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RECAPS - 5/12-5/16

ALL MY CHILDREN – Acknowledging Aidan’s heroism, Zach was finally able to let go of his anger. Although haunted by nightmares, Jake insisted on returning to Darfur to finish the work he started. Adam told a disbelieving JR that Dixie was haunting him. JR took action, fearing that Adam was losing his mind. Ryan admitted to Kendall that although he remembers Annie, he didn’t remember loving her. Jack and Kendall’s cell phones got mixed up. Thinking she was calling Kendall, Erica inadvertently let Jack know about Kendall and Aidan sleeping together. Greenlee confessed to a furious Aidan that she never wants to be a mother.

THIS WEEK: Jack accidentally reveals Aidan’s big secret.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Chris intervened on Alison’s behalf so she could retake her nursing test. Brad unsuccessfully tried to get Janet to leave Oakdale. Katie was miffed to learn that Janet’s staying in town despite his efforts. Lily and Holden made love, but when he learned that she schemed to get him into bed, he was furious. Carly apologized to Holden for helping Lily. Luke and Noah fought over Ameera and her connection to Colonel Mayer. Casey followed Emily to New York for a business meeting and they wound up making love. When they got back to town, she told him they could never make love again. Mike saw Meg and Paul sparking again, proof that she was still attracted to him.

THIS WEEK: Sofie continues to chase Paul.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Ridge wanted to make wedding plans, but he and Brooke clashed about the details. Brooke also fought with Rick. Nick reached out to Katie and got her to smile. However, when she heard he was dating Bridget, Katie had to hide her romantic feelings for him. Stephanie moved into the beach house forcing Bridget to find a new place. Katie suggested Nick and Bridget live together. A young man crashed the wedding reception, and when Donna confronted him, he seemed familiar to her. Taylor offered advice to Stephanie about starting a new life now that Eric is married to Donna.

THIS WEEK: Phoebe returns home to a shocking discovery.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – Chelsea confronted Daniel and forced him to face the feelings they’re sharing. While alone, Kayla went into labor. Steve and Stephanie arrived at the hospital just as Kayla gave birth to a boy. However, the baby wasn’t breathing. Sami was torn about her feelings; she was jealous about EJ and Nicole, but still wanted Lucas out of jail. Victor was so pleased that Philip got John’s secret encrypted disk, that he put Philip in charge of the Kiriakis empire. Victor was not happy that Phil and Chloe were growing closer. Ava remembers that her father had her mother killed. Martino pulled a gun and Bo was forced to shoot him.

THIS WEEK: Sami admits to EJ that she likes kissing him.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Jax suggested Carly ask Sonny to sign over his parental rights to Michael and Morgan. Later, Sonny, Jason and Carly brought Michael to the permanent care facility and said their painful goodbyes. Jax and Kate bonded while at a business function in Manhattan. Alexis warned

Luke that he’d be arrested for money laundering if he continued on his current path. Lulu admitted to Johnny that she was afraid that loving him would drive her mad like her mother. Nikolas overdosed on the same meds that nearly killed one of Liz’s patients. Spinelli asked Patrick for advice on how to attract women.

THIS WEEK: Tracy joins Luke on his latest scheme.

GUIDING LIGHT – Jeffrey was put off about Reva’s movie, but after reading the script, he saw things in a new light and they made love. Reva told Cassie that a key part of the film would be Reva finding her sister. Josh was unable to get over Cassie’s infidelity. Mallet tried to get Harley to stop investigating the police corruption because he was covering the truth about Gus being on the take. Natalia agreed to let Alan spend time with Rafe. When Lizzie received a Mother’s Day card from Sarah, she decided to go see Jonathan and Sarah rather than meet with Bill. Blake dragged Harley out for a girl’s day with Cassie and they all shared deep feelings.

THIS WEEK: Harley worries that Cyrus is interested in another woman.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – David learned that Jared wasn’t really a Buchanan and demanded money in exchange for keeping the secret. Langston was forced to admit to Dorian that Starr was the one who was pregnant. John figured out that Starr was pregnant but kept the news from Blair. As their wedding approached, Rex and Adriana tried to hide their feelings, but both were clearly troubled after he was unable to make love. Gigi confessed to Marcie that Rex was Shane’s father. Rex gave Shane mouth-tomouth resuscitation when he stopped breathing during an asthma attack and he and Gigi rushed Shane to the hospital.

THIS WEEK: Gigi objects to Rex and Adriana’s marriage.

PASSIONS – Vincent ordered Eve to deliver his baby boy. Julian wanted a paternity test to be certain that his child with Vincent truly was his. With their jet sure to crash, Fancy and Luis called Sheridan, who talked them through the landing. Pretty heard Sheridan on the phone and told her to let them die. When Gwen found Theresa’s false teeth, she demanded to know who “Gertrude” really was. Theresa made love to a drugged Ethan while an equally sedated Gwen watched. Meanwhile, Paloma had a vision of Juanita killing Theresa. Gwen later ran into Pilar and blurted that Theresa was alive.

THIS WEEK: Mother Nature takes aim at Harmony.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – Sabrina and Victor announced their engagement to his family. Victor hid his hurt when he learned Nikki and David got married in Mexico. Upon the newlyweds’ return, they got stuck in an elevator with Victor and Sabrina when they were all on the way to a Restless Style party. Jack, Sharon and Phyllis were advised to dump Lily and reshoot the cover with a new model. Gloria handed over $50 million anonymously to charity then learned that Jeff was divorcing her and asking for half of her estate. Jeff demanded $50 million from Gloria or he’d send her to jail. Gloria realized that would leave her broke.

THIS WEEK: Gloria’s actions rattle Alistair.

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