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Recaps: Feb. 27 – March 3

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Having just finalized their wedding plans, Liam and Steffy called the family together to announce the destination for their nuptials. Ridge’s reaction to Steffy’s suggestion of the wedding wasn’t quite what she expected. Sally used her friendship with Thomas to her advantage by requesting he interview Coco for an internship position at Forrester Creations. Seeing how enthusiastic Coco is about the possibility of working in fashion, Sally began to have reservations about using her as a mole. Coco’s experience and professionalism impressed Thomas and especially RJ during her internship interview, convincing them that she would be a good fit in the company in spite of her last name. As Sally felt the pang of guilt about using Coco as a spy, Shirley and Saul reminded her of why they’re doing this. Ridge and Quinn found themselves in an uncomfortable situation where they had a difficult time resisting their attraction to each other. As Spectra Fashions found themselves falling upon extremely hard times, Sally was reassured that their plan to infiltrate Forrester Creations is necessary. Coco was hesitant to go along with their scheme because she wants to begin a legitimate career in the fashion industry. Zende and Nicole returned from their honeymoon with stories and photos of their adventures. Despite Thomas’ endorsement of Coco, Rick was up in arms when he learned that the newest Forrester Creations intern is a Spectra. Brooke paid a visit to Bill to present him with a birthday gift, which she knows means as much to him as she does. A suspicious Charlie kept a watchful eye on Ridge and Quinn during their interactions in the office. When Pam questioned his morethan usually odd behavior, Charlie admitted his notion of Ridge and Quinn possibly having an affair. The Forrester Creations’ group took note of the positive changes between Ridge and Quinn’s working relationship since their trip to San Francisco. Meanwhile, Ridge and Quinn discussed how to best interact with each other in the future. Pam was in disbelief that Ridge and Quinn could be having an affair in spite of the evidence that Charlie presented to her. Ridge and Quinn agreed to keep their latest kiss quiet as they admitted their true feelings for each other.

THIS WEEK: Eric had a close call in learning the details of Pam and Charlie’s suspicions. Bill made a special birthday request of Brooke to accompany him to a special location where he could show her just how much she means to him.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Nicole made it clear to Deimos that she’s done with him for good. Deimos accused Brady of being in love with Nicole. Jennifer and Eric shared a tender moment. JJ and Lani agreed to a date and Gabi overheard. Rafe and Hope enjoyed a romantic evening. Nicole made one last heartfelt plea to try to persuade Chloe to give back her baby. Kayla delivered unexpected news to Joey and Jade. Sonny made a pitch to Victor to make him the successor to Deimos. Deimos put plans in motion to kidnap Holly. Nicole was furious when Brady gave her an update about Eric. Dario made a confession to Gabi. Chad offered Abigail a job. Nicole made a desperate move. Tension arose between Sonny and Paul. Chad and Abigail continued to grow closer. Sonny informed Brady of his plans to take on Deimos. Chad and Abigail had an uncomfortable run-in with Gabi. Hope and Rafe learned about big changes at the Salem PD.

THIS WEEK: Brady and Deimos clashed over how best to help Nicole. Eduardo vowed not to give up on Kate.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sonny looked forward to a future with Carly. Julian got a lucky break. Finn apologized to Hayden. Laura failed Tracy. Alexis learned the truth. Carly considered her future with Sonny. Liv’s plans were thwarted. Finn made a sacrifice. Michael confided in Sonny. Bobbie offered Nelle a little friendly advice. Franco made efforts to stay close to Liz. Julian’s days were numbered. Nelle planned her escape. Jason broke his promise. Alexis turned to Jordan for help. Micheal was blindsided. Jason and Franco went toe to toe. Liz got devastating news. Nelle decided to come clean. Kevin looked for answers. Liv had Julian cornered. Robin feared for her mother’s life. Monica helped Alexis through a difficult time.

THIS WEEK: Jordan interrogated Ava. Nelle wanted a future with Michael.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Jack visited Jill and informed her that he knows Colin stole her money. Jill assured Jack that once she’s better, she going to march into his office with a check to buy his share of Fenmore’s. Colin showed up to collect his things. Esther informed him that Billy donated all of his things to charity. Colin begged Cane and Lily to let him stay with them until he gets back on his feet. Noah told Sharon that he and Marisa broke up, and she moved back to Spain. Sharon confessed to Noah that Dylan is in the Witness Protection Program. Sharon admitted telling Noah the truth helped her. At Jabot, Michael caught Gloria giving Jack a shoulder massage. Michael confronted Jack and wanted to know what his intentions are concerning Gloria. Jack covered and told Michael that he owes Gloria for helping him acquire Fenmore’s. Nikki was amused when Victoria told her that she grounded Reed for using her credit card. Nikki reminded Victoria of all of her youthful indiscretions, but Victoria dismissed her. Nikki encouraged Victoria to practice patience with Reed. Later, Victoria asked Reed to play his music for her and was impressed with his abilities. Cane was ecstatic when Victoria appointed him to head Brash & Sassy’s Asia division. Meanwhile, Lily visited Jill and told her that Colin was still in love with her.

THIS WEEK: Jill informed Lily that she’s determined to move on with her life without Colin. Faith wasn’t thrilled to discover that Nick and Chelsea are going out on a date.

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