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RECAPS - 4/21-25

By Allison J. Walderman

ALL MY CHILDREN – Aidan asked for Jack’s blessing to marry Greenlee. Ryan decided to move back in with Annie and Emma but said he’d stay in the guest room. Kendall and Zach set fire to the house, burning the past along with it. Armed with a gun, a hidden Robert watched as Jesse, Angie, Frankie and

Tad waited for Jesse’s coffin to be exhumed. They were all dismayed when they discovered a stuffed toy elephant in Jesse’s coffin. Erica clashed with the warden over her attempts to improve the lives of her fellow prisoners and she ended up in solitary confinement.

THIS WEEK: Adam’s kids question his sanity.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Paul assured Meg he wasn’t jealous of Mike. Paul also told Meg that he and Sofie were just friends. Meg grew furious with Paul’s mixed signals. Ameera told Noah that she has real feelings for him. When he couldn’t return the feelings, she said she’d go back to Iraq. Luke and Noah suggested she live with them instead. Casey took a job with Emily despite Margo’s objection. Katie was ticked when Brad wasn’t ready to start a family. On the TV show, sparks flew when they fought, which made Kim really happy because it made for a more entertaining program. Lily left town to get over Dusty’s death. Carly spent time with Holden and the kids.

THIS WEEK: Paul decides it’s time for Mike to get out of Meg’s life.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Rick asked Taylor to marry him. After the court hears Brooke objected to Taylor because of her love affair with Rick, he blurted out that they were engaged. The judge gave Taylor custody, but she told Rick she couldn’t accept his proposal until she spoke with Phoebe. Nick overheard that Storm shot Stephanie. Pam vowed to make Donna pay for killing her dog, Tiny, even though Donna claimed her innocence. Stephanie offered to let Eric marry Donna at the mansion. Storm pleaded with Ashley to understand that he could never hurt the ones he loves. Ridge feared Storm would harm Ashley.

THIS WEEK: Donna was suspicious of Stephanie’s kind gestures.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – Ava threatened to kill Bo, Steve, Kayla and Hope. She then said she would take Kayla’s baby after she gives birth then they can leave. Steve convinced Ava to let him make a baby with her, even though he protested that his heart is Kayla’s. Bo and Hope break in, overtake Ava and using her as a shield, the four escape and Ava’s arrested. Chelsea was diagnosed with a severe infection. Max told Stephanie that he loved her. Marlena returned and offered John a chance for love. Sami was ticked off when she saw EJ meeting with his new client, Nicole. John met Nicole for a date.

THIS WEEK: John finds Stefano’s secret wall safe.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – On Anthony’s orders, goons trapped Jason and Claudia in a cabin and opened fire, hoping to kill them both. Jax arranged for medical specialists to treat Michael. They told Carly that if he ever woke up, Michael would suffer permanent brain damage. Carly planned on taking Michael home and caring for him herself. Ric persuaded Logan to work as Anthony’s bodyguard once he was released from Shadybrook. Diane fumed when Sonny forbade her and Max from continuing their affair. Nikolas told Jason that he paid Ian for illegal drugs. He also admitted that he still had visions of Emily. Anna reacted to the news of Robin’s pregnancy.

THIS WEEK: Sonny has a near-death experience.

GUIDING LIGHT – Unable to rent Olivia’s house, Nat ends up getting a room at Cooper’s boarding house for herself and Rafe. Olivia signed the divorce papers, ending her marriage to Jeffrey. Ava actually succeeded in getting herself pregnant. Harley convinced Doris to put her back on the police force. She was teamed with Marina, but froze on the job at the mention of Gus’s name. Cassie was guilt-ridden about her one-nighter with Cyrus. Josh returned but could not forgive Cassie for breaking their marriage vows. Ashlee kept her post-op pain a secret from him. Dinah convinced Bill they should go after Spaulding Enterprises, and Bill confided in Lizzie.

THIS WEEK: Mallet is upset to learn he got his job thanks to Dinah’s manipulation.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Starr and Cole reached a decision about her pregnancy. Cole asked Markko if he knew where to get fake IDs for him and Starr and later borrowed money from John. In Missouri, Brody’s sister Nadine told Dorian and Layla that her mother lied to Gigi when she said Brody was dead. At Capricorn, Cristian attacked John when he saw him kissing Talia. Cristian then got arrested after accidentally punching Eddie. Michael told Antonio that Jamie had a hereditary disease that would be very expensive to treat. Jared challenged Natalie to kiss him to prove she didn’t have feelings for him.

THIS WEEK: Bo plays dirty to save the family business.

PASSIONS – Julian let out a blood-curdling scream when he got a look at his injury. He went ballistic when he learned that Eve was responsible for his situation. While Eve explained to Vincent that Julian could kill himself if he became aroused, Esme attempted to seduce a pained Julian to cheer him up. Theresa was caught in mid-disguise by Pilar and Paloma, but bluffed her way out of being discovered. Gwen failed to convince Ethan to send his young son off to boarding school. Little Ethan pulled a prank on Gwen, causing her skin to turn blue! Pretty couldn’t follow through with terminating her pregnancy.

THIS WEEK: Pilar grows suspicious of Gertrude.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – When Sabrina said she could no longer live at the ranch, Victor assured her she was his future. Victoria reconsidered having Sabrina as Reed’s godmother and, instead, asked Phyllis. Jeff was shocked that Gloria didn’t put up a fight when he announced their marriage was over and he hinted at turning her in. Jana suggested Gloria work on her bad karma by performing good deeds. Gloria spoke to an attorney about adopting a baby. Nikki found proof that David was gambling again. Michael decided to drop the lawsuit against Jack. Lily told Cane she wasn’t ready for marriage.

THIS WEEK: Lily must face a tragedy.

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