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RECAPS Nov. 28 – Dec. 2

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — With the assistance of Jake, Ridge recruited RJ to join him in a plan that he hopes would ensure that Brooke makes the right decision about her future. Ready to move on with a life with Brooke, Bill instructed her to tell Ridge that she’s choosing to become a Spencer. Feeling as though a heartbroken Nicole is slipping away from him, Zende proposed marriage once again. Sasha offered Nicole words of compassion and regret. In return, Nicole had a few choice words for the halfsister that has betrayed her one too many times. When Bill told Steffy of his plan to marry Brooke, she inferred that he could face a major hurdle: Ridge. Summoned by Ridge, Brooke used the opportunity to tell him that she and Bill are going to be married. Maya provided comfort to Nicole following her breakup with Zende and confrontation with Sasha. Knowing that Zende had just been dumped, Sasha offered herself as a more suitable replacement for Nicole. Bill awaited word from Brooke so that he could make final preparations for their elopement. Ridge reminded Brooke of what kind of future that she could have with him. Ridge and RJ wondered if they were able to get through to Brooke to choose a life with them over Bill. When Liam expressed his desire to marry Steffy again, she replied with a preference of when she would like for that to happen. Bill made a final plea to Brooke about why she should choose to marry him over reuniting with Ridge. When Wyatt expressed his sadness over losing Steffy to Liam, Quinn and Eric encouraged him to not give up hope on his marriage. Liam and Steffy’s intended romantic evening was interrupted by an unwelcomed visitor seeking comfort.

THIS WEEK: When Eric voiced his lack of desire to return to Forrester Creations, Wyatt pondered how this could benefit him. Steffy was taken aback by the response she received after expressing her feelings regarding Quinn’s change of attitude.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Chad celebrated Thanksgiving and Thomas’s birthday with the Horton family. JJ went to the attic and made a stunning discovery! Kayla, Kimberly and Roman visited Bo’s grave to honor the anniversary of his death. Theo was disappointed when Abe brought Valerie for Thanksgiving. Shawn, Ciara and Rafe visited Hope to cheer her up. Gabi and Chad shared a close moment, which Jennifer witnessed. Victor and Maggie worried about Brady, following Theresa’s departure. Marlena tried to get through to Brady. Eduardo and Kate spent Thanksgiving together. Adrienne finally decided between Justin and Lucas. Rafe appealed to Steve to help him with Hope’s predicament. Hope found an unlikely ally in prison. Claire and Theo decided to take their relationship to the next level. Adrienne was rushed to the hospital. Lucas and Justin’s tempers flared. Jennifer was furious when she realized Laura knew about Abigail. JJ worried that Gabi and Chad were more than friends. Sonny tried to break up the argument between Justin and Lucas. Kayla received Adrienne’s latest test results. JJ and Gabi met up to share a romantic night.

THIS WEEK: Jennifer once again tried to convince Abigail to let Chad know she’s alive. Shawn and Rafe went over the events leading up to Stefano’s death.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Nelle set her plan in motion. Jax received a distressing phone call. Carly was conflicted over her feelings for Sonny. Alexis’ drinking spiraled out of control. Jordan and Andre had it out. Nelle manipulated an unsuspecting Sonny. Franco pursued Tom Baker. Bobbie resumed her position at General Hospital. Terrified he would lose her the same way he lost his wife, Finn raced to find a cure for Hayden. Carly came clean with Sonny. Nelle struggled with her guilt. Anna and Griffin focused on trying to find Claudette. Valentin used Charlotte to draw Nina closer. Dillon tried to cheer up Kiki. Griffin had to intervene when there’s an altercation at the hospital. Laura considered taking her relationship with Kevin to the next level. Maxie and Nathan were worried about the company Nina has been keeping. Anna confronted Valentin. Griffin and Liz had a heart-to-heart. Franco paid Heather a visit. Sam was concerned Jason’s trust in Curtis is misplaced. Ava used Morgan’s death as a play for custody.

THIS WEEK: Car l y sensed something wasn’t quite right. Anna continued her investigation into Valentin’s past.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Travis got into an argument with Victor and quit Newman Enterprises. Travis visited Jill to inquire about open positions. Jill told Travis that she has no intention of hiring him. Billy was irked by Travis’ cocky attitude. Jill encouraged Billy to come clean with Victoria about Travis’ secret. Victor assured Nick that a court would never allow Sharon to visit Christian. Hilary secretly recorded Nikki telling her that Sharon victimized both of her sons. Nikki urged Nick to show Dylan some compassion. Nikki wanted Victor to stop being so judgmental towards Dylan. Victor informed Nikki that she might have to choose between Dylan and Nick. Christian’s babysitter visited GC Buzz telling about how Hilary looking to sell a story about Sharon. Hilary saw that Leah’s only looking for fame and kicked her out of the office. Neil tried to convince Jack to return to the foundation. Jack was moved when Neil told him about one of the foundation’s clients who is in dire straits. Later, Jack met with Phyllis and told her that he needs to let go of the past and focus on piecing together what’s broken in his life-without her. Cane was still in pain from his surgery and struggled to get ready for work. Cane tried to power through the pain without taking a painkiller.

THIS WEEK: Billy confided in Lily that he thinks Cane is pushing himself too hard and might suffer a setback. Nikki tried to convince Sharon that leaving Dylan will allow him to be a part of Christian’s life.

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