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RECAPS DEC. 19 – 23

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Katie struggled with what to do with incriminating evidence that could possibly be construed as a threat to another. Quinn planned to surprise Eric with a slight modification to the backyard of the Forrester mansion. As Quinn was testing out the gift, Ridge inadvertently witnessed a side of her that he’s never seen before. Rick scoffed at Ridge’s interpretation of his latest run-in with Quinn. Ridge and Rick warned Steffy that she’s, once again, a pawn in another one of Quinn’s elaborate schemes. Liam confided in Bill his concern for Quinn interfering in his relationship with Steffy and manipulating Eric to assist her. Ridge used his recent interaction with Quinn to his advantage by making her feel uncomfortable about what he witnessed. Eric anticipated that the holidays would be an opportune time for the Forrester family to set aside their differences and reunite. Rick made plans for Lizzy’s first Christmas to be an intimate one with just their immediate family celebrating together. For the first time in years, Brooke, Ridge and RJ celebrated the holidays together as a family. Ridge assured Brooke and RJ that this would be one that they would never forget. Pam and Charlie prepared for the traditional Forrester family Christmas. Liam was disapproving of how Steffy wants to spend Christmas at the Eric’s house, knowing that Quinn would be there. Eric feared that the holiday would be a quiet one as his family members seem to have other plans for the day. When Bill paid a visit to Brooke to wish her a Merry Christmas in person, he was saddened to see the gift that she received from Ridge. Steffy was guilty about not spending Christmas with her family but basked in spending the holiday reunited with Liam. Ridge had a moment of nostalgia of Christmases past when Rick implemented a new tradition for his family.

THIS WEEK: Bill and Katie spent a cordial holiday together in her new home for the sake of Will. Knowing that his family members had other plans, Eric called them over for at least one Christmas carol.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Chad and Gabi were stunned when they realized someone witnessed their kiss. JJ worried that keeping another secret from Gabi would come back to haunt him. Lani returned to town and reunited with her family. Brady cautioned Deimos not to hurt Chloe. Chloe was afraid Nicole knows the truth about the baby’s paternity. Philip angrily confronted Deimos. Kate accompanied apprehensive Adrienne to her first chemo appointment. Joey overheard Jade during a vulnerable moment. Deimos and Brady became increasingly concerned when Nicole failed to return to Salem. Gabi broke things off with JJ. Andre tried to pressure Abigail into revealing she’s alive. Dario found Paul snooping around his shipments on the dock, and Sonny intervened. Abigail and Jennifer said a difficult goodbye. Chad and Gabi exchanged Christmas gifts. Brady found Nicole and Chloe at the motel.

THIS WEEK: Rafe brought a little Christmas cheer to Hope in prison. The Hortons had their annual ornament-hanging get-together.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Hayden’s life depended on a risky decision. Lulu’s determined to gain sole custody of Charlotte. Seth confronted Franco. Kevin worried about the future of his romance with Laura. Anna struggled to make sense of her memories. Franco had a life-changing dream. Sonny flew into a tailspin when confronted with new information surrounding Morgan’s death. Julian took advantage of an opportunity. Maxie threw Sam a baby shower. Liz sought help from Heather. Franco struggled with a decision about his future. Finn kept vigil at Hayden’s bedside. Ava attempted to dissuade Julian from pursuing Alexis. Kiki was conflicted by a conversation that she overheard. Alexis prepared for Julian’s arrival. Franco attempted to come clean to Liz. Dante made a stunning announcement about Tom. Julian surprised Alexis with a gift and used the holiday spirit to his advantage.

THIS WEEK: Carly managed to bring the entire family together to celebrate the holiday. Sonny’s lies continued to build. Valentin took the high road with Lulu.

THE YOUNG AND THES RESTLESS — Phyllis confided in Summer that she’s considering leaving Jabot. Phyllis asked Nick to help her plan a birthday party for Summer. At the party, Nikki warned Victor to be on his best behavior with Phyllis. Victor questioned Noah about returning to Newman, but Noah insisted he’s better suited to work at The Underground rather than the corporate world. Victor was disappointed that none of his heirs have any interest in continuing his legacy at Newman Enterprises. Jack refused to reason with Victoria as he’s adamant about kicking Brash & Sassy out of the building. Billy was furious when he discovered that Jack has already hired movers to pack up the B&S office. Later, Jill stormed into Jack’s office and threatened a lawsuit if he doesn’t let B&S stay in the building. Victor offered to let Brash & Sassy move into Newman Towers, but Billy and Jill refused to work under the same roof as Victor. Victor urged Billy to walk away from Brash & Sassy, so Jack would let the company stay at Jabot’s building. At Faith’s Christmas recital, Dylan asked Nick if he and Sharon could spend more time with Faith during the holidays. Nick refused and got into an argument with Dylan and Sharon. Lauren confided in Paul that business is slow at Fenmore’s but should pick up soon. Paul urged Lauren to be honest with Michael about her business problems. Lauren was defensive when Jill asked Lauren how Fenmore’s is doing these days. Jill visited Esther at the Crimson Lights and asked her to come back to the mansion to work and live.

THIS WEEK: Devon asked Hilary to come back to GC Buzz and assured her that she would have creative control over her stories as long as there’s no slander or creative editing. Ashley and Traci refused to give hope that Billy and Jack would reconcile during Christmas.

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