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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Quinn and Ridge were put on the spot when Brooke confronted them about what secret they have been hiding from her. Ridge confessed to Brooke about his latest dealings with Quinn. Rick felt as though he no longer has to be civil with Bill now that Brooke is no longer involved with him. Bill assured Rick that he and Brooke would reunite sooner or later given Ridge’s track record of breaking her heart. Put off by Thomas’ sudden chilly attitude towards her, Steffy confronted her brother about his feelings regarding her being appointed Forrester Creations’ CEO. Thomas used this opening to unload his true feelings about being overlooked for the position. As Bill confessed to Brooke about how much he missed her while she was away, she revealed the real reason on why she left. Ivy volunteered interesting suggestions to Liam regarding his pending nuptials to Steffy. Ready to move on with his life without Steffy, Wyatt submitted his resignation to Forrester Creations and asked for his job back at Spencer Publications. Bill recognized Wyatt’s success at his former position and hoped to utilize his expertise within the family company. Hoping to eradicate the tension between her and Thomas, Steffy offered to take him to lunch to delve more into his feelings of being betrayed by his family. While discussing Katie’s personal life, Brooke questioned her sister’s feelings when the topic of Eric’s brought up. Katie was adamant that her relationship with Eric is strictly platonic, but Brooke was not fully convinced. Feeling considerably vulnerable in her marriage, Quinn confessed to Eric her overwhelming fear of losing him. Brooke paid a visit to Eric and revealed that Katie has a crush on him–a revelation which was overheard by Quinn. Determined to get Nicole to forgive him, Zende recruited members of his and her families to assist him in a plan to win her back for good.

THIS WEEK: A reluctant Nicole was asked to be a model in a photoshoot for a new Forrester Creations line of clothing. Thomas found great joy in the way that Steffy has been recently portrayed on social media.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Rafe, Marlena, Steve and Kayla went over strategy for capturing Stefano at the masquerade ball. Hope pled with Eric to contact Hattie. Ciara got emotional while reading Jennifer’s story about Hope and her escape. Paul was shocked to find Sonny at his hotel door. Raines came in to question Hattie and almost caught Hope. Rafe, Marlena, Steve, Kayla, Paul and Sonny arrived at the Masquerade hoping that Stefano would show. As Brady bolstered Nicole, Deimos arrived to witness their growing closeness. Deimos looked to prove to Nicole that he’s the only man who could give her what she wants. Marlena momentarily disappeared and everyone feared that Stefano has her. Raines called in reinforcements when he shoots at Hope and loses her in pursuit. Abigail was frantic over Chad and Gabi being kidnapped. Andre offered an olive branch to Eduardo, and the two men reached a temporary truce. Raines vowed to continue searching for Hope until all charges are dropped. Paul and Sonny slipped away for a moment alone together. Steve and Kayla invited Carrie and Austin to their Valentine’s Day wedding. Brady warned Nicole that Chloe’s digging in her heels. Andre, Kate and Eduardo worked together to figure out where Deimos has taken Chad and Gabi. Gabi tended to Chads wounds as they found themselves trapped.

THIS WEEK: Dario “checked” himself out of the hospital against Abigail’s wishes. Rafe was worried for Hope, but Steve believed everything will work out in her favor.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Julian was helpless to his business partner’s machinations. Hayden enlisted Micheal’s help. Sam went against Jason’s wishes. Brad threatened Finn. Nelle continued her charade. Alexis counseled Lulu on her impending custody battle. Nina turned to Maxie for a favor. Sonny sensed Jason’s hiding something. Liz confronted Hayden. Carly got a clue about Nelle’s mystery man. Curtis’ doubts were confirmed. Sonny violated the terms of his house arrest. Lulu overwhelmed Charlotte. Anna’s memories became increasingly unsettling. Dante got a break in the case. Sonny sought vengeance. Dante questioned Carly’s commitment. Alexis leaned on Sam for support. Julian’s past caught up with him. Ava defended her actions. Jason slung accusations. Dante took a suspect in for questioning.

THIS WEEK: Sam gained the attention of a false friend. Anna sought medical help. Tracy made demands on Hayden.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Devon confided to Mariah that he’s skeptical about Hilary’s intention to walk away from their marriage without a dime. He asked his banker to prepare a cashier’s check for $250 million. A PA delivered the check to a shocked Hilary. Gloria reminded Jack that he has to face the consequences of backing out of giving her a job. She urged him to watch GC Buzz that night. At Jabot, Billy flirted with Phyllis in the elevator and pulled her into a kiss. Phyllis broke free and accused him of using her to get back at Victoria. Later, Phyllis met up with Troy who met her via her online dating app. Billy walked in on Phyllis date and intervened when Phyllis began to look uncomfortable. Troy left and Phyllis confessed to Billy that she and Billy could still be friends. Victoria discovered that Reed used her credit card on a porn website and grounded him for a month. Reed mouthed off and accused her of being cold and mean. Later, he called JT and bad mouthed Victoria. Billy scoldef Reed for trying to turn his parents against each other. Sharon was shocked when Faith told her that she’s ready to come back home. Sharon painfully told faith that she needs to work on herself before Faith comes back home. Victoria revealed to Billy and Cane that she wants to buy Brash & Sassy on her own.

THIS WEEK: Cane was furious and intended to make his own pitch to Jill. Victor thought he might have found the perfect student in Abby and agreed to mentor her.

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