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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Thomas and Coco watched in disbelief as they shared the feeling of betrayal from Sally as she proudly accepted accolades for the Spectra designs. Knowing that RJ had his hopes up for his parents to be reunited, Brooke consoled him by assuring him that everything would work out the way it’s supposed to. Coco’s level of feeling betrayed was intensified when she learned that her family was able to steal the designs because of her. The executive staff at Forrester Creations called an emergency meeting to discuss how they’re going to deal with the situation with Spectra and, more importantly, Coco. In spite of the numerous orders that were pouring in, Sally regretted having listened to Shirley’s advice regarding the designs and Thomas. As Coco apologetically returned to Forrester Creations, RJ confronted her about helping her family with their thievery. Coco passionately expressed her innocence and was relieved to know that RJ fully believes her. Frustrated about the position that Forrester Creations is in, Steffy unleashed her anger upon Thomas by reminding him of her warnings regarding Sally. Steffy insisted that RJ and Thomas cut off all ties with Coco and Sally. Coco confronted Sally about being used as a mole after having made herself clear that she originally didn’t want to be a part of the scheme. When Bill learned of the success of the Spectra fashion show, he became angered that his goal of obtaining their building would once again fall through. Ridge and Eric consulted Carter on what their legal rights are regarding Spectra Fashions stealing Forrester Creations’ designs. Eric angrily blamed Ridge for the collection being stolen under his supervision of the company. Katie enjoyed the power play during a visit with Quinn as she attempted to collect on a promise made to remain quiet about the affair with Ridge. Eric continued to question Ridge about why he and Brooke did not get married in Australia as planned. Ridge was firm with Quinn that nothing could ever happen between them again because he’s determined to win Brooke back. Brooke surprised Bill with a romantic evening to celebrate their reunion with a few of his favorite things.

THIS WEEK: Katie used an opportune moment of Eric being present to pressure Quinn into setting her up with a position at Forrester Creations. When Ridge interjected himself into the conversation, Katie taunted him about losing Brooke to Bill.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Abigail made a life-changing decision. Tension escalated between Kate, Jennifer and Andre. Eric tried to persuade Chloe to make peace with Nicole. Brady realized Nicole might be in trouble. Chad explained to Gabi what happened at the vow renewal ceremony. Dario comforted Abigail. Nicole made a confession to Brady. Jade told Claire that she thinks Theo is jealous of Wyatt. Steve asked Tripp not to take money from the Vitali family. Kayla exposed Jade’s plot. Marlena was reunited with John! Paul gave Sonny new information about Deimos. Kayla bailed Tripp out of his situation, and the bond between stepmom and stepson grew. Tripp offered Jade a place to stay. Steve told Adrienne about his newfound son. While on a date with Eli, Gabi and Julie had a nasty confrontation, and one of them ended up in the hospital. Abigail started to take steps to assert her independence. Eric bolstered a still worried Jennifer, assuring her that her daughter’s a lot stronger than she thinks. Chad pulled out all the stops to win back Abigail.

THIS WEEK: Kate spied Dario and Abigail together. Eli remained upset with Gabi over what happened between her and Julie.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Tracy attempted to upstage Olivia. Sonny confronted Jax. Alexis got clarity. Dante feared the worst. Sam raced after a lead. Tracy disappointed the family. Alexis found closure. Ned let an uninvited guest have it. Liz was distraught. Jake confided in Franco. Nelle took the high road. Finn balked at Griffin’s offer. Brad’s anger intensified. Hayden wasn’t sure about the future. Carly vowed to punish Nelle. Carly and Jax were interrupted. Finn questioned Tracy’s motives. Jason had good news for Sonny. Monica stood her ground. Franco worried about Jake. Liz and Jason showed a united front. Sonny caused trouble for Jax. Alexis admitted the truth.

THIS WEEK: Ava and Scott paid a visit to the PCPD. Carly felt double crossed.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Nick visited Victor to tell him that Faith is moving back in with him. Victor and Faith had a tearful goodbye. Victor appointed Abby as acting CEO of Newman Enterprises while he’s out of town on business. In New York, Ashley met Traci for breakfast. Traci met Ravi and grilled Ashley about her relationship with him. Cane reminded Juliet on the importance of keeping their secret. Juliet told Cane to forget about their hook up and to get his head on straight. Later, Cane was nervous when Juliet and Victoria went out for drinks after work. Nikki opened up to Tessa about her past and asked her to be her assistant. A grateful Tessa accepted her offer. Scott told Sharon that she needs to treat herself better and invited her out on a date. Nikki secretly met with Scott and tried to convince him to stop writing Victor’s biography. Jack visited Phyllis in the hopes of convincing her to form an alliance to take down Victor.

THIS WEEK: Jack told Phyllis that he feels something’s off with the Newmans, so the timing’s right to strike!

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