Victor plans to kick Victoria to the curb so that Adam can return to the company. Adam assured him that he’s not planning to take over and went on to say that Victor claims to have evidence proving his innocence. Nick and Dylan believed the mystery woman has the missing journal pages. Sharon arrived and proposed a family vacation to the Caribbean but since Dylan couldn’t go too far because of work he suggested camping. Sharon, Dylan, Faith, Mariah and Sully arrived to their campsite. As Dylan and Faith went fishing for dinner, Sharon and Mariah dined on cheese and crackers. Dylan was disappointed that Sharon would bring fancy snacks on their trip but then apologized for dragging them on this excursion. Faith decided to tell a ghost story titled ‘The Tale of the Baby Switching Ghost.’ Sharon and Mariah tried to shoot down the story. Ashley informed Devon and Hilary that the drug trial patients are filing a massive lawsuit. The news of the lawsuit had hit the press leaving Devon wanting to settle quickly, but Hilary is adamant about fighting. At the GCAC, Hilary tried to assure the press that she and Devon were completely blameless.

THIS WEEK: Hilary told the press that Dr. Simon Neville tampered with and falsified reports. Ashley jumped in and informed the press that all the blame’s not to be put on Dr. Neville.

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