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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — RJ put pressure on Brooke to finally marry Ridge again because he has been waiting a long time for it to happen. Ridge shared with Liam that the strategy behind his plan against Quinn is much like the one she’s using on Steffy. Eric attempted to entice Steffy into buying into the offer he, Quinn and Wyatt are making by putting a dollar amount on her future. Brooke gave Ridge the perfect opportunity to get Quinn out of their lives so that they might finally be married. With Quinn as a sounding board, Wyatt’s giving a dose of reality regarding his relationship with Steffy that he washed down with a bottle of tequila to kill the pain. Having given her final decision to Eric about his request, Steffy contemplated what she should do until her divorce is final. Ridge strategically sidestepped Brooke’s questioning about what exactly his plans are to get rid of Quinn. Bill and Katie played nice for the sake of Will as she prodded him on the current status of life and his relationship with Brooke. Ridge assured Brooke that when she returns from her trip, Quinn would be gone, and they could finally be married. Before going on her trip, Brooke got a visit from Bill who’s willing to offer her something in the present moment that Ridge couldn’t. Wyatt attempted to get Steffy to realize how much he loves and supports her; far more than Liam. Ridge was presented with an opportune moment to exact his plan when Eric sent him and Quinn to San Francisco for a design symposium. Thomas returned from New York to the harsh reality that his sister, Steffy, is now his boss at Forrester Creations. Tensions rose between Wyatt and Liam as Steffy discussed her future living situation with Thomas in their presence. Quinn feared what would happen at her first symposium while Ridge plotted his takedown. Quinn was emotionally touched by the accolades that Ridge was publicly making of her during the design symposium. Steffy filled Thomas in on everything that has been going on in her life and at Forrester Creations while he was away.

THIS WEEK: After Wyatt described how much Quinn had contributed to Forrester Creations, he attempted to get Liam to admit that he’s right. Following their appearance at the symposium, Ridge and Quinn toasted to their success and the partnership that they’re building.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Hattie advised Hope on how to handle Coco and Sheila, but Hope insisted on doing things her way. Steve, Marlena, Rafe and Paul arrived in Prague to search for Stefano. Marlena ran into a familiar face. Joey tried to comfort Jade. Hattie, increasingly fearful for Hope’s safety, made a bold move. The search for Stefano continued. Jennifer told Thomas stories about the Horton family. Chad and Abigail attempted to reconnect during a night out. Hope fought for her life. Rafe, Steve and Paul prepared for the meeting with the arms dealer they believe is Stefano. Kayla, Shawn and Ciara learned Hope broke out of prison. Carrie and Austin showed up to get Marlena and Anna out of a tight situation. Deimos took Nicole out for a romantic evening. Eduardo informed Dario about the missing device and how he believes Kate took it. Andre had a confrontation with Deimos. Gabi was curious when she received a call from JJ saying it’s important the two of them meet. Brady had an unexpected reaction to Nicole and Deimos’ news. Chloe awakened from her coma at long last. Deimos and Andre traded threats over the stolen technology. Abigail crossed paths with Dario, and Chad found them together.

THIS WEEK: Gabi covered what she knows about the family business with JJ. The distance between Abigail and Chad continued to creep in as Chad texted Gabi.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Mason’s alliance with Curtis hit a snag. Sam was suspicious of Ava. Franco and Scott teamed up. Julian gave Alexis an ultimatum. Nelle got in over her head. Sonny confronted Nelle. Kiki agreed to keep Franco’s secret. Alexis struggled with her sobriety. Maxie and Nathan set out to find Claudette. Nina and Valentin took Charlotte out to celebrate. Julian comforted Alexis. Liz questioned her influence on Franco. Nathan and Maxie returned with bad news. Valentin challenged Anna. Lulu was ready for Charlotte to learn the truth. Kiki and Liz worked together. Franco found himself in trouble. Alexis sought the support she needs. Lulu and Dante met with Valentin. Finn hid a dangerous secret. Maxie saw a familiar face. Rudge ordered a hit. Nelle had second thoughts.

THIS WEEK: Jason and Sam had a pregnancy scare. Sonny confessed his sins.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Lauren was not amused when Gloria suggested that Lauren hire her to help solve Fenmore’s problems. Meanwhile, Jack told Ashley that he’s determined to make a move on Fenmore’s. Ashley reminded Jack that Lauren doesn’t want him as an investor. Jack visited Lauren and had a frosty reunion with Gloria. Jack was floored when he discovered that Lauren hired Phyllis. Ashley moved Ravi into Phyllis’ old office. Phyllis arrived to retrieve her files and met Ravi. Ashley arrived and accused Phyllis of hanging around, so she could run into Jack. Phyllis dismissed Ashley and assured her that she’s moved on. Nick confided in Noah that he’s overwhelmed with Christian. Noah encouraged him to heal things with Sharon, but Nick admitted that he’s not sure he would ever get over Sharon’s deception. Victor was thrilled that Faith’s doing so well. Nikki was grateful that Victor’s spending more time with family. Nikki helped an overwhelmed Nick by hiring a nanny to help with Faith and Christian.

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