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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Quinn has a vital choice to make: to pursue her own happiness with Eric or to allow Wyatt to continue in marital bliss with Steffy. Brooke serves as Ridge’s sounding board as he voices his concern about Quinn’s impact on Eric’s life. Ridge soon learns that Eric and Quinn’s relationship has reached new heights. Because of the irreparable damage that Quinn has had on their marriage, Wyatt makes his best effort not to lose Steffy. Eric firmly puts his foot down when Ridge attempts to dictate who is allowed to live in his home and be in his life. Considering who he feels is best for his sister, Thomas declares his allegiance in the battle for Steffy’s heart. When Wyatt feels his relationship quickly falling apart, he asks Steffy for another chance to rid their lives of Quinn. Eric and Quinn attempt to move on with their lives together despite objection from everyone they know. As he promised Steffy in a desperate attempt not to lose her, Wyatt takes extreme measures to try and convince Quinn to end her relationship with Eric. Thomas has Steffy’s best interest at heart when he attempts to fill what he feels is missing in her life. Rick is taken aback by the closeness that Brooke and Ridge have renewed. While Bill and Katie hash out their divorce settlement, they update each other on their future intentions moving forward. Hoping to have strength in numbers, Ridge and Brooke involve their family in a plan they hope will ensure that Eric is protected from Quinn’s influence. To further his strategy of safeguarding Eric, Ridge recruits Brooke to do his bidding. Bill plans a romantic evening for Brooke in hopes of convincing her that they belong together despite her concern for Katie’s feelings.

THIS WEEK: While Katie shares with him what her life without Bill has been like, Ridge lets her in on his plan concerning Forrester Creations. Sasha becomes a breath of fresh air for Thomas as she helps take his mind off of the latest Forrester family drama.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Maggie is scheduled for surgery as she worries about Tate. Belle and Shawn are still at odds over Claire’s future. Nicole learns that it was Deimos who encouraged a doctor to come out of retirement to operate on Maggie’s injury. Chloe has another nightmare in which Deimos learns the truth about her baby. Theo breaks the news of Abigail’s death to a stunned Ciara. A grieving Chad tells Belle that he plans on giving up his custody fight and letting Jennifer raise Thomas. A distraught Jennifer holes up in a seedy motel room, and is about to numb herself with pills and booze. Claire and Theo use her new song to find comfort in the wake of tragedy and come together in a kiss. Theresa, Brady and John track down the woman who took Tate to Chicago and then manage to get her to confess that Victor was behind the kidnapping. Nicole makes a passionate appeal to Deimos to tell her the truth about the kidnapping. Abe appoints Aiden as the new DA soon after Justin is forced to resign. Rafe and Roman both worry Aiden might uncover that Hope killed Stefano. Ciara tells Chad that she truly loves him. Jennifer wakes up horrified to discover Belle and Kayla in the motel room. A heartbroken Ciara walks in on Theo and Claire making out. Chad remains firm that he’s in no condition to take care of Thomas. Victor’s been brought in for questioning for Tate’s kidnapping but insists he’s been framed. Brady returns home for an emotional moment with Theresa.

THIS WEEK: Deimos tells Nicole he is going to pull out all the stops to try and help Victor. Philip wants an answer from Chloe about the offer he made her.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Carly fires her nanny. Ava comes up with a sinister plan. Liz receives a mysterious package. Naomi takes Hayden to dinner and offers advice. Laura and Liz discuss Spencer’s future. Morgan and Sonny have a heart to heart. Nelle helps Sonny and Carly out in a bind. Ava and Liz make an intriguing discovery. Liz turns to Franco for support. Kevin and Laura go on a date. Molly attempts to broker peace between her mom and sister. Alexis is caught in an unfavorable position. Naomi receives a troubling call. Finn and Obrecht have it out. Dante and Lulu receive devastating news. Carly and Nelle grow closer. Jordan and Alexis have a heated conversation. Laura’s discovery does not go over well. Sonny confronts Alexis about her behavior. Franco tries to enlist Kevin’s help in getting a job. Ava worries about the fate of her brother. Laura is crystal clear with Hayden. Liz grapples with a big decision.

THIS WEEK: Hayden’s day goes from bad to worse. Mother and daughter begin to make amends.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victor visits Chloe at the Penthouse and urges her to leave town and do what’s best for her daughter. Later, Chloe comforts Chelsea who is losing hope of Adam being cleared of murdering Constance. Meanwhile, Nick starts to believe that Victor was involved in setting up Adam. He confronts Victor who insists he has nothing to do with Adam’s troubles. Kevin asks Mariah if she has feelings for him. Mariah is coy and dodges his questions when she notices that Kevin is distracted by Chloe and Bella. Nick assures Phyllis that Summer will one day thank them for getting her away from Luca but she has to come to her own conclusions. Phyllis tries to make peace with Summer and asks if she still has an invitation to the wedding. Hilary informs Lily that she may hold the key to Neil’s past with his parents. Colin presses Jill on the real reason she returned to Genoa City. He suspects that something happened during Jill’s last visit that caused her to stay in town.

THIS WEEK: Jill tries to blow Colin off. Colin insists he will find out what Jill is hiding from him.

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