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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — As Eric was sharing photos of his trip, Rick relented how he misjudged the true character of Quinn and is content knowing that his father is happy. Quinn confessed to Ridge her great fear of Eric finding out about their affair and Katie using the information to her own advantage. Katie urged Brooke to go to Eric about Quinn and Ridge; otherwise, she’d do it herself. The Forrester family began to learn that Brooke and Ridge were not married in Australia as planned. Not understanding why Brooke and Ridge did not go through with their wedding, Eric questioned the former couple. Eric was very blunt with Ridge by asking if another woman was the reason behind the breakup. Having had previous suspicions about the relationship, Pam and Charlie were not surprised when they learned about Brooke and Ridge’s canceled nuptials. Brooke took a private moment alone with Ridge to unleash her anger and disappointment onto him. Ridge confessed his mistake to Brooke, begged her forgiveness and asked her to please reconsider marrying him. During an unannounced visit to Quinn, Katie enjoyed watching her nemesis squirm while holding a threat of revealing her affair with Eric over her. While Ridge was reluctant to do so, Brooke admitted to a disappointed RJ that they were not married in Australia as they had planned. Quinn hoped to get Katie to back off on her threats by offering her a job at Forrester Creations. As not to let Coco get suspicious about the hidden camera they’ve outfitted her with, Shirley provided her granddaughter with a different spying device. Thomas went on the defensive when Steffy chided him for bringing Sally as a date to her wedding knowing how the ladies do not get along. Unaware that Coco’s an unknowing spy, RJ invited her to see the latest and confidential Forrester designs. The Spectra gang immediately got started on their knockoffs upon witnessing the competition’s work. When seeing that Sally’s having reservations about stealing Forrester Creations’ designs, Shirley knew exactly which buttons to push to get her granddaughter back on track. Some of the Forrester family expressed their lingering concern about having a Spectra working as an intern in the company. Brothers,

THIS WEEK: Thomas and RJ, bonded over both being under the spell of the tabooed Spectra women. Darlita got quite a shock while watching the feed from Coco’s hidden camera.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Gabi learned Abigail and Chad plan to renew their vows. Paul and Sonny finally made love. Marlena and Kate had a girl’s night out. Marlena had a fantasy about John. Nicole and Brady had their neighbors over for dinner, and things took a bad turn for Nicole. Tripp learned more about Ava. Hope’s surveillance app went off, and Rafe discovered that she planted a bug on someone. Theo realized he and Claire are moving too fast. Nicole panicked over Scooter recognizing her. Abigail confided to JJ that she’s worried about Chad’s feelings for Gabi. Gabi went on a date with Eli. Ciara was pleasantly surprised when she met Wyatt. Abigail had a confrontation with Kate. Eduardo and Dario discussed a new revenue stream. Sonny was furious when Deimos demoted him. Rafe and Hope eavesdropped on Deimos. Hope and Rafe prepared to take down Deimos. Eduardo was hopeful he and Kate are finally going to work things out.

THIS WEEK: Paul was worried about Sonny’s continued obsession with destroying Deimos. Nicole and Scooter squared off.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sonny was humbled. Alexis offered an apology. Sam sought closure. Carly received sad news. Tracy and Laura had a heart to heart. Tracy demanded answers. Sam hired Curtis. Carly learned the truth. Finn battled his demons. Liz sympathized with Hayden. Anna was remorseful. Ava enlisted Scott’s help. Dante was intrigued. Josslyn was conflicted. Valentin was taken aback. Lulu suffered a setback. Sonny got surprising news. Nelle had a realization. Ava took her frustration out on Kiki. Dante attempted to put the pieces together. Dante remained suspicious. Nelle and Michael crossed paths. Liz reassured Franco.

THIS WEEK: Carly found a way to forgive. Tracy received a warning.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Sharon was at the coffeehouse and got emotional when she found Dylan’s old apron. Scott arrived and comforted an emotional Sharon. Victoria wasn’t pleased to discover that Victor hired Scott to write his biography. Victoria told Victor that she doesn’t want their family to be open to scrutiny. Meanwhile, Scott began his writing by interviewing Abby. Abby revealed that she might never be accepted as either an Abbott or a Newman. Cane told Juliet that he does not remember sleeping together in Tokyo. Lily entered the room and asked what they’re talking about. An uncomfortable Cane introduced Juliet to Lily and rushed her out of the room. Later, Victoria informed Cane that she had decided to offer Juliet a full-time position at Brash & Sassy in Genoa City. Ashley showed Ravi a photo of them from the opera that was posted on GC Buzz. Ashley assured Ravi that she’s not upset about the photo. Ashley had dinner plans with Abby who quizzed her about her feelings for Ravi. Abby encouraged her not to rule things out with Ravi, but Ashley told her to ease up with the love advice. Meanwhile, Phyllis encouraged Ravi to dress for the woman he wants and offered to help him upgrade his wardrobe. Ravi accepted Phyllis’ offer. The next day, he reported to Jabot with his new wardrobe and was disappointed when Ashley doesn’t notice his new look. Phyllis confronted Ashley and told her to pick one signal to use towards Ravi and stick to it. Billy returned from his trip and told Victoria that he wants to discuss the kiss they shared.

THIS WEEK: Victoria admitted that she enjoyed the kiss but doesn’t want to make a big deal about it. Later, there was an underlying tension as Billy and Victoria shared an elevator with Phyllis.

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