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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Brooke was caught off-guard by Bill’s very generous offer. Katie made a well-educated prediction regarding Ridge’s plan to regain control over Forrester Creations. When Nicole witnessed a budding friendship between Thomas and Sasha, she became suspicious about both parties’ intentions. Brooke received a surprising reaction from Katie when she disclosed what Bill’s offer is. Desperate to repair his broken marriage, Wyatt tracked down Steffy and made an emotional plea for her to return home with him. Eric faced backlash regarding his decision to rehire and date Quinn by his family and employees. Thomas hinted about a possible opportunity for Liam to reunite with Steffy while providing an update on his sister and Wyatt’s rocky marriage. Sasha confessed to Zende about her friendship with Thomas and her desire to make it more. Tired of the judgement from his family, Eric called Steffy out on deflecting her own personal issues onto his and Quinn’s relationship. Ivy returned from Australia to Forrester Creations hoping to resume her life in LA and her job designing jewelry. Quinn agreed to hire Ivy back at the company with one significant condition. While not hiding his own desire to reunite with Steffy, Liam offered Wyatt valuable advice on how he could fix his marriage. Bill and Katie met to discuss the terms of their divorce settlement and to amicably sever their marital ties. Wyatt became concerned about Quinn’s intentions when she promised that his situation with Steffy would work out in his favor. Liam presented himself as an option to Steffy as a means to solve all of her problems. Brooke was still determined to follow through with her role in the plan despite Ridge’s noted objection. Having an ulterior motive of her own, Katie offered Ridge an additional option to his plan that would benefit him in another area of his life. Convinced that Ivy would be a valuable asset to her, Quinn made an offer that she couldn’t refuse.

THIS WEEK: Quinn immediately went to work on using Ivy as her pawn to reunite Wyatt and Steffy. Bill wanted to start a life with Brooke as soon as possible now that his marriage to Katie’s no longer an issue.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Kayla urged Joey to stick with therapy and told him that she and Steve were also going. Eduardo gathered the family together and told Gabi of his decision to leave Salem. Paul ran into Sonny and invited him to lunch. Joey tracked Jade down, apologized and said he loves her and wants her in his life. Chloe and Philip plotted how they’d tell everyone their story that she’s pregnant with his baby. Deimos was suspicious of Chloe. Victor’s released on bail and headed home to see Maggie whose recovery’s advancing. Hope went to the station to confront Aiden about how he stole the job as D.A. away from Justin. Kate bought the B&B from Doug and Julie and promptly evicted all the guests. Adrienne, Lucas, Doug and Julie all gathered at the Horton House to support Jennifer over Abigail’s death. Claire sought romantic advice from Belle and was a little twigged when she found Ciara and Theo together. Gabi and Sonny caught up and later visited Will’s grave. Chad said goodbye to Abigail in his own way. Brady didn’t want to believe his grandfather could have taken Tate, but all the evidence suggested otherwise. Nicole got Chloe to admit that Deimos is her unborn baby’s father. Deimos gave Dario the job of spying on Chloe. Deimos tried to make amends to Justin, but Justin declined. Chad spoke to Abigail’s spirit in a chapel, hoping to find guidance. Lucas and Adrienne stopped by and asked Jennifer to help with their upcoming wedding. In an attempt to forget Belle, Philip threw himself into his work and at Chloe, who was receptive to his kiss.

THIS WEEK: Jennifer was stunned to see Laura arrive on her doorstep with news about Abigail. Claire was excited by Chloe’s offer to pitch the idea of using the teen’s song.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Franco discovered some vital information. Liz witnessed suspicious behavior. Finn and Monica walked in on a grim scene. Ava made a sobering realization. Monica and Finn struggled to keep order after the hospital loses power. Hayden was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Franco made a pointed observation. Nathan and Maxie received words of advice. Nina delivered news to Claudette. Monica was saved by the bell. Ava surprised Paul with a request. The pressure on Alexis was taking a toll. Diane did her best to counsel Alexis. Finn came to Hayden’s defense. Jordan heard a critical accusation. Griffin came across an important piece of evidence. Jordan made an arrest. Joe asked to spend more time with Teddy. Sabrina had an honest conversation with Michael. Bobbie offered to take care of baby Avery. Carly was determined to help out Nelle. Sonny had a few words for Joe. Curtis set up an informal meeting for Nina. Ava crushed Nina’s greatest dream. Sabrina impressed Monica.

THIS WEEK: Naomi issued a warning to Franco. An old friend paid a visit to Port Charles.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Summer was shocked when Daniel made a surprise appearance at her engagement party. Noah arrived and gave Daniel a hard time for supporting Summer’s wedding to Luca. Noah got drunk and Sharon stopped him for making a scene at the party. Later, Daniel reminded Phyllis of the interfering like she did with his past relationships and warned Phyllis to let Summer live her own life. Later, Phyllis ran into Billy, and they began to argue. Phyllis got upset and asked Billy if he’s still in love with Victoria. During their argument, Phyllis slipped and revealed that Jill blackmailed her to end her affair with Billy. Colin prepared a romantic dinner for Jill in the hopes of pumping her for information. Jill caught on to his plan and told him that he’s slipping. Colin told her that he’s determined to find out her agenda for spending more time in Genoa City.

THIS WEEK: Kevin confided in Daniel that he offered to let Chloe and Bella move in with him. Daniel told Kevin to take it slow with Chloe.

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