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RECAPS: FEB. 13 – 17

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Ecstatic about her engagement, Nicole showed off her ring to Maya and Vivienne. In a loving moment, Nicole asked her big sister to be her matron of honor. Zende made a big request of his grandfather regarding the location of the nuptials. Sasha showed up and passionately apologized to Nicole begging to be invited to the wedding. Sally discovered online that Nicole and Zende are engaged. The Spectra gang discussed their upcoming fashion show, but Sally was distracted by thoughts of Thomas. Separately, Thomas and Sally thought about their shared kiss. Zende greeted his parents, Kristen and Tony, who had flown to Los Angeles to attend their son’s wedding. Nicole shared a tender moment with her parents before the wedding began. Sasha expressed her gratitude to Nicole for allowing her to attend the wedding. Pam tended to the caterers, bragging that she made the cake. Shirley entered the Spectra office with a couple of cakes, which gave Sally an idea about how to garner more publicity for Spectra. The sexual tension between Ridge and Quinn before the ceremony was palpable. The wedding began as Nicole appeared at the top of the staircase. Nicole noticed the amazing gift that Zende had made for her. Carter was the Justice of the Peace at the wedding and began the ceremony with a beautiful speech. Not at the wedding, Bill refused to accept Brooke and Ridge’s engagement and became emotional thinking about his previous weddings with Brooke. Family members made heartfelt speeches before Zende and Nicole began reciting their vows. The attendants at the wedding all congratulated the newlyweds and the reception began! Family members toasted Nicole and Zende. Before the reception was even over, Quinn had Nicole’s portrait taken down and her own put back up. Ridge returned to the mansion having forgotten his keys. He and Quinn had a sexual-filled conversation. Bill surprised Brooke in her kitchen checking in on how she’s feeling; as he learned from Liam that she was under the weather and did not attend the wedding. Bill questioned Brooke on why Ridge wasn’t home by now and who he might be with. Ridge told Quinn that he noticed her looking at him at the wedding and instructed her that she could not look that way at him again; they continued to flirt. Bill attempted to kiss Brooke, but she stopped him. He assured her that they’re destined to be together.

THIS WEEK: Zende and Nicole discussed how they’re leaving the following day for their exotic honeymoon. Bill and Wyatt commiserated on their failed relationships.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Hope questioned Eric about his feelings for Jennifer. Shane and Steve made a surprising discovery. Dario made a confession to Abigail. Jennifer called Adrienne for help. Chad and Gabi’s dire situation went from bad to worse. Eduardo, Kate, Dario and Abigail brainstormed on how to rescue Chad and Gabi. Victor learned of Deimos’ actions and told him that he needs to clean it all up quickly. Adrienne, Jennifer and Anne worked together to destroy the Orwell device. It’s Valentine’s Day and Steve and Kayla’s wedding day. Stephanie arrived home to join in the festivities. Hope received news about her fate. Austin and Carrie reunited with Kate. Steve and Kayla remarried in front of family and friends. Valerie informed disappointed Abe that she’s leaving town. Julie received devastating news. Anna confronted Andre. Chloe and Nicole’s custody hearing for Holly began. Belle dropped a bomb that stunned Nicole.

THIS WEEK: Adrienne found Paul unconscious in the alley and learned startling news about Sonny. When Deimos continued to stonewall, motherbear Adrienne attacked him.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Anna was being watched. Felicia got closer to the truth. Julian feared the PCPD is on to him. Lulu was at the mercy of Valentin. Olivia was one step ahead. Franco struggled with his dark side. Nelle pushed her luck. Finn’s behavior became erratic. Michael was tasked with a tough decision. Julian felt powerless. Anna demanded answers. Nathan played peacemaker. Curtis flirted with danger. Dillon surprised Kiki. Scott tried to calm Ava. Anna’s symptoms grew increasingly worse. Nina grew suspicious. Liz took a stand. Franco was caught off guard. Kiki and Dillon reconnected. Liz looked to Sam for support. Ned defended Olivia. Julian made a deal with the devil.

THIS WEEK: Griffin grew suspicious of Finn. Anna got help from an unlikely source.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Nick mentioned to Chelsea that Faith was trying to get him back together with Sharon. Nick informed her that he and Sharon would never get back together. Chelsea reminded him that reconciling with your ex is a Newman family tradition. Billy hired a hot shot photographer named Jordan Wilde to do a photo shoot for Brash & Sassy. Cane was stunned to discover that Jordan and Lily know each other. Sharon asked Victor to call in a favor and help her find Dylan. Cane revealed to Jill that Victoria plans to buy Brash & Sassy on her own. He asked Jill to give her more time to raise the funds to purchase B&S on his own. Jill agreed to give Cane until the end of the day. Lauren told Michael that she’s determined to find out what Gloria used against Jack in order for him to give her at position at Jabot. Jack was surprised to learn that Ashley intends to give the keynote speech at annual buyers’ luncheon. Ashley reminded Jack that he’s letting his personal life and vendetta against Phyllis get in the way of running Jabot. Later, Ashley discovered Ravi’s Valentine’s gift for her.

THIS WEEK: Jill offered to buy Jack’s stake in Fenmore’s, but he refused. Jack relented and came back with a counter that left her stunned. Later, Jill met with David Sherman and told him that she’s willing to do anything to buy Jack’s stake in Fenmore’s.

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