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RECAPS - 5/5-5/9

ALL MY CHILDREN – Annie tried to win Ryan by sabotaging the Fusion presentation and getting canned. The plan backfired, though, and she accepted that she and Ryan were only friends. Joe told Julia he was worried about Jake. Aiden got himself captured in Darfur in order to get to Jake and help him escape. Dixie appeared to Adam and said she would haunt him until he unites Kate with Tad. Tad and Jesse found Hazel and she told them that Kate is in New Mexico. Adam turned to Opal to get Dixie’s ghost out of his mansion. When Opal failed, Adam asked Stuart to intervene.

THIS WEEK: Ryan takes a tumble and is flooded with memories of Annie.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Lily returned home and was anxious to make love with Holden, but he wanted to take things slowly. Jack and Holden clashed when Jack was down on Holden’s friendship with Carly. Katie was shocked when Brad let Liberty manipulate him. Brad was stunned to meet Liberty’s mother, Janet. He told her that he loved Katie. Mike convinced Meg to drop the charges against Paul. Paul was jealous when he saw Mike and Meg dancing at Metro, so he used Sofie to make Meg jealous. Ameera called Colonel Mayer and vowed her loyalty to him. Alison shared a romantic moment with Chris.

THIS WEEK: Emily’s attracted to a younger man.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Katie shocked her sisters, saying that she wishes she had turned in Storm when she learned of his attempt on Stephanie. Donna excitedly prepared for her wedding to Eric. Stephanie delayed calling movers to take her things from the mansion in hopes that Eric would not marry Donna. When it was time to say, "I do," Eric followed through, much to his children’s disappointment. Bridget took comfort in Nick’s arms, but they agreed to progress slowly with their relationship. Katie was guiltridden when Ashley explained to her that Storm was really not trying to hurt her when he showed her the gun, that Katie misunderstood the situation.

THIS WEEK: Stephanie begins to build a new life without Eric.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – Kayla confronted Martino about Ava’s medication. She found herself comforting Steve’s ex-girlfriend. Hope was assigned to investigate the murder of Ava’s psychiatrist. Sami admitted to immigration that she loves EJ. Sami told John about some romantic times he shared with Marlena. Marlena and John discovered that the secret disk from the safe was encrypted and could not be read. Chelsea learned that Daniel’s heart was broken when his wife died of cancer. Max found Nick’s abandoned grant submission. He sent it in for Nick without letting him know what he’d done.

THIS WEEK: Lucas tells Sami not to wait for him, to move on with her life.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Jax and Sonny agreed that Michael needed the kind of care that Carly cannot give him. Carly insisted on trying, but was overcome when she saw Morgan trying to wake his brother from his comatose state. Jason convinced her to send Michael to a longterm care facility. Jerry warned Claudia to run before Sonny learned of her involvement in Michael’s shooting. Elizabeth had Jake’s first birthday without Jason there. Ian threatened Maxie’s life. Luke and Anna got drunk. Anna stunned Robin and Patrick by asking him when he was going to marry Robin. Kate was worried that Sonny would discover her deception. Nikolas said goodbye to Emily.

THIS WEEK: Alone with Liz, Jason gives in to his emotions.

GUIDING LIGHT – Lillian agreed to be Olivia’s nurse. Rafe wondered why Natalia didn’t want to leave Springfield with him since Gus is dead. Jolene told Reva and Josh that the film of Reva’s life would center on their love story. Cyrus took on the surveillance of Cassie in order to keep Harley and Josh from finding out that Cassie’s lover was Cyrus! Lizzie was furious with Bill for using her to get information about Spaulding. Bill proves his love for Lizzie when he saves her dog, Roxy, from a chocolate overdose. Marina and Mallet grew closer. Coop found Ashlee passed out, surrounded by letters she’d written to everyone who ever hurt her.

THIS WEEK: Dinah is jealous of Mallet’s affection for Marina.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Starr and Cole ran away and set up a new life. Blair enlisted John’s help to find Starr. Todd snatched Markko’s cell phone and used it to call Starr. Langston covered for Starr, saying she was the one who’s pregnant. Dorian insisted that Langston get an abortion. Natalie and Jared made love, then he confessed that Charlie’s his father. They flew to Paris, Texas, to be alone, unaware that David Vickers overheard what they’re up to. Rex crashed Adriana’s bachelorette party looking for Gigi. Adriana bribed Brody to say he was Shane’s father. Brody told Adriana that Shane is Rex’s son.

THIS WEEK: David tries to blackmail Jared.

PASSIONS – Julian was haunted by the loss of his penis. He was shocked when he discovered Vincent on the kitchen table, about to give birth. Eve explained to Julian about Vincent and Valerie. Theresa fantasized a romantic reunion with Ethan. Before she could reveal herself to him, she learned that Juanita escaped from a Mexican jail and was out for revenge. Pretty poisoned the pilot of Luis and Fancy’s private jet, prepared to see them both die since she cannot have Luis for her own. Ethan and Gwen discovered Gertrude in their hotel bathroom. Gwen demanded to know why Gert was after Ethan.

THIS WEEK: Vincent/ Valerie experiences a miracle.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – Adrian was thrown when his book tour was canceled. Colleen had told her father about the book and he hired Michael to try and stop the publication. David lost at poker. He hid it from Nikki and borrowed from Brad to cover his losses. Jeff tried to make Gloria jealous by going after Jill. Victoria quit Newman Enterprises and went to work for Jabot. Victor offered Victoria’s office to Adam and asked his son to move in to the ranch. Victor asked Sabrina to be his wife. Phyllis and Sharon continued to butt heads at Restless Style, so Jack hired an outside consultant. Lily confided in Madame Chauvin about her miscarriage. Sabrina hired Jana as her assistant.

THIS WEEK: Brad presses David to repay the money he loaned him.

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