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RECAPS FEB. 20 – 24

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Still fuming from what she witnessed the evening before, Ivy angrily confronted Quinn about her loyalty to Eric. Quinn attempted to justify her actions with Ivy by bringing up her past experiences and relationships with men. Bill called Liam to his office with the sole intention of hearing of any salacious details regarding Nicole and Zende’s wedding. Feeling a bit distracted from his last interaction with Quinn, Ridge questioned Brooke about her desire to still marry him. Fresh from her confrontation with Ridge, Ivy felt compelled to have an informative conversation with Brooke before she plans her wedding. Thomas’ months of bitterness and frustration at work came to a head when Steffy criticized the designs he has been tirelessly working on. Wanting to ensure that the Spectra Fashions’ debut is unsuccessful, Bill assigned a reluctant reporter to cover the event. Excited by the media’s attendance to their debut, The Spectra Fashions gang pulled out all the stops to impress their guest. Bill provided his resentful employee with specific instructions regarding the assignment on the Spectra debut. Knowing how her relationship with Thomas has become strained, Steffy assured her brother that being his sister is more important to her that being his boss. Confident that the debut went well, Sally, Shirley and their crew eagerly anticipated Eye on Fashion’s review to be posted. Bill was particularly disappointed with the initial review of the new Spectra Fashions collection and decided to take matters into his own hands. Thomas stood in support of Sally while she awaited word on whether her company would be a success or goes bankrupt before it even gets started. Steffy made a recommendation to Brooke about a time and place for her and Ridge to finally be married. Using Ivy’s discovery as a wakeup call, Ridge and Quinn discussed how they should interact with each other in the future.

THIS WEEK: A defeated Sally and Shirley conferred about what to do with Spectra Fashions following the scathing review. An unexpected visitor gave the Spectra group a fresh perspective on their future.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Chloe and Nicole learned who gets custody of Holly. A furious Nicole broke up with Deimos. Eduardo and Andre contacted Deimos to set up an exchange. Abigail and JJ worked together to find Gabi and Chad whose lives hang in the balance. As Chad and Gabi clung to life and each other, Sonny tried to escape from his captor and caught a brutal beating. Deimos, Eduardo and Andre negotiated their loved ones’ release. Drew reached out to Shane for help. Abigail enlisted Dario to help locate Gabi and Chad. Hope was still fearful Andre would pull something at the last minute to destroy her future. Hattie finally confronted Andre. Rafe was taken aback when he overheard a conversation between Chad and Gabi. Marlena reunited with Eric at the farm. Chad told Abigail the truth about what happened while he was kidnapped. Dario found Abigail in distress and comforted her. Kate blasted Eduardo for his actions in the Orwell debacle. Lani and Theo encouraged Abe not to give up on Valerie who was visited by a surprise guest. Chad vowed to do what is right regarding his feelings for Abigail and Gabi. Valerie tried to keep Eli’s identity a secret during a high-stress situation.

THIS WEEK: Brady was thrown by Chloe’s news. JJ asked Lani out.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Jason advised Sonny to come clean. Carly planned a romantic getaway. Ned made a life altering decision. Sam worried Alexis might be too forgiving. Julian made a grave mistake. Ned looked to Dante for advice. Nelle and Michael weathered the storm. Tensions grew between Curtis and Jordan. Julian called Jason out. Liv set her sights on Sam. Ava grew desperate. Tracy had cause to celebrate. Bobbie got an update from Felicia. Julian’s learned the consequence of his actions. Nelle pushed Micheal away. Nina took matters into her own hands. Hayden turned to Griffin for answers. Anna was overwhelmed by Valentin. Jason visited Robin at GH. Julian had a clandestine meeting with Gray. Finn alienated Hayden. Laura became a pawn in Julian’s game. Sam found strength in her unborn child.

THIS WEEK: Jason and Curtis made a startling revelation. Nina regretted her actions.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — During a family dinner at the ranch, Nick informed Noah that he and Chelsea are officially dating. Faith was upset when she caught Nick and Chelsea kissing. Abby was jealous when Victor toasted Victoria success as the new owner of Brash & Sassy. Paul informed Lauren that there’s a chance that Scott’s missing. Lauren was determined to get on the next plane to the Middle East to find Scott. Reed snuck out of the house to perform at an open mic night at the Underground.

Mariah discovered that a video of Reed performing is trending. Reed panicked when he discovered that Mariah posted the video on GC Buzz’s website. Ashley was not amused by how well Phyllis and Ravi appear to enjoy each other’s company. Ashley lashed out at Phyllis, and the ladies argued on how to treat Ravi. Later, Ashley confessed to Ravi that she didn’t like seeing him bond with Phyllis. Victoria lost patience with Cane when he hijacked a Brash & sassy interview on GC Buzz. Hilary questioned Jordan about his past with Hilary. Later, Devon admitted to Hilary that he’s unhappy without her. Sharon apologized to Nikki for the milk pouring incident. Nikki told Sharon that she could make it up to her by helping her start a shelter for women in dire straits.

THIS WEEK: Nikki informed Noah that she and Sharon called a truce. Nikki made a slip about Dylan leaving town. Nikki tried to cover with him, but Noah’s convinced that Nikki is hiding something.

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