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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Confronted by Katie as to what she walked in on, both Ridge and Quinn quickly covered and explained how Ridge might share the CEO position at Forrester with Steffy. When Katie didn’t back down, Quinn decided she’s had enough of the high and mighty Katie disrespecting her in her own home and went upstairs, secretly watching and listening to the continuing interaction between Ridge and Katie. Katie revealed to Ridge how Quinn previously threatened her and Liam – she added how getting too close to Quinn is a certain kiss of death. Katie left but not before issuing Ridge a dire warning about Quinn. Steffy and Liam discussed their wedding and were convinced that the third time will be a charm. They made love determining that this wedding will last a lifetime. Upon his return from Genoa City, Eric offered Ridge the co-CEO position at Forrester Creations. Ridge happily accepted. Quinn watched the reconciliation that she’s responsible for with pure joy. Ridge offered to be the one to break the news to Steffy and Thomas. At Il Giardino, Zende confided in Thomas that while he was away he realized that he wants his future to be with Nicole. Thomas admitted to his friend that he’s been doing some soul searching too and voiced his unhappiness about Steffy being chosen as CEO and how he feels that she is Eric’s favorite grandchild. When Zende left, Thomas continued to share his woes with a friendly stranger at the bar. Ridge was surprised by Steffy’s reaction to the news that they would be job-sharing at Forrester. Zende found Nicole and admitted how wrong he was and vowed to continue to fight for her. Ridge found Thomas and told him that a big announcement is going to be made at Forrester. This gave Thomas hope that he would get a promotion. Thomas became angry when he found out that it was Ridge who was promoted and laid into his father about being overlooked for the position, having worked harder in the company than Steffy. He listed all of the people ahead of him in line for the position before he would ever get the chance and announced to Ridge that it’s time he begins to think about his own future. Brooke returned from her trip to Europe and was stunned to find out that instead of ousting Quinn from Forrester Creations, and their lives, she made him co-CEO of the company. He told her that he’s one step closer to getting rid of Quinn and that the new position was her idea. Ridge attempted to distract Brooke with a kiss when she asked why Quinn would want this. Eric gathered his family together, gave a brief history of the company and then gave praise to each of his employees for their talents. He then stunned the room with the announcement that Ridge would be co-CEO with Steffy. As Ridge made a speech of gratitude, Brooke watched Ridge and Quinn exchange eye contact. Later, Rick and Thomas commiserated about when they would ever get their chance to be CEO. Rick and Thomas continued to sympathize with each other over being over-looked at FC. At the cliff house, Steffy told Bill about her and Ridge being co-CEOs thanks to Quinn. Bill was stunned by Ridge and Quinn’s sudden friendship and hinted that perhaps there was some breakthrough between them on their San Francisco trip.

THIS WEEK: Bill told Liam and Steffy that he hasn’t given up on Brooke, that it’s just a matter of time before Ridge messes up and loses her. Quinn watched as Ridge kissed Brooke and displayed a hint of jealousy.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — An emotional Nicole urged Chloe to give back her baby. Deimos used deadly threats to help Nicole. Jennifer had lunch with Valerie, who made a surprising admission. Chad and Gabi grew further apart when Gabi found out Chad has fully recommitted to his marriage. Hope became delusional from her fever and put her life in danger. While secretly running an errand in Salem, Eric ran into a familiar face. Marlena and the others came up with a way to lure Stefano out of hiding. Shawn and Ciara got upsetting news about the police hunt for Hope. A deadly Deimos struck out against his enemies. Chad and Andre received intriguing intel about Titan. Abigail and Gabi continued to work together to end the war between the families. While investigating the docks, Jennifer made a stunning discovery. The lives of Deimos’s victims hung in the balance. Abigail and Gabi strategized about how to get the hard drive out of the Kiriakis mansion. Nicole was shaken as she wondered if everyone was right about Deimos. Belle expressed disapproval over Chloe’s latest move regarding Holly. Deimos threatened to shoot Gabi unless Chad surrendered the Orwell device. Kate comforted Eduardo who was distraught over Dario.

THIS WEEK: Jennifer teamed up with someone from the past to destroy the Orwell device. Nicole ripped into Chloe.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sonny looked to Ava for answers. Nina questioned Anna’s motives. Sam frantically tracked down Jason at GH. Franco confronted Seth. Alexis worked to get her life back on track. Jason and Sonny had a falling out. Nina warned Anna to stay away. Lulu extended an olive branch to Valentin. Bobbie made a call for help. Micheal and Nelle wondered what might have been. Liz and Franco reunited. Julian took the bait. Jordan went back on her word. Jason took action to protect Sam. Olivia looked to Carly for advice. Alexis’ sponsor had ulterior motives. Curtis kept a tight eye on Julian. Bobbie teamed up with an old friend. Nelle received a romantic gesture. Liz opened up to Franco. Julian was helpless to his business partner’s machinations. Hayden enlisted Micheal’s help. Sam went against Jason’s wishes.

THIS WEEK: Brad threatened Finn. Nelle continued her charade.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Eric Forrester arrived in Genoa City to help Lauren with her business problems. Meanwhile, Ashley asked Jack if he’s really interested in Fenmore’s or is using the opportunity to toy with Phyllis. Noah was concerned that Dylan’s absence would cause Sharon to suffer a setback. Cane was bitter that Victoria and Billy are making business decisions without him. At the Underground, Phyllis reconnected with Nick who encouraged her to start dating and sign up for a dating app. Later, Ravi was surprised when Ashley decided to take a break from work and join him for an EDM concert. Jill received a surprise visit from Colin. Jill was suspicious when Colin told her that he’s working on a new business deal. Reed’s friend, Zoey, showed him a meme she made of Victoria as a witch. Later, Reed told Billy that he isn’t ready to forgive his mom for embarrassing him in front of Zoey. Victoria sought Billy’s advice on how to connect with Reed. She ended up apologizing to him and surprised him with concert tickets. While on air,

THIS WEEK: Hilary apologized to Mariah for tripping her on live TV. Mariah believed that Hilary’s apology was only meant to impress Devon.

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