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Speaking of Soaps

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Having gotten an earful from Rick, Brooke confronted Eric on why their son was not considered for the position as CEO. Using the ruse of touring the new house, Quinn paid Katie a visit and issued a warning about spending time with Eric. Katie stood firm with Quinn that she and Eric are nothing more than longtime friends. Rick was confident that he has time for Eric to change his mind about who would be running Forrester Creations. As Steffy prepared herself to give Eric an answer regarding the offer of the CEO position, Liam discouraged her from taking the job. Ridge and Rick were both upset that Steffy was offered the position and felt as though they should be given the opportunity to run the company again. They were both convinced that Quinn has an ulterior motive and manipulated Eric into making the offer. The Forrester Creations team was blindsided when Wyatt was offered an executive position within the company. Bill called Liam out on the real reason why he does not want Steffy to accept the position at Forrester Creations. Steffy’s final decision regarding the CEO title was met with mixed emotions from both family and coworkers. Following Steffy’s announcement, Ridge and Rick were given new positions within the company along with Quinn. Eric demanded unity between his family members at work and at home. Eric joined Quinn in a manipulative maneuver that they hoped would change Steffy’s mind about divorcing Wyatt. Liam was taken aback when Steffy told him that she accepted the CEO position and that Wyatt received a promotion. Steffy was hurt by Liam’s lack of support as he focused on Quinn being the reason for her new title. Wyatt displayed to Rick and Nicole just how little he knows about apparel and the fashion industry. Steffy was appreciative of Wyatt’s excitement for her new job after not receiving the most positive reaction from Liam.

THIS WEEK: An irate Liam confronted Eric about offering Steffy the CEO position and accused him of being manipulated by Quinn. Offended by the accusations, Eric set Liam straight about what he feels is best for Steffy’s future.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Nicole and Eve caught up and went over their hardships from losing loved ones. Chad told Rafe important news about Stefano. Roman and Hope met with Hattie, who’s asked for help. Philip, under the influence of truth serum, was questioned by Deimos about Chloe. Deimos laid out his theory about Chloe to a skeptical Brady. Steve and Paul met with Sonny to update him on the Hernandez case. Steve and Kayla shared some romance as he presented her with an early Christmas gift. Derrick asked Paul if he has feelings for Sonny. Nicole admitted she’s finally ready to move on with Deimos. Kate supported Adrienne through her ordeal. Deimos privately filled in Brady that he’s getting closer to uncovering the truth. An argument escalated between Jade and Joey until she started having serious pains. Abigail was finally ready to let Chad know she’s alive. Andre told Chad about his technology venture. Gabi was stunned when she overheard JJ’s conversation with Jennifer. Coco and Sheila planned to take Hope down. Abigail made a move to regain Chad and Thomas. Gabi put JJ to the test.

THIS WEEK: Theo started to wonder if Ciara has feelings for him. Theo witnessed an intimate moment between Abe and Valerie.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Lulu received life-changing information. Liz had a heart to heart with Griffin. Franco used Kiki to get back at Tom Baker. Jason learned of Sonny’s indiscretions. Nelle softened towards Michael. Carly made a kind gesture in the spirit of the holiday. Sonny and Jason clashed over a difference of opinion. Tom Baker found himself at the mercy of Franco. Hayden’s condition worsened. Finn was inspired by something he saw at home. Jason and Curtis’s investigation put them in harm’s way. An unknown enemy lurked in Port Charles. Nelle vowed to keep her promise to Sonny. Ava remained suspicious of Alexis’s motives. Maxie was determined to uncover Sam’s secret. Jason and Curtis questioned a new lead. Jordan’s visit opened up new questions for Julian. Laura offered Lulu some motherly advice. Dante had reservations about Charlotte. Maxie confessed her feelings of guilt to Felicia. Lulu spent the day bonding with Charlotte. Nina cautioned Valentin about Lulu’s intentions. A familiar tune triggered memories for Anna.

THIS WEEK: Finn risked it all in an attempt to save Hayden. Franco toyed with Tom Baker.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Michael pressed Lauren to tell him what’s bothering her. Lauren confessed to Michael that holiday sales are down at Fenmore’s. Later, Chelsea declined Lauren’s offer to carry Chelsea 2.0 exclusively at Fenmore’s. Phyllis confided to Michael that she thinks that Jack is done with her for good. Michael tried to convince Phyllis to fight for the relationship, but Phyllis told Michael that she’s focusing on her career. Lily’s wasn’t happy when she discovered Cane’s enthusiasm over his female physical therapist. Cane reminded Lily that she’s the one who pushed him to meet with a physical therapist. Victor told Nick that he would make room for him at Newman if he agreed to return to the company. Nick declined and told Victor that there isn’t a place for him at Newman. Billy confronted Jack about the eviction notice he sent to Brash & Sassy. Billy asked Jack not to punish Victoria for things that Billy did. Victoria offered to ask Victor for office space, but Billy refused to accept any help from Victor. Later, they shared a warm moment after taking their kids to visit Santa. Billy and Victoria vowed to make it a wonderful holiday for the kids.

THIS WEEK: Ashley accused Jack of evicting Brash & Sassy for personal reasons, but Jack insisted that he needs their office space for Jabot. When Ashley noted her brother’s ruthlessness, Jack announced that she should get used to it.

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