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RECAPS - 4/28-5/2

ALL MY CHILDREN – Zach wanted Aidan to go to Darfur to rescue a Cambias employee who was kidnapped. After finding out the identity of the missing man, Aidan agreed to go. Annie planted the footage of the women pole dancing in the presentation for Fusion in the hopes it would get her fired and gain her Ryan’s sympathy. Erica struggled to keep her sanity while in solitary confinement. She was relieved when Samuel came to her rescue. JR became angry when Adam insisted he heard a song Dixie used to sing coming from nowhere. Adam later thought he was going loopy when he saw Dixie’s reflection in a mirror.

THIS WEEK: Aidan is taken hostage in Darfur.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Katie vowed to stick by Brad even if Liberty turned out to be his daughter. Liberty proved to be a conniver, winning $100 from Parker, Dylan and Judd. Holden came to Carly’s aid on a few occasions. Emma warned Holden not to get involved with Carly. Lily was supposed to come home, but she disappointed her kids by not showing up. Paul said he wanted to get back with Meg, but he made love to Sofie. Noah was unhappy with the living arrangements when Ameera’s presence interrupted his chance to spend the night with Luke. Emily was jealous when she saw Alison out with Chris.

THIS WEEK: Casey confronts Emily about putting a tape recorder in his pocket.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Ridge was so upset about Storm’s actions with Ashley that he calls Lt. Baker to tell him about Storm being the one who shot Stephanie. Brooke criticized Storm for his behavior. Before the cops could arrest him, Storm bolted. Katie received the note he left behind and a gift. Stephen returned to L.A. and blamed himself for what happened with Storm. Eric and Stephanie’s divorce was finalized. Eric felt bad about the split, but still wanted to marry Donna. Stephanie gave Donna a Mrs. Eric Forrester manual, but Donna was suspicious. After ratting out Storm to the cops, Ridge worried that Brooke would hold it against him.

THIS WEEK: Donna prepares to marry Eric.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – Daniel had bad news for Chelsea; she cannot have children now because of the damage caused by the transplant surgery. He resigned as her doctor because he was developing real feelings for her. Kayla analyzed Ava’s medication and determined that the drugs were causing her convulsions. EJ and Sami crammed for the immigration test and asked Marlena and John to vouch for them with INS. John removed Stefano’s portrait from the wall and found the wall safe. He took the disk inside of it. After the photo shoot, Tony and Anna made love on the set. Bo felt guilty about Chelsea’s plight. Chloe learned that Brady is in drug rehab. Victor blamed her for Brady’s addiction. Lexie and Abe decided to seek marriage counseling.

THIS WEEK: John investigates the disk.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Lulu confronted Johnny about trying to murder Sonny and walked away from him. Jax told Alexis he wanted Sonny to give up custody of Michael and Morgan so he could adopt them. Robin overheard Patrick telling Coleman that he thinks Anna, Robin’s mother, is hot. Anna went to Luke looking for an adventure. Maxie discovered a large amount of money missing from Crimson’s operating account. Spinelli traced the missing money and the trail led to Ian. Claudia had a plan up her sleeve when she lied on the witness stand and claimed Anthony never threatened her life. The result was Anthony’s freedom.

THIS WEEK: Nikolas says a final goodbye to Emily.

GUIDING LIGHT – Reva thought she was being followed. Her father, Hawk, appeared to tell her that a producer wanted to make Reva’s story into a movie. Reva met the actress who would play her in the picture. Josh hired Harley to follow Cassie. Harley hesitated spying on her friend, but she is financially strapped and had to take the job. Jeffrey continued caring for Olivia even though they aren’t married anymore. Ashlee drove herself to overdo it with exercise to lose weight fast. Rafe and Daisy broke up for good. Mallet and Dinah played games making each other jealous. Sheila double-crossed Frank so he couldn’t get reinstated into the police department. Rick tried to create a family moment with Beth, but she was more impressed with Alan’s gift of a pearl for Peyton.

THIS WEEK: Natalia struggles to get over Gus’s death.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Starr was shocked when Cole suggested they leave Llanview to get married. Todd went ballistic when he learned his daughter ran away with her boyfriend. Gigi confided in Marcie about her rekindled feelings for Rex. Gigi remembered Brody wanting to marry her even though she was carrying another man’s baby. Adriana and Layla brought Brody back to Llanview, then discovered a naked woman asleep in his Palace bed. Jared and Natalie were on the verge of lovemaking when Viki interrupted. Calvin surprised Bo and Clint by calling off his takeover attempt. Ramsey witnessed Antonio stealing money from a drug bust.

THIS WEEK: Brody makes a shocking confession.

PASSIONS – Julian had a difficult time suppressing his male urges after being warned by Eve that arousal, at this point, could kill him. While Viki was determined to finish him off with a seduction, Esme discovered she wasn’t very good at NOT turning him on. Pilar was thrilled that Theresa was alive, but Theresa reminded her that she must remain disguised as Gertrude or Juanita would kill her family. Sheridan and Pretty joined forces to break up Luis and Fancy, unaware that he was proposing to her. Tabitha got wind of the events in Harmony and took at as a sign of approaching evil.

THIS WEEK: Juanita escapes from a Mexican prison.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – Cane stood by Lily when they learned she lost the baby. Friends and family gathered for Reed’s christening at the Newman Ranch. Victor told an insulted Victoria that he was giving her back Beauty Of Nature and giving Adam her job. Amber finally confessed her feelings to Daniel, she implied she wanted him to move in with her. Adam was floored when his ex-girlfriend, Skye, arrived in Genoa City looking for a poker game. While Gloria was meeting an attorney to donate half of her fortune to charity, Jeff was telling his lawyer he wanted to divorce Gloria and get half of everything.

THIS WEEK: Victoria heads to Jabot after quitting Newman Enterprises.

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