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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Quinn was put on the spot when she’s confronted with questions regarding her affair with Ridge. Having had a wonderful time in Australia, Eric basked in the happiness he has found with Quinn following the loss of Stephanie. Ridge’s worse fears came to life when he learned that his and Quinn’s secret’s out. Well aware that her wedding’s the following day, a heartbroken Bill was faced with the brutal reality that he has lost Brooke to Ridge. Ridge and Quinn attempted everything in their power to make sure that Eric does not learn about their affair. The Forrester Creations’ staff anticipated information from Australia on Brooke and Ridge’s wedding to release to the public. Sensing that there’s tension going on between Brooke and Ridge, Eric assumed that another woman is involved. Ridge felt deep regret for having gone along with an affair of the heart behind Brooke’s back. Ridge and Quinn attempted to justify their actions and claimed that their witnessed kiss was nothing more than a “goodbye.” Surrounded by candlelight and champagne, Steffy and Liam enjoyed their first night together as Mr. and Mrs. Spencer. Steffy hinted to her new husband that she has another surprise in store for him during their honeymoon. Quinn felt pangs of guilt when she saw the romantic evening that Eric had planned for her. RJ was forced to defend Coco when members of his family questioned whether or not she should be exposed to the new Forrester Creations designs. A call from the loan shark caused a great deal of anxiety for Shirley, which fueled her urgency to make Spectra profitable. Upon Thomas’ return to Los Angeles, he was grilled by Rick about inviting Sally to Steffy and Liam’s wedding. Meanwhile, Shirley urged Sally to release the photos she took during the wedding in Australia. Now back in Los Angeles, Katie paid Ridge a visit to confront him regarding the current state of his relationship with Brooke. As the Spectra gang watched the feed from Coco’s necklace intently, they experienced a close call of being caught when Thomas came calling for Sally.

THIS WEEK: Coco and RJ got to know each other much better as they recounted for one another events from their respective pasts. Unaware that the other was still in Australia, Bill and Brooke ran into each other at a time when they needed each other the most.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Jade’s manipulation of Joey took a bad turn. Brady sought out Marlena’s professional advice regarding the situation with Nicole. Steve and Tripp had a paternity test to see if Steve is indeed his father. Dario made a big confession to Abigail. Chad gave Deimos a taste of his own medicine. Jade was rushed to the hospital. Steve delivered stunning news to Tripp. Abe tried to talk to Eli on Valerie’s behalf. Adrienne finally chose between Lucas and Justin. Steve and Kayla worried about Joey’s ability to keep the truth about Ava to himself. Tripp made a mysterious call to uncover more information on his mother. Eli and Gabi got to know one another better. Nicole was stunned when Brady returned to Canada and confessed his love for her. Eric decided to take a step forward with Jennifer. Dario was stung by Abigail’s decision. Kate spied a kiss between Eduardo and Chloe! Nicole feared her and Brady’s neighbor might pose a threat to their happiness. Deimos was furious when he learned from Victor that Brady’s on the run with Nicole.

THIS WEEK: Abigail asked Chad hard questions about Deimos’s beating. Eric and Jennifer eagerly anticipated their date, but things didn’t go quite as planned.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Liz rethought her future with Franco. Laura pumped Sonny for information. Scott’s plan backfired. Jason questioned the welfare of his child. Lucy went on the attack. Tracy learned of an unexpected windfall. Ava paid a hefty price for silence. Carly got an ultimatum. Laura and Lulu conspired. Alexis was startled by an unexpected guest. Anna was shocked by Valetin’s allegation. Ava made a deal with Lucy. Curtis and Jordan grew closer. Nathan worried about his future. Ned questioned Olivia’s feelings. Franco sought advice from an unlikely source. Tracy enlisted a partner-in-crime. Liz confided in Kiki. Jason took necessary steps to protect his family. Ava’s plan hit a major snag. Lulu made a new friend. Alexis doubted herself. Nelle was put on notice.

THIS WEEK: Valentin tried to fill in the blanks. Sam began her own investigation.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Cane felt he has no choice but to recommend Juliet to Victoria for the division manager job at Brash & Sassy. A hesitant Cane mentioned it to Victoria who agreed to interview Juliet. Jack confronted Ashley about her feelings for Ravi. Ashley insisted that her relationship with Ravi is strictly platonic. Ashley turned the table by asking Jack why he insists on keeping Gloria around. Victor called Scott to his office and informed him that his driver, Ahmed and his family had been safely found. Victor then asked Scott to write his autobiography. Scott told Sharon that Victor wants him to write his autobiography. Sharon explained to Scott that she has a long history with the Newman family. Scott visited Victor at the ranch and accepted Victor’s offer. Scott could sense that Nikki has reservations about Victor’s autobiography. Abby was upset when Victoria arrived at Newman and interrupted a presentation she was giving to Victor. Abby vented to Ashley that she’s tired of living in Victoria’s shadow. Neil confided in Devon that Ashley offered him a position at Jabot. Devon told Neil that they should form a new company together. Nikki witnessed Reed having a discouraging music lesson with a tough music instructor. Later, Nikki saw Tessa, a young musician, performing outside Crimson Lights and offered her a job as Reed’s new music teacher. Tessa accepted, and Nikki brought her to the ranch to meet Reed.

THIS WEEK: Hilary asked Jordan to do a photo shoot for her rebranding. During the shoot, Jordan pulled her into a kiss.

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