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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Brooke was taken aback by Katie’s accusation of Ridge and Quinn possibly having an affair and suggested that the claim’s purely revenge for stealing Bill months earlier. Witnessing the love and appreciation that Ridge and Eric have for each other convinced Brooke even more that Katie’s allegation is false. Quinn had a difficult time concentrating on work while being all-encompassed with the thought of her and Ridge being caught. The bride, groom and wedding party embarked on a luxurious journey to Australia for Steffy and Liam’s destination nuptials. While preparing for their flight, Bill and Katie questioned each other about behaviors the other are exhibiting that appear out of the ordinary. Katie kept a watchful eye on Ridge and Quinn’s interactions with each other. Thomas paid an unannounced visit to Sally with a tempting invitation to be his date for Steffy and Liam’s wedding. Sally pondered Thomas’ invitation knowing that accepting it could be life-changing. On the plane to Australia, Katie had sympathy knowing how difficult the trip is for Bill as he watched Brooke with Ridge. Having decided to accept Thomas’ invitation, Sally caught a flight to Sydney that fits more into a Spectra budget than a Forrester one.

THIS WEEK: Sally encountered a couple of familiar faces on her lengthy voyage; Matt & Kieran, from Quinn’s flight to Monte Carlo, were Sally’s seat mates. Witnessing Ridge and Quinn sitting together, Katie attempted to catch any cues that would confirm her suspicions.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Chad made a confession to Abigail about Gabi. Gabi and Dario discussed their inability to be with the ones they love. Eric pushed Jennifer away. Claire lashed out at Ciara and later made a devious move. Chloe kissed someone surprising. Brady got Nicole settled into her new home. Abigail was put in danger. Chad told Gabi that he could never see her again. Chad and Dario panicked when they realized Abigail’s missing. Deimos revealed his plan to give Chad an impossible choice. Sonny realized Chad’s in imminent danger. Abe asked Lani for a favor regarding Eli. Chad was forced to make an agonizing choice between Abigail and Gabi. JJ, Paul and Dario searched frantically for Chad, Abigail and Gabi. Steve and Kayla traced his son with Ava to a diner in Arizona. Joey tended to Jade who’s loving the attention he’s giving her. Nicole was afraid her neighbor would find out that she and Holly are on the run. Brady and Eric shared a warm reunion.

THIS WEEK: Adrienne’s loved ones gathered to support her as she prepared to have her double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery. Hope had to pull Rafe back from attacking Deimos.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Ava added fuel to Carly’s fire. Sonny visited Morgan’s grave. Liv lured Julian away. Dante helped defuse a bad situation. Finn couldn’t escape the inevitable. Lulu asked Kevin for help. Carly sought revenge. Curtis questioned Andre’s motives. Liz struggled with Helena’s influence over Jake. Sonny tracked down Rudge. Liv tried to escape. Sonny knew what he must do. Jordan took Ava to the PCPD. Alexis fearef the worst. Kiki found comfort in Dillon. Laura had a warning for Valentin. Dante and Lulu suffered a minor setback. Franco was troubled by what he learned during a therapy session. Sam was touched by Liz’s gift. Alexis was ready to learn the truth. Dante urged Sonny to change his ways. Ava was besieged with guilt. Alexis reflected on her feelings for Julian.

THIS WEEK: A visit with Liv further frustrated Anna. Jason helped Carly understand.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Sharon told Faith and Nick that she’s enrolled in courses at GC University. They both expressed how proud they are of Sharon. The guilt of knowing the truth about Christian’s paternity weighed heavily on Chelsea. She contemplated telling Nick but decided against it. Later, she met with Victor who ordered her to keep the secret. Chelsea picked up on Victor’s underlying threat. Victoria was thrilled when Cane reported in that he’s locked up major contracts in the Asian market. Juliet offered to be Cane’s tour guide for the evening in Tokyo. Billy realized that Victoria forgot to return Johnny’s permission slip for a class trip and slipped out. Excited for his night on the town, Cane postponed calling Lily. Meanwhile, Lily was doing a personal appearance at a Bridal Fair at the GCAC. Lily was unnerved when a fan named Don cornered her in the green room. Jordan came to the rescue and scared the guy away. Later, the man watched from afar as she left the green room. Devon told Mariah that his divorce to Hilary has hit a snag. Hilary met with Michael who told her the judge wouldn’t sign the divorce papers until all of the financial arrangements with Devon are finalized. Victoria caught Billy at the house and wrapped him in a hug as she thanked him for helping with the permission slip. Billy reminded her that she could always count on him. As Victor and Nikki prepared to attend a charity opera benefit, Victor complained about having to spend an evening with the Abbotts. At the GCAC, Ashley received a call from Jack who wasn’t able to return to town for the benefit. Ravi arrived and offered to take Jack’s place. After the opera, everyone was impressed when Ravi won over a stuck up, high society couple with his knowledge of opera. Colin told Neil that he feels his relationship with Jill is over for good. Neil offered to lend Colin money, so he could leave town. Jack returned from his out of town trip. He was pleasantly surprised on how Gloria held down the fort at Jabot while he was gone. He reminded her that they would never be anything serious between them. Billy informed Victoria that he received an invitation from the NHL to pitch Brash & Sassy as the official men’s line of the league.

THIS WEEK: Jack told Ashley that someone tipped him off about Billy’s pitch. He admitted that he wants to do everything he can to destroy Billy’s success at Brash & Sassy. Later, Billy was furious when he learns that Jabot has also been asked to pitch the NHL.

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