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RECAPS — JAN. 23 – 27

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Steffy became confused during her meeting with Wyatt when Carter arrived and she received gifts and surprises. Frustrated, Liam shared with Bill the ultimatum that he issued to Steffy. Ridge was unsure of how to answer when Eric questioned him about his and Quinn’s trip to the San Francisco symposium. Quinn had a difficult time keeping her mind off Ridge and felt guilty about being emotionally unfaithful to Eric. Both having a difficult time with their conflicting feelings for each other, Ridge and Quinn discussed how to best handle the situation. Worried about Quinn’s emotional wellbeing and erratic behavior, Ivy shared her concerns with Katie. Steffy was touched by the ultimate sacrifice that Wyatt has been willing to make for the sake of her happiness. Frustrated by not being able to get in touch with Steffy, Liam decided to follow through with his part of the ultimatum that he issued. With his broken heart in his hand, Wyatt went to Quinn and Eric to tell them about the current state of his and Steffy’s marriage. The group at Forrester Creations was stunned when Ridge voluntarily admitted that Quinn has become an extreme asset to the company. When questioned about his sudden change in attitude towards Quinn, Ridge credited the trip to San Francisco. Quinn suggested an idea to Eric that she thought would bring the Forrester family back together. As Steffy gushed about her new position as CEO of Forrester Creations, she soon learned that Thomas is offended and discouraged that he was not considered for the job. Quinn shared with Ridge the suggestion that she made to Eric in hopes that he agrees. When Katie learned about Quinn and Ridge’s sudden friendship and her interest in bringing the Forrester family back together, she became suspicious. The Spencer brothers set aside their years of competition with the other when Wyatt revealed the real reason why he gave Steffy what she wanted.

THIS WEEK: Pam gave Katie the scoop on what goes on behind the scenes of Quinn and Eric’s marriage. Grateful for Quinn’s ingenious idea on how to not only bring the Forrester family back together but also repair his relationship with Eric, Ridge toasted his stepmother in a celebratory manner.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Chloe finally admitted the truth to Brady. Nicole realized Deimos’s life’s in danger. Eric tended to Hope as she battled for her life. Kayla arrived in Europe to check on Steve. Nicole received shocking news. Gabi and Chad shared an awkward moment in the square. Claire, Theo, Ciara, Jade and Joey began a new adventure together..Belle returned to visit Claire. Brady and Deimos rallied around Nicole. Gabi and Abigail enacted a plan to put an end to the 3-way family war before someone they love gets hurt. Chloe convinced Belle to represent her. Sonny tried to make a deal with Chad. In Prague, Steve and Kayla went out for a night on the town where they reaffirmed their love for each other. A feverish Hope fought for her life as Eric did his best to save her. Chad and Abigail shared a special night together. Lucas advocated for Anne with Adrienne. As Nicole waited for Justin to post her bail, she received a surprising visit.

THIS WEEK: Maggie and Victor were stunned by Deimos’ news. Deimos tried to reason with Chloe. Shane brought a potential new lead about Stefano to Steve, Rafe, Kayla, and Marlena.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sam discovered Alexis’ secret. Kiki looked for answers. Carly struggled with Sonny’s violent lifestyle. Jordan and Curtis reminisced about old times. Nelle was moved by Michael’s advice. Kiki and Dillion got closer. Franco faced the consequences of his actions. Julian resorted to blackmail. Jason fell ill. Jordan had second thoughts. Liz shared her suspicions. Alexis made strides in her sobriety. Kevin opened up to Laura. Carly cautioned Micheal. Sonny imparted his wisdom onto Nelle. Sam stumbled upon an important clue. Liz put herself in harm’s way. Dante and Nathan zeroed in on a suspect. Brad and Finn discussed unfinished business. Alexis was caught off guard. Liz was horrified by something she discovers. Sam pled her case. Nina wantef what’s best for Charlotte.

THIS WEEK: Anna tore into Valentin. Alexis’ memories became more clear.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Phyllis confronted Jack about seeing him at Top of the Tower with Gloria. Jack covered by telling Phyllis that he and Gloria were having a friendly lunch. Phyllis didn’t buy it and reported back to Lauren. Meanwhile, Lauren was stunned when a potential investor in Fenmore’s had a change of heart and decided not to invest. She was furious to discover that the investor chose to go into business with Jack. Victoria was frustrated that Reed’s not spending enough times on his studies. Reed received a visit from Zoey, a girl he met at school. Reed was embarrassed when Victoria and Billy caught Reed and Zoey making out on the couch. Jill was concerned that asking Lily to sign a modeling contract with Brash & Sassy could put a strain on her marriage to Cain. Lily accepted Jill’s offer but felt as though Cane’s unhappy with the situation. At the GCAC, Billy crossed paths with Phyllis and was reminded of the sexual chemistry between them.

THIS WEEK: Christine assured Sharon that it’s normal for an agent to disappear after a bust. Sharon believed the universe is punishing her because of what she did with Christian.

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