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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Sally’s long journey to Australia felt never ending due to the couple whom she’s seated between on the airplane. Brooke became distant while reflecting on Katie’s accusation of Ridge and Quinn carrying on an inappropriate relationship. Katie was taken aback when Brooke put her foot down regarding her sister’s claims. Quinn surprised Eric with a romantic evening on their first night in Sydney. Steffy hinted to Liam that she has something special in store for him at their wedding. Before walking down the aisle to become Mrs. Liam Spencer, Steffy participated in a Forrester Creations photo shoot with Ivy in front of the Sydney Opera House. In spite of how difficult it would be to see Brooke with Ridge at the ceremony, Bill assisted Liam with some last minutes arrangements. Sally was torn between her obligations to her family business and her growing feelings for Thomas. In front of Sydney’s picturesque harbor and Opera House, Steffy and Liam’s long-awaited nuptials began. Family members of the bride and groom paid homage to the happy couple with heartfelt and emotional speeches. Well aware that his ex-wife and brother were tying the knot at that moment, Wyatt soothed his sorrows with heartnumbing libations. Steffy and Liam exchanged vows and were pronounced husband and wife. Sally, Saul and Darlita were anxiously awaiting word from Sally about possibly getting her hands on any Forrester Creations’ secrets. Meanwhile, Sally was having the time of her life while in Australia and falling head over heels for Thomas. Steffy welcomed her and Liam’s wedding guests to their reception where they got the chance to experience some of Australia’s heritage while toasting the happy couple. With their own big day just hours away, Brooke made sure that Ridge still wants to marry her the following day. Brooke and Eric reveled in their 30 years of friendship and paths that they have taken to get to where they are today. As Quinn questioned Ridge about his upcoming wedding to Brooke, he pointed out that his marriage would mark the end of their clandestine relationship.

THIS WEEK: Conceding that Brooke’s to be married the next day, Bill offered his support to her for whenever she might need it. When Steffy confronted Sally about crashing her wedding, their confrontation made a big splash at the reception.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Chad made a confession to Abigail about Gabi. Gabi and Dario discussed their inability to be with the ones they love. Eric pushed Jennifer away. Claire lashed out at Ciara and later made a devious move. Chloe kissed someone surprising. Brady got Nicole settled into her new home. Abigail was put in danger. Chad told Gabi that he could never see her again. Chad and Dario panicked when they realize Abigail’s missing. Deimos revealed his plan to give Chad an impossible choice. Sonny realized Chad’s in imminent danger. Abe asked Lani for a favor regarding Eli. Chad was forced to make an agonizing choice between Abigail and Gabi. JJ, Paul and Dario searched frantically for Chad, Abigail and Gabi. Steve and Kayla traced his son with Ava to a diner in Arizona. Joey tended to Jade who’s loving the attention he’s giving her. Nicole was afraid her neighbor would find out she and Holly are on the run. Brady and Eric shared a warm reunion.

THIS WEEK: Adrienne’s loved ones gathered to support her as she prepared to have her double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery. Hope had to pull Rafe back from attacking Deimos.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Carly couldn’t see past Sonny’s betrayal. Valentin caught Lulu off guard. Bobbie let Nelle have it. Finn came to a crossroad. Anna laid into Andre. Anna delivered an ultimatum. Dante and Michael had a heart-toheart. Nelle entertained an interesting proposition. Tracy confronted Finn. Hayden dodged Liz’s questions. Nelle made a move. Laura’s fixation put a strain on her relationship. Anna enlisted Obrecht’s help. Liv taunted Griffin. Valentin tied up loose ends with Nora. Sonny faced Morgan’s killer. Finn fought to keep his secret. Liv expressed her gratitude. Tracy received a tempting offer. Franco shared his concerns. Hayden looked to Curtis for help. Jason and Sam reconnected.

THIS WEEK: Sonny felt defeated. Liz’s concerns turned into worry. Alexis struggled with her grief.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Ashley was livid that Jack continues to put revenge against Billy above the priority of Jabot. Meanwhile, Billy learned that Jack’s trying to sabotage Brash & Sassy’s potential deal with the NHL. Billy saw Phyllis at Crimson Lights and vented about Jack’s power play. Billy vowed to not let Jack crush his plans. Phyllis warned Billy to not do something that he would regret. Ashley met with Neil and offered him a job at Jabot. Neil asked Ashley if she’s trying to wrestle control of Jabot from Jack. Meanwhile, Jack met with Hilary and urged her to play dirty during her divorce proceedings with Devon and insist on a clause that doesn’t allow him anywhere near GC Buzz. Jill was shocked when Colin told her that he’s finally setting her free. Jill wondered if she’s ready to forgive Colin. Cane returned home and thanked Jordan for helping Lily while he’s away. Cane could not shake the feeling that something strange happened to him in Tokyo. Kevin brought Scott to The Underground where he met Chloe. Scott confessed that he’s unsure what to do with his life. Chloe got drunk and insisted on dancing with Scott. Michael informed Nick that Sage left him her inheritance from Constance Bingham.

THIS WEEK: Nick told Chelsea that he wants her to have the money. Chelsea agreed to take the money and put it aside for Connor’s future.

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