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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Mortified that her heated conversation with Julius was overheard, Sasha thanked Thomas for coming to her defense with an affectionate gesture. Eric’s family voiced their outrage concerning Quinn’s return to Forrester Creations, especially a furious Steffy. Liam used the situation with Quinn and Eric to his advantage by taunting Wyatt about the future of his relationship with Steffy. Liam suggested to Wyatt that Steffy would be much happier and safer if she was not bound to her marriage vows. Eric was caught between a rock and a hard place when he must decide whether to adhere to his family’s wishes or stick to his original decision about Quinn. Now that Thomas knows the story of her childhood, Sasha enquired about his upbringing up as a Forrester. Fueled by the outcome of the meeting with Eric, Ridge applied pressure upon Katie to grant his request or a favor. Eric arranged a romantic dinner for Quinn to celebrate her return to the company and his reacquisition of his home. Fearing that Eric and Quinn’s relationship would have a negative effect on his marriage, Wyatt vowed to Steffy that he would

put an end to their problem. Steffy and Ridge questioned the reckless choices that Eric had been making in recent months. When Liam learned from Thomas about Quinn’s return to Forrester Creations, he feared for Steffy’s wellbeing. While Eric and Quinn were engrossed in their magical evening, Wyatt arrived unannounced to protest their relationship. Wyatt soon learned that Eric and Quinn’s union has progressed to a new level. Wyatt pled with Quinn to end her relationship with Eric so that all of her efforts to unite him and Steffy wouldn’t be in vain. Steffy was uncertain in her response when Ridge enquired about her desire to remain married to Wyatt. THIS WEEK: Thomas opened up to Sasha about the joys of fatherhood, but also about the pains of his current situation fathering Douglas. Steffy was horrified to learn of the recent development in Eric and Quinn’s relationship. DAYS OF OUR LIVES WAS PREEMPTED DUE TO NBC’S OLYMPIC COVERAGE THIS WEEK. GENERAL HOSPITAL — Carly made an introduction. Jason received important news. Ava witnessed tension between Morgan and Kiki. Michael learned more about Sabrina’s past. Carly

urged Nelle to remain in Port Charles. Dillon rebuffed Ava’s manipulations. Kiki and Dillon found themselves in familiar circumstances. Ava eavesdropped on a private conversation. Nina asked Curtis for help. Alexis prepared for an important hearing. Olivia insisted on being heard at the hearing. Kristina did not take kindly to Molly’s intervention. Franco and Liz made amends and came to a decision. Tracy and Laura acknowledged a common bond. Maxie and Lulu discussed wedding plans while Dante and Nathan reunited. Finn sought out Hayden. Sonny and Alexis discussed family matters. Valerie made an important discovery in the hospital murder investigation. Nina paid Alexis a visit. Nathan and Maxie made a stunning discovery. Curtis and Valerie consummated their relationship. Paul took Jordan to task. A supportive Franco was there for Liz. THIS WEEK: Jake and Liz had a heart to heart discussion. Kevin and Laura acknowledged their feelings for each other. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victor spotted Dylan eavesdropping on his conversation with Chloe. Dylan approached and wanted to know what they were arguing about. They covered saying there was tension earlier in the day at when Victor visited the penthouse. Later, Dylan confided in Sharon that he’s certain that Chloe helped Victor frame Adam.

Adam blew up at Chelsea for bringing Connor to visit him in prison. Chelsea tried to state her case, but Adam insisted that he does not want Connor to see him behind bars. Nick revealed to Phyllis that he found a lot of evidence implicating that Travis is behind the Newman oil spills, but he’s convinced that Luca planted the evidence. Meanwhile, Luca romanced Summer and insisted that her family’s out to get him. Kevin was visiting Mariah at Sharon’s house and spotted the bouquet of flowers that he bought for Chloe. Mariah confessed to taking the flowers,

and Kevin realized that Mariah’s in love with him. Victoria admitted to Nikki that she was hoping it would have been harder for Victor to let her leave Newman Enterprises. She was convinced that Victor sees her departure as a betrayal. Meanwhile, Jill got Billy to admit that he misses being with Victoria and the kids. Jack and Phyllis argued about her attempts to derail Summer’s wedding. THIS WEEK: Phyllis was enraged and accused Jack of treating her like a child. Later, Ashley advised Phyllis to focus on her marriage to Jack and leave Summer alone.

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