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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Steffy refused to believe that Eric has an ulterior motive in his request of her and justified her grandfather’s actions to Liam. When Brooke asked Ridge about the status of his plan against Quinn, he stayed quiet but promised her that there would be an unexpected twist to his scheme. Quinn was feeling immense guilt for her recent flirtation with Ridge, especially after learning about Eric’s attempt to get Steffy and Wyatt back together. Liam confronted Wyatt about Quinn’s deceptive maneuvers and how he refused to let Steffy go without a fight. As Ridge was working his charm on Quinn, Katie entered and was suspicious as to why the two sworn enemies appeared so chummy. Knowing that Steffy was in need of a place to live, Wyatt made a self-serving offer for her to move back home with him. Katie and Quinn had an open and honest discussion about their respective relationships with Eric. Protective of her Uncle Eric, Ivy heatedly confronted Quinn about her interaction with Ridge in the steam room. Quinn confessed to Ivy about her recent interactions with Ridge but vowed to remain faithful in her marriage. Eric was completely frank with Steffy when he told her his reasoning for wanting her with Wyatt instead of Liam. When Liam pointed out the ramifications of the plan against Quinn, Ridge announced that he’s more than willing to make the ultimate sacrifice in the name of family. Ridge paid a visit to Eric and made a fearless attempt to get him to reconsider making Steffy the CEO of Forrester Creations. When explaining to Eric that the company needs a leader with more experience, Ridge candidly asked if being overlooked is a punishment. Quinn was caught off-guard when Ivy bluntly made her swear that she has no feelings for Ridge. Liam put his foot down with Wyatt in regards to the way Steffy’s being portrayed on social media. Frustrated that he’s losing Steffy as each day passes, Liam pressured Ridge to act on his plan to get Quinn out of their lives. Ridge and Liam shared their insights on Quinn with each other and how best to approach their plan.

THIS WEEK: Eric, Quinn and Wyatt made a presentation to Steffy on how she could achieve ultimate happiness by getting on board with their idea. Steffy was torn between the thoughts of grandeur and her devotion to Liam.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Chad and Abigail’s New Year’s Eve kiss built in passion. Gabi and JJ dealt with the fallout of a stunning reveal. Joey received devastating news. Rafe finagled a late-night visit to the prison to tell Hope that Stefano’s alive. Rafe received word about a Stefano sighting, and Shane asked Rafe to go to Europe. Nicole was disappointed when Nancy kept the baby away from her. Kayla and Steve comforted a distraught Joey. Brady tried to get proof that Nicole’s the biological mother of Chloe’s baby. Nicole was heartbroken when she must say goodbye to “Chloe’s” baby. Kate struggled with whether or not to betray Eduardo. Theo and Claire spied on Valerie and overheard a suspicious conversation. Brady got the test results back for the baby. Chad and Abigail enjoyed a family outing and ran into Gabi.

THIS WEEK: Gabi and JJ shared a tense moment. Theo and Valerie squared off over the bug he left in her purse. Claire alerted when she saw Theo and Ciara bonding.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Alexis confronted Julian. Sam wondered if she’s getting the whole story. Liz expressed her concerns to Franco. Sonny and Carly reunited. Lulu felt threatened by Nina’s commitment to Valentin. Valentin reassured Nina about Claudette. Franco was determined to clear his name. Finn’s recovery came at a cost. Anna’s hypnotherapy session uncovered details from her past. Diane helped prepare Alexis for her hearing. Jason and Curtis got one step closer to the truth. Alexis tried to reconcile her memory with what really happened. Sam questioned Julian about Rudge. Franco was suspicious of Alexis’ behavior. Nelle’s friendship with Michael deepened. Jason and Curtis made a startling discovery at the pawn shop. Alexis’ memory betrayed her. Franco opened up to Scott.

THIS WEEK: Laura gave Liz a pep-talk about loving men with a dark side. Dillon and Kiki’s bond grew stronger.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Faith was excited to celebrate New Year’s Eve but quickly fell asleep. Nick brought her upstairs to bed. Chelsea offered to leave but Nick asked her to stay. Chelsea and Nick were grateful they didn’t have to be alone on New Year’s Eve. Dylan assured Christine that he’s ready for his undercover assignment. Sharon was upset when Dylan told her that he needs to leave town right away. Later, Nikki was worried when she couldn’t reach Dylan. Paul confessed to Nikki that Dylan’s working undercover and couldn’t be reached. Lauren received bad news about Fenmore’s and asked Phyllis how soon their online platform could be up and running. Lauren confessed Fenmore’s did not do well over the holidays and fears the company might not recover from the loss.

THIS WEEK: Lauren makes contingency plans. Nikki can’t stop fussing over Dylan.

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