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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Starcrossed lovers, Brooke and Bill, celebrated their reunion by consummating their re-engagement. Bickering adversaries found themselves at odds as Quinn attempted to find the perfect position for Katie at Forrester Creations. Having lost Brooke once again, Ridge delved into creating a new collection for Forrester Creations to ease his broken heart. Ridge’s world was rocked even more when he learned about Brooke’s engagement to Bill. In spite of the fact that Brooke’s now engaged to Bill, Ridge vowed not to give up his fight to get her back. Sally had a difficult time maintaining her excitement about the success of the new collection knowing that she betrayed Coco and Thomas. Because she was banished from Forrester Creations for her part in the stolen designs, Coco was forced to rethink her career path. Ridge and Steffy consulted with Carter about taking legal action against Sally. RJ struggled with being asked by Ridge and Steffy to get Coco to confess to the police about Sally stealing the Forrester Creations designs. Zende and Nicole differed over whether or not Coco’s really innocent in the situation. Sally attempted to smooth things over with Coco by offering her a position within Spectra Fashions. Having been invited back to the office by RJ to redeem herself with the company, Coco was blindsided when she was asked to turn on her own family. Coco was torn when she was asked to choose between her loyalty to her sister, Sally, or to the Forrester Creations family. RJ made his case by suggesting that Coco could have a future career with his family’s company. Even though he’s happy to be reunited with Brooke, Bill wondered what happened between her and Ridge to cause the end of their relationship. Wyatt advised Bill to honor Brooke’s request of not digging into her and Ridge’s breakup. Ridge attempted to appeal to Brooke for another change for him to prove his love and devotion to her. When a remorseful Sally called to apologize for stealing the designs, Thomas was angered and unreceptive of her act of contrition. His anger soon turned to sympathy when Steffy told him of the plan to prosecute Sally and possibly send her to prison.

THIS WEEK: Zende surprised Nicole with his sudden change in attitude regarding children when he held Baby Lizzy for the first time. Coco went to tell Sally about the Forresters offering her to return to her job but with one major stipulation.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Gabi confronted Deimos and started to attack him. Brady and Nicole shared a day of romantic, domestic bliss. Deimos got a lead on Nicole’s whereabouts. Wyatt’s secret was revealed. Brady and Nicole made love, unaware a threat’s headed their way. Abigail interviewed for the job at the police station. Paul asked Sonny to move in with him. Lani and JJ were assigned a dangerous new case. Abigail was surprised to learn her mother and Eric share a past. Steve bonded with Tripp. Despite a setback, Lani was determined to continue to work undercover even if it meant keeping it from JJ. Jennifer confronted Anne after witnessing a moment between her and Lucas. As Nicole and Brady’s relationship deepened, someone broke into their home. JJ reached out to Steve for information. Gabi and Eli shared a kiss.Tripp helped Kayla out with a medical emergency. Brady and Nicole’s happiness came to a screeching halt. Sonny and Paul took off after Deimos who had gone to Canada. Steve and Kayla tried to make inroads with Tripp. Jade made a slip in front of Tripp.

THIS WEEK: Gabi urged Abigail to make her marriage work. Eli remained upset with Gabi over what happened between her and Julie.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Carly made a life altering decision. Tracy’s behavior shocked Laura. Olivia made a plea for the sake of her child. Jason wondered what else he couldn’t remember. Jax made a compelling argument. Anna eavesdropped on Valentin. Nina’s suspicions grew. Tracy was on pins and needles. Dante and Lulu celebrated. Hayden received disappointing news. Carly surprised Michael. Nina found a confidant in Nelle. Anna prayed upon Valentin. Ava was haunted by her guilty conscience. Lucy was tempted to come clean. Sonny got a heads up from Diane. Ava rejoiced. Jason waded through memories and guilt. Tracy refused to listen to reason. Monica buyed time for Ned. The Quartermaines won a temporary reprieve.

THIS WEEK: Tracy sought advice from above. Scott talked strategy. Nathan grew impatient. Sonny turned the tables.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Scott overheard Sharon and Nick discussing Faith moving out of the main house. Scott quizzed Sharon on what’s happening with the Newman family, but Sharon deflected. Sharon told Scott that she’s enjoying their growing friendship but needs to take it slow considering her marriage to Dylan had just ended. Later, Scott had a secret meeting with Christine. Abby met with realtor about selling a warehouse she bought behind Victor’s back. The realtor told Abby that she has a potential buyer lined up. Abby was shocked to discover that Jack’s the potential buyer. Scott called Lauren out on trying to set him up with Phyllis. Scott was skeptical when Lauren promised to stop playing matchmaker. Mariah was surprised to learn that Hilary rehired a former producer, George. She quickly realized that if she wants a bigger role at GC Buzz, she would need to fight for it. Meanwhile, Devon and Hilary met at the courthouse to finalize their divorce.

THIS WEEK: At Brash & Sassy, Juliet was preparing for a photo shoot with Lily and came across her camisole from her night with Cane in Japan. Cane was dumbfounded on how the camisole ended up on the wardrobe rack.

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