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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Thomas gave Steffy a lukewarm reaction to her invitation to her wedding in Australia. Shirley announced a big plan for Spectra and explained how the group would change their business model; that the time to be morally upstanding has passed. Brooke and Ridge informed R.J. of their intent to elope after Steffy and Liam’s wedding. R.J.’s elation was deflated when Ridge demanded Coco not be allowed to intern at Forrester Creations. Meanwhile, Thomas defended Coco to Steffy who agreed to let her stay but warned Thomas that she’s his responsibility. RJ found himself in harm’s way when running after Coco. Coco committed an act of heroism, which gave her the opportunity to stay on as an intern at Forrester Creations. Despite the fact that Coco saved his son’s life, Ridge still found her untrustworthy, citing his disdain for any and all Spectras. Brooke urged her fiancĂ© to give Coco a chance. Attempting to diminish any feelings of guilt, Sally built up the courage to go through with Shirley, Saul and Darlita’s plan to have Coco unknowingly spy on the Forresters. RJ and Coco shared a sweet kiss. Ridge met with the group at FC and informed them of what would be happening in Australia. Coco arrived back at the Spectra offices and told them all about her first day on the job at Forrester Creations. Sally became skeptical of their plan after seeing how happy her sister is about RJ. Shirley and Saul pressured Sally into believing this plan is their only option. Sally hesitantly gave Coco the “bugged” jewelry. Thomas called Sally and told her that he would like to see her again. Katie was honored when Brooke invited her to the wedding in Australia but was hesitant to oblige due to past conflicts. Ivy felt validated after showing Quinn a model of one of her designs but questioned the motives for her approval since she revealed to Quinn that she knows about her and Ridge. Ivy attemptef to dissuade Quinn from traveling to Australia for Liam and Steffy’s wedding. Charlie became suspicious of Ridge. While eavesdropping, Katie witnessed an intimate moment between Quinn and Ridge. Charlie and Pam were determined to find out whose lipstick is on Ridge’s napkin. Brooke told Liam and Steffy that she invited Katie to their wedding in Australia. Later, Brooke modeled her wedding dress for Katie.

THIS WEEK: Ridge and Quinn busted Katie for spying on them. Pam, Rick, Maya, Nicole, R.J. and Charlie threw a wedding shower for Steffy and Liam.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Nicole feared for her life as she hid out with Holly. Brady confronted Dr. Lee about what he knows about Nicole. Eric told Jennifer that he would not accept a job at the Horton Center. Ciara confided in Hope about her feelings for Theo. Brady searched for Nicole who ran into some serious trouble. Joey was supportive with Jade before she went in for surgery. Steve received a mysterious call. Adrienne and Justin shared a tender moment. Steve learned a shocking truth about his past. Kayla’s life was unexpectedly put in danger. As they worked on a project together, Dario continued to fall hard for Abigail. Gabi was flustered when Chad again asked for her help. Steve tried to rescue Kayla. Chad made a move to dismantle Deimos and his empire. Sonny and Paul tried to find out what they could about Deimos’ connection to the stolen antiquities. Eli forced Valerie to tell Julie the truth about his father. Steve relayed his shocking discovery to Kayla and Joey. Brady offered Nicole his help.

THIS WEEK: Chloe gained an unexpected ally. Kate continued to rebuff Eduardo’s affections.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Franco made a bizarre discovery. Charlotte’s custody hearing loomed. Liz came to Julian’s aid. Griffin put himself in harm’s way. Nina questioned her marriage. Alexis washed her hands of Julian. Laura struck a deal with Nina. Valentin met with his lawyer. Anna came face-to-face with her past. Liv finally got what she wants. Nina took sides. Jordan pressed Julian for information. Liv wanted Anna dead. Michael doubted Sonny. Carly demanded the truth. Liv gained the upper hand. Kiki forgave Ava. Jason and Sam received bad news. Nelle crossed Michael. Brad confronted Finn. Griffin made a sacrifice. Jason risked his life. Sam and Alexis compared notes.

THIS WEEK: Liv used Ava as bait. Finn’s addiction got the best of him.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Lauren asked Victor for an update on the ransom exchange for Scott. Lauren cracked under pressure and lashed out at Victor but quickly apologized. After learning that Faith was trying to sabotage his date with Chelsea, Nick returned to the Penthouse in hopes of resuming their date. Chelsea admitted that she isn’t sure how to resolve the issue of Faith having a problem with her dating Nick. Abby confided in Ashley that she had a heated exchange with Victor over a business deal. Ashley told her the best way to avoid working with Victor is to join her team at Jabot. Abby told Ashley that she has no intention of giving up and leaving Newman Enterprises. Meanwhile, Phyllis was suspicious of Jack’s behavior and asked him if he’s seeing someone. Jack covered and told Phyllis to mind her own business. Nick and Sharon agreed to talk to Faith together and told her that they’re not more than friends and that Nick’s dating Chelsea. Nick reminded Faith that he could manipulate him and Sharon to get back together. Later, Chelsea was surprised when Faith visited the Penthouse to apologize. Ravi confided in Phyllis that everyone assumes that he and Ashley could never be more than friends. Phyllis delicately encouraged Ravi to give up on Ashley. Meanwhile, with Jack out of town on business, Ashley used the opportunity to take on more of a leadership role at Jabot. Hilary and Mariah fought for the spotlight at GC Buzz. Mariah was annoyed when she learned Hilary scheduled a photo shoot without her. Devon was jealous when he learned that Hilary’s going out for drinks with Jordan. Lily confronted Jordan and did her best to warn him about Hilary. Cane arrived in Tokyo with Juliet; he called Victoria and assured her that he wouldn’t leave Tokyo until he made a deal with Mr. Sato, a high-powered Japanese businessman.

THIS WEEK: Reed performed at an Open Mic night at The Underground. Reed was distracted when he saw his friend Zoey looking at her phone and laughing with friends. He thought Zoey was laughing at him and darted off stage.

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