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RECAPS DEC. 26 – 30

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — As they discuss the date of their future wedding, Ridge suggests to Brooke the scenario of when he would like for it to be. Wyatt gives Steffy several examples of how his love for her greatly differs from Liam’s. Ridge finds an ally in Liam as they talk about their mutual hatred for Quinn and his latest run-in with her. Brooke is visited by Bill who offers to give her something that Ridge isn’t ready to. As Bill professes his undying love for Brooke, he is given a glimmer of hope that they will someday reunite. When a model is unavailable for a fitting with Ridge, he uses the opportunity to continue with his plan for Quinn. When Liam opposes the way Wyatt is portraying Steffy on social media, she takes a side on the matter. The situation erupts when Pam shows Steffy and Liam the latest video that Wyatt posted. Katie is careful with her words when she voices her concern for Eric’s marriage to Quinn. Eric calls Steffy for a private meeting to discuss what he expects from her, professionally and personally, as CEO pf Forrester Creations. As Ridge and Liam are commiserating over their hatred for Quinn, they are unaware that they have an unwanted audience. Wyatt and Nicole compare notes on heartbreak as they work on an upcoming social media campaign. Liam watches with amusement as Ridge works his charm on Quinn. Steffy set the scene for a romantic evening with Liam so that she can gently break the news to him of Eric’s demands of her. Wyatt is greatly appreciative when Eric shows his support by helping him in his fight for Steffy. Bill surprises Brooke at home wanting to toast to the New Year and to share his resolutions with her. Ivy becomes suspicious when she accidentally witnesses a steamy moment between Quinn and Ridge.

THIS WEEK: Eric goes to the pool and calls Quinn and tells her that he misses her. Liam and Quinn have a close encounter on the streets of Monte Carlo. He thinks he sees her but loses her.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Chad continues to process Abigail’s return the best way he can. Abigail confronts Gabi over her budding relationship with Chad. When Coco and Sheila make a bold move, Hope realizes her days are numbered. Steve and Kayla, with Joey, Claire, Ciara and Jade’s help, feed the homeless. Deimos and Brady conspire on how to prove Chloe’s baby is Nicole and Daniel’s. Kate accuses Andre of stealing from the company. Hope makes plans to recruit an inmate army to combat her enemies. Rafe, Marlena, Roman, Steve and Kayla all reel from this latest revelation. Brady and Deimos suspect that Nancy knows the truth. Andre and Kate are stunned by Rafe’s request. Marlena, Steve, and Kayla take a trip down memory lane. Joey and Jade are starting to look forward to being parents. Jennifer’s thrilled Chad knows the truth about Abigail and appeals to him to be understanding. Kate and Eduardo make romantic NY Eve plans. Justin and Lucas both show up at the hospital to be there for Adrienne. Kate gets a call and learns some upsetting news. Gabi helps Abigail through her panic attack. JJ receives a huge shock.

THIS WEEK: As the New Year arrives, some relationships will be altered forever. Chad blasts Andre for keeping Abigail’s “resurrection” a secret.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Franco makes a startling confession to Liz. Dante discovers the murder weapon. Sonny makes his plea to Carly. Nelle opens up to Michael about her past. Jordan and Andre reunite. Jason searches for clues at the pawn shop. Sam learns important information about the Chinese restaurant. Alexis grows tired of Julian’s meddling. Anna turns to hypnotherapy. Laura promises to support Lulu in her custody battle. Nina and Lulu clash over what’s best for Charlotte. Nathan gets devastating news. Sonny asks Carly to spend New Year’s Eve with him. Hayden’s recovery comes at a price. Kiki can’t fight her fate. Nathan’s past comes back to haunt him. Carly wonders if Sonny can ever truly change his ways. Valentin makes a vow to Nina. Sonny makes a stunning confession. Carly asks to meet with Andre to discuss Morgan’s treatment. Kiki thanks Dillon for his patience and friendship. Ava asks Scott to help her out of a bind. Laura has a tense encounter with Valentin. Nina spends some time with Charlotte.

THIS WEEK: Bobbie puts Nelle on the spot. Jordan offers Curtis an opportunity with the PCPD.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Nikki tells Victor that she wants to spend Christmas with both Nick and Dylan. Paul visits Dylan who refuses to spend Christmas Eve at the Newman house. Paul delivers the bad news to Nikki. Victor wishes Adam was but is thrilled to have his family celebrating Christmas together. Meanwhile, Sharon and Dylan miss the feeling of children in their home and confess to each other that they secretly kept a photo of Sully. Devon confronts Hilary over lying about the other TV hosting offers. Hilary tries to make her case with Devon and accuses him of trying to control her. Jill wants Billy to stop wallowing and spend Christmas with Victoria and the kids. Jill tells Billy to show Victoria that he can be the man she fell in love with. Phyllis works up the nerve to tell Jack that she is quitting Jabot to work with Lauren.

THIS WEEK: Mariah is pleased with the positive reaction she’s receiving as the new host of GC Buzz.

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