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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Thomas went on the defensive after Ridge unleashed his anger regarding Sally getting a second chance. Steffy began to worry that Thomas being under Sally’s spell would cost Forrester Creations millions of dollars. Sally paid a visit to Steffy with an apology and hope for them to become friends in the future. Bill vowed to one day obtain possession of the Spectra Fashions building by any means possible and with Brooke by his side. Having waited for what seemed like forever to marry Brooke, Bill planned a beautiful private ceremony to take place sooner rather than later. A concerned RJ confronted Brooke about marrying Bill knowing that she most likely still harbors feelings for Ridge. Ridge made his intentions wellknown that he anticipates getting Brooke to marry him, not Bill. Quinn had an honest conversation with Brooke about changing her mind regarding choosing Bill over Ridge. Ridge made a proposition to Brooke for her to please reconsider marrying Bill and to meet him later if she changes her mind. As he’s describing the wedding that he has planned, Bill told his sons about his confidence that he has in his and Brooke’s future together. Ridge and Quinn regretfully discussed how what happened between them could cost him a life with Brooke. As Brooke was getting ready for her wedding, Katie questioned her sister about which man she plans to marry when she walks down the aisle. Quinn made a phone call, which she hoped would fix a problem that she felt she caused. Realizing that Brooke has made her decision, Quinn consoled a defeated Ridge who blamed himself for his current situation. Nicole and Zende made a decision about their marriage after spending a significant amount of time with another family member. The blushing bride, Brooke, walked down the aisle to an overly-eager Bill as Justin presided over the ceremony. The bride and groom basked in their love as wedding attendees voiced their approval for this beloved union. As Ridge sulked about his loss, he reflected on what could have been. Bill was less than thrilled that Brooke invited Rick and Maya to accompany them on their honeymoon flight. Having to travel to Paris for a photo shoot, Rick and Maya were in a bind when their nanny’s suddenly unable to care for Lizzy in their absence.

THIS WEEK: Zende and Nicole saved the day and graciously offered to watch their niece. Nicole paid a visit to her doctor with the intention of starting a family with her new husband as soon as possible.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — While in Greece, Chad received upsetting news from Abigail. Abigail tried to explain her big decision to Jennifer. Adrienne talked to Tripp on Steve’s behalf. Jade bad mouthed Kayla to Tripp. Deimos’s plan started to fall apart when Xander presented a new list of demands. Gabi and Chad were stunned when they ran into each other in Greece. Eric and Nicole worked together to escape. Dario received surprising news and asked Abigail for a favor. Nicole escaped to Eric’s jet and reunited with Holly. Xander and Eric went over their past as Xander made plans to find Nicole. Kayla informed Brady that his condition’s getting worse. Marlena shared an emotional reunion with John. Abigail thought about accepting Dario’s proposal. Chad confided in Gabi about the amulet. Lani urged Eli to fight for Gabi. Chloe got a new job opportunity. Chad and Gabi were held at knifepoint by a thief. Eli made a difficult decision.

THIS WEEK: Theo blurted the truth to Ciara. Kate was suspicious of Dario.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Valentin rose to the challenge. Franco returned. Jason had a heart-to-heart with Jake. Alexis made progress. Julian got a break. Michael made a startling discovery. Anna gained an ally. Liz was hopeful. Jake’s hobby seemed promising. Lulu caught a break with Charlotte. Anna turned the tables. Nina confided in Andre. Martina made a house call. Michael was rebuffed. Bobbie wanted what’s best for Carly. Robin sensed something’s amiss. Michael ran into Kiki. Nelle felt alone. Lulu was surrounded by family. Hayden laid a trap. Nathan came to Anna’s rescue. Lucy was won over. Carly ran into Ava.

THIS WEEK: Finn slung accusations. Hayden didn’t know what to believe.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Billy learned that the director of the commercial shoot’s only available the day after tomorrow, so he convinced Victoria to fast track their trip to LA. Despite Cane’s hesitations, Victoria agreed. She then hired Jordan on the trip to shoot, and Jordan invited Hilary. Juliet tried to encourage Cane, but he’s feeling shut out by Billy and Victoria. Phyllis did her best to hide her disappointment when Billy told her about his trip with Victoria. Victoria revealed to Nikki that Billy and Phyllis are together because Victoria had to shut him out and keep him from finding out about Victor’s secret. Victoria told Nikki the trip to LA is her chance to make things right with Billy. Scott admitted to Sharon that he wanted to kiss her for a while, Sharon confessed that she’s not officially divorced yet. Sharon was charmed when Scott told her that he wants to get to know her and find out who she is as person before moving forward. Scott and Sharon connected as they talked about Sharon’s work at the crisis hotline. Ashley told Phyllis that she knows about her relationship with Billy. The two argued, and Ashley told Phyllis that she thinks that Billy and Victoria would get back together during their trip. Abby arrived and confessed to Ashley that she reached out to Dina.

THIS WEEK: Nick confessed to Sharon that he wishes Chelsea would give up looking for Chloe. Meanwhile, Chelsea met with Victor and asked him to help her track down Chloe. Victor told Chelsea that he’s searching for Chloe but gave her false information.

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