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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — In front of Bill, Ridge bluntly asked Brooke to confirm that she’s completely over him and able to forget their love for each other. In spite of Wyatt’s best effort, Liam met CJ and learned of the deal Bill’s making to take over the Spectra building. Steffy was upset when Thomas told her how he spoke on Sally’s behalf but understands the real reason why he did it. Sally was given a plea bargain with a long list of stipulations for her release. Bill had every intention of acquiring the old Spectra Fashions building by the end of the business day so that he might start planning his wedding to Brooke. As the Spectra employees packed up the office in preparation of the company closing, Sally contemplated leaving Los Angeles for good. Liam confessed to Steffy how Bill’s scheming and manipulations are the true root behind Sally stealing the Forrester Creations’ designs. Having requested a visit from Thomas, Sally presented him with something to remember her by. Although empathetic of Thomas’ broken heart, Steffy was pleasantly relieved to learn that Sally’s closing Spectra Fashions and leaving town. As Sally addressed her employees one last time before closing the business’ doors for good, CJ arrived with Bill in tow to take ownership of the building. When Thomas attempted to point a finger of blame at someone for Spectra’s demise, Steffy informed him of Bill being behind their competition’s poor review. Thomas explained to Sally that Bill was behind the poor review she received on her first collection and offered to assist her in getting her company back on its feet. Wyatt learned how and why Liam learned the truth about the negative review against Spectra Fashions. Assuming that she knows what Thomas is up to, Steffy became concerned about the competition and drama that would continue with Sally’s redemption. Despite the defeat that he suffered that day, Bill vowed to one day become the owner of the Spectra building. Ridge decided to make some staff changes at Forrester Creations by inviting Coco back to the company and giving Zende a chance to design. Thomas brought Sally back to his loft for the first time where she made a promise to not ever let him regret helping her.

THIS WEEK: Bill paid a visit to Ridge to inform his rival about Thomas coming to Sally’s aid during her legal and financial troubles. Ridge became upset at his son for betraying the company and the family.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Deimos vowed to get Nicole back. Eric got a lead on Nicole’s whereabouts. Dario asked Abigail out to dinner. Chad fumed as he spotted Abigail, Dario and Thomas together. Chad prepared to leave for Greece to pick up the stolen amulet. Lani hid her withdrawal symptoms from JJ. Tripp came to Joey’s aid. Kayla told Jade that she’s no longer going to help her financially. Sonny and Paul kept tabs on Deimos. Nicole was thrown by a surprise arrival at the villa. As Brady’s condition worsened, Marlena desperately tried to get in touch with John. Gabi and Abe tricked Eli and Valerie, hoping mother and son would work things out. Eric attempted to help Nicole escape. Hope and Andre tried to stop Chad from acquiring the amulet in Greece. Theo was distressed that Wyatt’s using Ciara. Claire accused Victor of favoring Ciara. Sonny and Paul planned to fly to Greece in pursuit of Deimos.

THIS WEEK: Chloe visited Brady and was upset by his rapidly declining health. Theo told Wyatt he would no longer support his relationship with Ciara. Nicole ripped into Eric.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Andre was troubled by the lab results. Nelle was pleasantly surprised. Franco skipped out on his date with Liz. Ava made her wishes known. Sam worried for Jason. Jason came to a realization. Franco made his presence known. Nathan questioned his future. Carly misplaced her trust. Nina was sent into a tailspin. Nina challenged Valentin’s motives. Franco took drastic action. Curtis’ date with Jordan hit a snag. Andre questioned Anna’s tactics. Liz confided in Kiki. Sonny got bad news. Carly’s suspicions grew. Andre noticed a discrepancy. Nina looked to drown her sorrows. Curtis made a discovery. Carly demanded an explanation. Curtis shared what he knows. Jordan looked to Anna for advice.

THIS WEEK: Griffin took Hayden by surprise. Michael was disappointed yet again.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Chelsea saw Jordan at The Underground, and they recognized each other from working together in the past. Tessa encouraged Nikki to perform with her. A proud Nikki received praise from the crowd. Victor entered and silently observed Nikki play. At GC Buzz, Mariah received a call from Devon telling her they’re going for a ride on his private jet. Mariah gloated to a jealous Hilary about her date. Mariah met Devon, and they got very flirty and cozy on the jet. They cheered to a night of firsts and decided to return to Devon’s penthouse. Meanwhile, Hilary let herself into the Penthouse to retrieve belongings she left behind. Victor told Nikki that he’s no longer writing his autobiography and told Nikki he wants them to reconcile. Later, Nikki was in the parking lot and discovered that Tessa’s living out of her car. Victor offered Scott a job as an executive at Newman Enterprises. Scott begrudgingly accepted the offer. Victor told Scott his first assignment: to keep tabs on Abby. Kevin informed Chelsea that he’s Bella’s father. Later, Chelsea and Nick argued when Chelsea asked why he’s so apathetic about helping her search for Chloe.

THIS WEEK: At Brash & Sassy, Bill pitched filming a hockey commercial for DARE in Los Angeles. Cane was worried it would cost too much money, but Victoria embraced the idea.

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