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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — So as not to have their plan foiled, Thomas and Steffy debated on whether or not to inform RJ about why they want Brooke to marry Bill. As Bill awaited Brooke’s answer on if she would be flying off with him to get married, RJ made a desperate plea to his mother to reconsider. Eric was tired of the constant battle with his family regarding Quinn and decided to rebel in an extreme manner. Quinn worried about the backlash she would receive from the Forrester family when Eric vowed to choose her over them. Ridge and Brooke popped RJ’s hopeful bubble when they informed him that they would not be reuniting now or ever. Fearing that RJ could throw a wrench in their plan, Steffy and Thomas anticipated that they have some time for everything to fall properly into place. Hoping that her son has had a change in opinion, Quinn implored Wyatt to support the happiness that she has found with Eric. Ridge led his family in a revolt against Eric and Quinn after they all receive troubling news about their relationship. Eric had a surprising response to his offspring when they assured him that they would never accept Quinn in their lives. Seeing that Eric had not been successful at getting through to the naysayers, Quinn made her own emotional appeal. Desperate for the Forrester family’s approval and Wyatt’s happiness, Quinn pled with Steffy to accept her relationship with Eric. While dealing with legal business matters with Eric, Carter threw his boss for a loop when adding a document commissioned by Ridge. Concerned about their father’s welfare, Felicia and Thorne felt the need to be present and make their opinions known. Thorne was reluctant to oblige when Eric requested a significant favor. Eric anticipated that his family would have a change of heart concerning his relationship with Quinn.

THIS WEEK: Pam and Charlie found themselves in an awkward position between obligation to Eric and loyalty to the family. When family members began to waiver in their support of Eric and Quinn, Ridge took charge to ensure everyone complies with his plan.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Eduardo confessed to John how he inadvertently allowed Orpheus, Clyde and Xander to escape from prison. John and Paul tried to pick up on the villains’ trail. Chloe was stunned by Philip’s request. Deimos met with Dario and asked him to be more proactive about getting the dirt on Chloe and her pregnancy. Victor and Deimos gathered all the Kiriakis men to convince them to band together until Xander, Orpheus and Clyde are captured. Victor dropped a bombshell on Sonny. Nicole warned Chloe that she could be making a huge mistake. Eduardo was upset when he learned Dario is working for Deimos. Kate told Andre that she suspects Eduardo is keeping a secret. Steve brought Kayla home from the hospital after her operation, committed to seeing her through her recovery. Claire caused a panic when she gave the slip to Ciara, Jennifer, Julie and JJ. Adrienne and Lucas hunkered down with Chad, Theo and Thomas in the DiMera mansion.

Orpheus, Clyde and Xander made their first coordinated move against the people of Salem. Steve returned home to find his family being held hostage and came face to face with Orpheus. Hope and Aiden shared an awkward night at the Brady Pub. Theo found himself in a difficult situation when the lights went out as he’s keeping an eye on Arianna and Thomas. While trapped in the panic room, Chad and Gabi started to bond over the past. A desperate Chloe and Philip sought Kate’s help. Deimos revealed to Nicole that he got a court order for Chloe to have a paternity test.

THIS WEEK: Theresa and Brady were dealt a major blow. Eve pointed out that Justin is still in love with Adrienne.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Carly revealed shocking news. Nelle lent a sympathetic ear to a friend. Maxie attempted to dig further into Claudette’s past. Griffin asked Claudette to be honest with Nathan and Maxie. Nathan discovered something in Nina’s apartment that raises eyebrows. Everyone awaited an important verdict. Nathan received stunning news. Carly begged Sonny to take a stand against the violence that plagues Port Charles. Paul revealed a vulnerable side to Dillon. Franco did his best to protect Liz. Dante observed Morgan’s erratic behavior. Joe and Michael had a tense encounter. Tracy put her foot down. Naomi’s maternal instincts kicked in, and Hayden found a way to forgive her mother. Finn found something from his past that defeats him. Sonny and Carly visited Morgan and Kiki. Michael and Carly had it out. Claudette pulled a fast one. Morgan met with Andre. Ava instigated a fight. Tracy took Paul to task. Sonny and Carly made a donation to the hospital. Emotions ran wild and tears were shed. Curtis and Valerie enjoyed a steamy morning in bed. Later, the duo headed over to the PCPD where Curtis made a keen observation.

THIS WEEK: Hayden and Finn shared a toast. Jason and Franco found themselves in agreement.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Neil remembered his visit with Lucinda. As he looked at her 25-year sobriety chip, he vowed to Lily and Cane that he would be strong and reach that goal himself. Later, Neil flirted with reporter Lois Thompson before a press conference for the Abbott/ Newman foundation. Victoria returned home from Seattle and discovered that Billy is spiraling out of control after secretly being rejected by Phyllis. Billy doesn’t want Victoria to keep his children from him despite his personal problems. Victoria was annoyed when Travis interrupts their argument. When Billy left, Victoria told Travis that she needs him to take care of her. Nick informed Sharon that Chelsea has made it clear she doesn’t need or want his help. Nick has no intention of walking away from Connor’s life; he just needs to convince Chelsea that he only wants to help. Kevin confided in Michael that he believes Chloe is covering up details about her time away from Genoa City.

THIS WEEK: Lois has thoughts of Neil. Victoria is upset with Travis.

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