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RECAPS – 6/18 – 6/22

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – Ben warns Phyllis and Sharon that Jack should not be caught in any more scandals. Phyllis and Sharon secretly decide to hide a nanny-cam in Victor’s office to catch Nikki and David in a compromising position. At Newman Enterprises, Sharon distracts Brad while Phyllis plants the camera. Later, while David helps Nikki with a campaign speech, he tells Nikki how beautiful she is and they share a kiss. Later, Sharon plays back the footage from the nanny cam, and is shocked when she sees Nikki and David kissing. Sharon and Phyllis look at earlier footage on the camera and see what appears to be Jack talking to himself (he was actually speaking to John’s ghost).

THIS WEEK: Kay gives Cane a cash bonus. William moves into Michael and Lauren’s apartment to be cared for by Gloria.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL – Carl tells Bridget that he knows who the mother of Taylor’s baby is, and Bridget leaves the beach house to go meet him. When Phoebe asks, Rick tells her that there was someone else, but he still loves her and wants her forgiveness. After much discussion, Phoebe forgives him and they decide to get over their problems because they want to stay together. Bridget meets Carl at Café Russe, where he claims to know whose eggs are in Taylor’s body, but Bridget realizes that he waned to go on a date with her. After she confronts him, Carl says he can find out truth if he is given some time. Ridge tells Phoebe the truth about Rick shooting Grant, but warns her not to pressure him to remember the truth.

THIS WEEK: Rick is upset when he sees Constantine. Carl gets closer to helping Bridget determine which egg Taylor is carrying.

GUIDING LIGHT – When Jeffrey threatens to investigate further, Reva says she planned to kidnap Lizzie to get back at Alan. Jeffrey doesn’t plan on turning Reva in but feels like she’s leaving out some info. Later, Lizzie tells Jeffrey she remembers a man speaking to her in another language, and soon after he catches Reva shaking hands with a mysterious looking man. Reva calls Jonathan and says she plans on seeing him soon. Olivia adamantly claims that she doesn’t have a thing for Jeffrey-but ends up kissing him. Olivia tosses Jeffrey onto bed, and Jeffrey tries to fight her off. He flips Olivia onto the floor and she’s shocked that Jeffrey is turning her down. THIS WEEK: Beth confronts Rick about his plans to get custody of the baby and go after Alan. Griggs threatens to kill Dinah if Mallet doesn’t get rid of Matt.

AS THE WORLD TURNS – Craig gives Meg the signed papers turning over Worldwide and wants to show Meg the wedding rings. Paul sees a vision of bride in distress and races to stop the wedding. Lucinda prevents him from doing it and Meg and Craig are married. Meg spots Paul and makes an excuse to return to the church. He sees her rings and urges her to abandon the plan and run away with him. Craig spots them together and tells Meg there’s been a change of plans. While everyone waits for the newlyweds at the reception, Craig whisks Meg away. Meg tries to make a call to Paul, but Craig stops her. Alison is guilt ridden about sleeping with Dusty, and even more so when Emily wants them to promise they’ll never lie to each other.

THIS WEEK: Faith tells JJ he has to tell the truth about the gun. Katie learns Jack’s decided to send Parker away to camp.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – In the tunnel, Bo struggles to defuse the ticking bomb while up above in Doug’s Place, John and Marlena arrive to help. John descends into the tunnel. Bo cuts one of the wires and the countdown stops but the bomb “re-activates” and detonates. Bo, Hope and John regain consciousness and Bo suspects the bomb wasn’t meant to kill them – it was a warning to stop asking questions. Chelsea is leaving for the beach, when a hungover Nick stops her, wanting to talk. He needs to know if they have a future or not. Chelsea admits she isn’t sure. Nick declares it’s over between them and walks out on her. A devastated Chelsea pulls herself together and heads to the beach. At the docks, Sami and Lucas see a veiled mystery woman plant an envelope.

THIS WEEK: Steve turns up at the DiMera mansion. Stefano now knows EJ can’t be trusted.

PASSIONS – Kay’s spell goes wrong, and causes an earthquake at Tabitha’s. Tabitha makes Kay admit she can’t control her magic before reversing the spell. Noah and Paloma are worried when they come home to find Jessica missing. Meanwhile, Spike has Jessica unconscious in the back of his van, as he drives her to a remote location, intending to bury her alive! Noah, Paloma and Simone search for Jessica. Spike digs a grave for his unconscious wife. Theresa fantasizes about Ethan as she makes love to Jared. Ethan tries to contact Theresa, but gets angry Jared instead. Whitney feels terrible when she sees how much Miles misses his dad. TC observes his daughter’s anguish and calls Theresa to come support her best friend. Theresa advises Whitney to allow Chad to be a part of his children’s lives.

THIS WEEK: Time is running out for Jessica. Gwen walksin on Ethan and Theresa in an embrace.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Sonny has a Father’s Day bbq and allows Jax to come along with Carly and their sons. Kate also attends the gathering with her magazine publisher, and Sonny is surprised when it turns out that Jax knows him. Sonny sees how good Jax is with Michael and Morgan but covers his sadness when they all head out. Jason comforts Liz in the interrogation room, where he learns that Jake was kidnapped. Jason realizes that Lainey thinks Liz may have put her own child in jeopardy and goes off on Lucky when he doesn’t defend his wife. Lucky takes Liz home, where he accuses her of not keep an eye on their baby when she should have. Carly catches Jax making plans on the phone and naturally assumes it is Jerry.

THIS WEEK: Sam finds Amelia’s folder full of photos of Sam’s past aliases. Kate wants Sonny to publicly date someone to draw tabloid interest away from them.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Having been released from jail, David shows up at Dorian’s insisting she fork over the $10 million he was cheated out of. Starr inadvertently ends up drawn into their shenanigans but quickly leaves in Dorian’s limo to meet up with Markko. On the way there, the limo gets a flat tire and, forced to get to the dance by foot, she tumbles face-first into mud. Marcie plays yenta for Markko and Langston by arranging for them to be named king and queen of the prom. Marty and Blair are ready to spit nails when they see each other at the Palace Bar. Marty panics when she sees David arrive but he heads out without mentioning that he thinks she killed Spencer.

THIS WEEK: Marty is moved when she sees Miles connecting with a young boy he befriended. Jessica is served with divorce papers.

ALL MY CHILDREN – When Ryan attempts to get Annie to lighten up about Greenlee, a fed-up Annie threatens to nix their honeymoon. She quickly rethinks that decision and they, along with Spike and Emma, head out as originally planned. Kendall thinks back to their fertility clinic hijinks with Simone and Greenlee and recalls how they all seemed to click back then. When Lily tells Jack and Sean about her encounter with the drug dealer, they’re certain that he’s sold to Ava in the past. Ava realizes she has no more chances left with Jack and offers to say it was her choice to leave so as to not hurt Lily. Ava and Lily share sad goodbyes, then Ava takes shelter in the empty boathouse.

THIS WEEK: Adam is a total wreck as he awaits a call about JR. A camera crew records Erica and Jack in mid-kiss.

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